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Globe Sound Healing and Therapy Institute    
Globe Sound Healing and Therapy Institute in San Francisco is dedicated to
bringing everyone in the field together.  Globe Institute has a Certificate Program and a 2 Year Associates Degree Program in Sound Healing.  The College is approved by the State of California and gives a full perspective on everything going on in the field from a faculty of 12 instructors.  The program is designed to help you to become a Sound Therapist.  We are also working to help bring Sound Healing into the mainstream by performing scientific research to prove the effectiveness of ancient and new techniques.




Sound of Love - Sound and Metaphysical Store
Sound Tables, Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Sound Healing Instruments, Sound Healing Books, scientifically and spiritually designed healing music CD's



Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Temple of the Sound Conference
Crystal Tones is celebrating and supporting the Grand Opening of the Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness Alchemy Crystal Bowl Temple of the Bay area. We will be displaying and demonstrating techniques and uses of the Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls with this special exhibit of the art of sound located at the Grand Entrance of the Main Hall. Some of the hundreds of Alchemies that will be on display include Moldavite, rose quartz, ruby, diamond, gold, platinum, laughing buddha, androgynous indium, Kryon, Sedona Red Rock, Mt. Shasta Serpentine, Divine Mother and Father. Come experience and play the bowls live, bathe yourself in crystalline bliss, renew your soul, and be divine now with the Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls.



Elegant Crystals and Gems

Crystal Bill and Bernice Straub will be showcasing their amazing stones at the conference. Bill has hundreds of exotic crystals for sale, both polished sculptures and all-natural healing tools. Bernice will display her signature designer jewelry, crafted as big gemstone pendants in aquamarine, ametrine, fluorite, kunzite, citrine and rutilated quartz, amongst others. Bill's crystals range from small "hand-holders" up to massive 100-pound clear crystal clusters from Arkansas, India and Brazil. You can find unique rainbow crystal balls here, generator crystals and crystal castles. Check out our citrine specialties and amethyst. Three of Bill's rainbow DVDs are also available. Please preview the collection at


or call Bill at 1-415-318-6717 if you have any special requests.


Pleyades Drums
Pléyades Drums are melodical and percussive musical instruments constructed from repurposed metal gas tanks. Their design and tuning let them be played intuitively by people of all ages and skill levels, so that anyone can be a musician without necessarily having any experience.

Each instrument is tuned to A=432Hz, which is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe and has been found to induce the listener in states of harmony, connection and profound relaxation. The drum itself is also complemented with a bio-energetic decoration based in quartz and other stones, making every instrument a personalized healing tool. Every drum is hand made by Christian and Kira in California.



Health and Beauty Connection
Whole body vibration therapy machines.

The theory behind vibration exercise equipment was developed for the Russian space program in 1960s because the cosmonauts needed to exercise while in zero gravity space. No gravity means there is no resistance to workout muscles, and with months in space, could result in muscle deterioration and loss in bone density. To combat this, the Russians came up with a vibration exercise.

Ideal for All Ages, Lifestyles and Physical Abilities.

You merely step onto the platform, you can stand, sit, lie down, or even focus the platform on specific body parts. The platform creates a vibration, which is sent through the body. In reflex the muscles contract. This causes tendons to stretch, and increases blood flow and improved blood oxygenation. This strengthens and tones without effort on the person’s part. since the vibrations get sent through the entire body, all the muscle groups are affected.





Quantum Wave

Come experience a revolutionary nonlinear approach to quantum wellness based on proven science of healing light, scalarwaves, the subtle anatomy and the quantum field or energy which surrounds the body. This seminar will introduce an overview of lasers and how scalarwaves help release cellular memory. In addition practitioners and lay people can learn about benefits of the FDA cleared scalarwave laser and how it donates energy for pain relief, arthritis, circulation, inflammation and muscle relaxation.



The Sensorium™ LSV II is the basis of a fully functional vibrational therapy system.  It’s a computer based software/hardware system that represents a next generation of light, sound and vibration devices that far surpasses those of the past with many new powerful features:

  • Highest-grade components for heavy use by demanding professionals provide quality, reliability and easy maintenance.
  • The only system that utilizes a digital equivalent of phase-locking to allow control of the amplitude and phase of each wave in addition to just frequency.  Whereas frequency is the carrier wave, phase and amplitude contain the information and emotion.
  • Multi-sensory output – Seven separate stereo wave-function generators for light, sound, vibrotactile, electromagnetic field, color, plasma tubes and/or pass-through music.
  • The light, sound and visual channels can access iTunes or other digital music libraries on the user’s computer and become synchronized with it.
  • Can by programmed for the various sensory modes (eyes-ears-body) to function in synchrony or with various harmonic relationships.
  • Two stereo channel outputs for vibration can drive any vibrotactile pad, chair or table utilizing built in waveforms, microphones, recordings and/or music instruments.
  • Professional grade outputs (light, sound and vibration) are stereo but each can be run left/right together at the same time, oscillating back and forth an/or jumping or ramping between different segments of a program.  The pulses for light, sound and vibration are the purest ever seen, heard and felt from frequency generators in the sound therapy world.
  • Professional grade inputs for two microphones and external sound or music sources.  The clarity of voice and external music sources is astounding.  This is important when combining the Sensorium with the Portacle or other biofeedback technology based on voice, breath, heart or brainwaves. 
  • Light Output – Four channels of stochastic* phase generated lights.  With all phase possibilities in the light pulses visualization is almost assured and immediate. Stereo (left/right), dual channel (red/blue) light diodes can be programmed separately with unity or harmonic relationships.  There can be two frequencies in one eye with the same or different two frequencies in the other…up to four frequencies at a time.  Highest quality RGB light diode chips provide superior color, brightness and reliability.  The combination of these advances provides the most mind-blowing eye’s closed experience ever offered by a pulsing light device.
  • Sound Output – One to four waveform generators can be assigned to two stereo auditory channels for mono, stereo or bi/tri/quad-aural beats.  Choice of sine, triangle, sawtooth, minor triad, major triad, pink or white sound at any frequency (DC to 99999 Hz) with six decimal point accuracy.  The audio output can be synchronized in unity or harmony with the light and vibration channels and/or with any music, such that the music can be heard with or without frequencies.
  • Multiple Hookup Configurations – Stand-alone or can be hooked up to external stereos, mixers, musical instruments or any type of vibrational generator. 

During the summer of 2013 our PsioSphere of Awareness was demonstrated and extremely well received at many of the west coast music festivals. Normally presented in a projection dome, ceiling height limitations have forced us into a room for this conference but the adventure will be the same. Come and experience unique, practical applications of the new science of Universal Automata.


· Share the feeling experienced by the original artist of your favorite music by engaging with it in a new unique way. Plug your device or phone into the Psi-Fidelity™ Audio Dimensionalizer™ and “listen” like never before via binaural phasing.

· Experience an incredible personal light show while watching and controlling the mind-blowing Psiodelic™ Audio Visualizer.

· Actualize your true potential on the state of the art Portacle™ Quantum Psiofeedback System.

· Feel music in every cell of your body while lucid dreaming on the VibraSound® Sensory Resonance Vehicle.



Well Being Creator

Featuring Miracle Salt, Guardian Angel, (acupuncture without needles), Miracle Herbal Therapy, Red Flower Seeds, Ankle Therapy, products to help balance, repair and regenerate.


Gorgeous GoddessWear

Clothing "So beautiful and feminine, you feel like a Goddess wearing them!" Many different styles of jackets, blouses, skirts, pants, dresses, coats, sweaters and shawls - in all colors, sizes, and fabrics. Each piece is hand picked for its beauty and specialness.

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In Light 4 Life! - InLight Wellness Systems

In Light Wellness Systems is an enhanced vibrational healing technology!


Polychromatic LED Light Therapy blends sound, light, color, frequency and vibration into an incredibly user friendly, FDA approved device that is beneficial for accelerated healing, immune function, increased circulation and energy, cognitive function, reduction in pain, inflammation and much more. Applying high quality blue, red & infrared LED lights diodes to the body with the pulsating frequencies of Nogier & Solfeggio tones stimulates the body's innate capacity for self-healing.

The physics behind it all is profound — the lights literally release stored potential and energy from within your cells. The InLight System promotes and supports the bodies overall health. Our body was built to heal itself and research has shown that LED Light Therapy supports and facilitates our natural healing ability, creating a cascade of intercellular activity resulting in and increase of oxygen and nutrients circulating throughout the body more efficiently, enabling our body to absorb these nutrients for increased repair and regeneration. LED Light Therapy stimulates a massive increase in the production of Nitric Oxide, "the miracle molecule" increasing circulation and lymphatic activity resulting in a reduction of pain and inflammation along with an increased production of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) the energy in each cell.

Polychromatic LED Light Therapy has been shown to be effective with mood disorders, neuropathy, arthritis, wound healing, TBI, PTSD, sleep disorders, skin issues, brain health, anti-aging and more.

“Light provides neurostimulation to revive the brain, and this leads to the overall healing process.” Norman Doidge, MD, "The Brain's Way of Healing"

Visit our booth to experience the power of LED Light Therapy for yourself!

Please visit us at www.InLight4LIfe.com

For more information watch this short video on Traumatic Brain Injuries




Indigo Intuitive Acupressure

I focus on emotional balancing, supporting an environment for core healing. As an intuitive facilitator, I'm guided to the highest benefit for my clients. Focus is on the physical manifestation of ailments with an understanding that the mental, emotional and spiritual all interconnect. I work intuitively, listening to you and listening through my hands. My clients are empowered after their session, taking responsibility for their health through self-applied acupressure and holistic centering exercises.




Flower of Life Essential Blends

Grown and crafted on the souther slopes of Mt.Shasta we offer unique and rare vibrationally active high grade therapeutic essential oil blends, creams, salves and mists. Grown with intention and love our products support our transformation and support our farm and our efforts.







Organic Food prepared with Love

All meals are freshly prepared.
We use mostly organic fruits and vegetables and whole grains. We do not deal with complicated ingredient lists or over processed foods.
Most of our buffet will be vegetarian. There is always one animal meat choice.
We are a nut free facility.
Our Salad Bar provides many healthy colors and textures as well as extra protein choices.
Our menu is designed to accommodate a wide variety of dietary needs.
We can accomodate carnivore and vegetarian diets, vegan and gluten-free, dairy free and free of anything!
Just let us know.

You must pay in advance 2 weeks before the conference to have meals.
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