A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Foundation

The Sound Healing Research Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to
developing research projects to help bring
Sound Healing and Therapy more into the mainstream (hospitals and homes).
It also does this by providing information and resources to develop new research projects.
it also disseminates information to the public.

The Sound Healing Research Foundation is devoted to the advancement of Sound Healing and Therapy in health care and for well-being. Currently we are developing research projects to further raise the mainstream public awareness to bring sound healing to more hospitals and homes. The Foundation acts as a central library and information center for all research in the field of Sound Healing and Therapy, and also provides information and resources for others to develop independent research projects.

We will conduct double blind studies to prove the effectiveness of various sound treatments. The Foundation now has multiple funding sources and is now accepting donations for the following projects:

• The GeneOM Project - Mapping the frequency body of a human in order to create a new Sound Healing medical system. The goal is to map every frequency, timbre, musical interval, and ultimately the musical flow within every part and system of the body. We will be looking for the resonant frequencies of each part of the body that represent the healthy state of that part of the body in relation to the whole. The ultimate goal is to find the Frequency Template of Perfection that is within each one of us, in order to vibrate ourselves back into wholeness. This ongoing research project is designed to be long term and conducted with an open source philosophy where anyone can submit documented data. All information will be shared freely with the public. CLICK HERE to see more details.

• Investment in Feedback Equipment Acquisition - EEG, Heart Monitors, MRI and Subtle Energy Feedback Devices.

Other Research Projects Utilizing Frequency, Sound and Music Treatments:

• Autism - We are expanding our research on the effects and benefits of sound treatments for autistic children and adults. The Sound Healing Research Foundation is currently working with over 100 people at a public facility in Oakland, California using sound healing treatments for different levels of autistic individuals.

• ADD/ADHD - Using the latest feedback equipment (EEG, etc.) we will refine the current treatments we offer for ADD/ADHD. Research will also identify different modalities for different types of ADD/ADHD.

• PTSD Treatment for Veterans (Anger, Grief, Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks) - We are working with a company that is setting up 2 centers for treating PTSD with alternative therapies. Over the last five years our students have had assignments to design treatments for each of the issues. We will be performing a wide range of sound treatments to improve healing for each of these issues.

• Drug Rehabilitation - Our sound tables are being used in many rehab centers with profoundly transforming results. A detailed clinical research project will be documented to verify the best treatment protocols for various stages of rehab.

• Sleep Disorders - Creating treatments for both falling sleep and staying asleep. Current research shows that when you tune the Binaural Beats to a person’s natural rate of Delta, the result is more effective. The research will be designed to provide more detailed information on precise frequencies, timbres and music that are the most effective.

• Cancer - Currently over 80 people claim their cancer is gone from treatments with Emmanuel. We will research the frequencies and sounds that are creating such a powerful effect.

• Preemies, Babies and Young Children - There has been a good amount of research in this area, but no research on specific frequencies, tones, and musical flow. We are currently working with 3 different companies that are incorporating Sound Healing into schools for children.

• The Frequencies, Sounds and Musical Flow of Love - Let’s get some repeatable science on how to open the heart -- also how to use vibration to open to Universal Love.

• Sound Healing for Elementary and High Schools - We are setting up an Association with the goal of incorporating non religious Sound Healing techniques into schools. We are already working on the curriculum and will soon have it posted for feedback. We are also looking for members who might have any direct relationships with schools, whether on a personnel or government level.

You can donate to the whole foundation or to a specific research project. All donations are tax deductible.

Sound Healing Research Foundation
351 9th St. #202 San Francisco, CA 94103
415 777-2486
Board Members: David Gibson, Randy Masters, Emmanuel Illuminardi