Audio Production
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Sound Healing Techniques)

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• Audio Production Programs
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Sound Healing Audio Production Certificate at the Institute
Summer Intensive - 4 weeks - July 3rd to August 2nd
Pay in full by May 2nd and save $300

Online Sound Healing Audio Production Certificate
Next start time is in May 2nd

Audio Production Programs

Producing, Recording and Mixing
with an
Understanding of How Sound Affects us
Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually

Learn How to Make Your Music Affect People
At a Deeper Level

(Regardless of the Style of Music you are Working on)

We offer a Certificate Program and Associates Degree Program at the Institute in San Francisco
Information on all the programs is below

The Sound Healing Audio Production classes are separate from the Sound Healing Certificate Program.
The two programs work well together and complement each other.
You may take both, or if enrolled in the Degree program you may substitute some of the classes in the
Degree for Sound Healing Music Production Classes.

We offer the only program in the world that teaches Audio Production from a Sound Healing perspective. We begin by teaching the basics of how the equipment works: The Structure of Sound, Frequencies, Equalization, Effects (Compression, Noise Gates, Delays, Reverb, Flanging, Chorusing, Phasing), How the ProTools interface works, and How to record MIDI instruments. We then look at how to use all of the equipment to make it sound good -- After all, this is the most important aspect. We use the Virtual Mixer concept to understand how to create every style of mix possible -- including the full range of emotions and feelings that can be created with the mix.

We then cover Music Production -- the creation and refinement of the music. We have you create various musical compositions and we focus on how to Produce your own music and other's.

And then, we take you to the next level (not necessarily in this order), where we introduce and have you practice various Sound Healing techniques. Regardless of the style of music you are working with, you can incorporate these secret healing weapons so that the music is way more effective.

Sound Healing and Therapy has now become a major field and industry that is expanding dramatically, and a large amount of research has now been accumulated. However, there is also a plethora of information from ancient cultures (including India, Egypt and Greece) of how sound affects us at a deeper level. We share these ancient esoteric information and techniques as well as the latest research of how sound and music affects the mind (brainwave entrainment), body (physical healing), emotions (emotional release and transformation) and Spirit (Spiritual growth, awakening and enlightenment -- including developing a direct connection to your soul and to Source).

Most people in the field of audio don’t really know what they are doing to people physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They know when something feels right or is structurally sound, but have little information on how frequencies, timbres, melodies and rhythms affect the mind, body and Spirit. This fact often makes it hard to replicate something that just happened to work. When you are informed as to how various parameters of sound affect us, you then whole new world opens up in your goal to make a recorded piece of music as effective as possible.

In the world of pop or commercial music, this means more acceptance and hits. In the world of music for healing and raising consciousness, this means you can access higher dimensions of energy that get people way higher -- and bring them to deeper states of peace and harmony within themselves.

What are the Sound Healing Techniques?

• The Sounds Matter - The quality of the sounds are as important as the music itself. Different tones or timbres have dramatically different effects on the human system. Also, the envelope or "change in volume over time" of a sound has been studied and been shown to correlate to specific emotions.

• Frequencies Matter - There are archetypal frequencies that have been proven to affect us very specifically -- from regenerating bones to triggering certain states of consciousness. When you relate to frequencies based on ancient Chakra energies, the way you "feel" the balance of frequencies in a mix in a whole different way that goes through your whole body instead of just your mind.

• Intention Matters - The energy and intention that is held during the creation of the music, recording, and mixing gets embedded in the music and transmitted to the listener anytime the music is played. The effect of Intention has been proven scientifically in several serious clinical studies. The book "The Intention Experiment" by Lynne McTaggart goes into detail on these research projects. Also, the work of Dr. Emoto, and studies in Cymatics show how sound and intention affect the water in our bodies.

• Musical Intervals are States of Consciousness - Every musical interval affects has its own specific characteristics at multiple levels.

• Every Rhythm alters Brainwaves and the Heart Rate - Using rhythms we can entrain the brain in Epsilon, Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma. Each of these brainwave states have their own healing capacity including creativity enhancement, sleep induction, help with ADD/ADHD, and a connection to Oneness in the Universe. Brainwave maps can also be used to entrain a person into specific states of consciousness. And, all of this has been scientifically proven. You can hook up a person to EEG and actually see the brain being entrained into these states. You can also embed these frequencies in the background of the music to entrain the brain even more effectively. They also synchronize the left and right brain. It is also critical that these "binaural beats" are in tune with the key of the song to create more harmony instead of dissonance in the body.

• Setting a tempo to the Breath makes the Music even more effective - When you can breathe with the music, it taps into your biorhythms more effectively.

• Ancient Tuning Systems realign us to the Natural Rhythms of Nature - Before the 1700's just about every culture on the planet tuned their music to natural harmonics found in Nature. These natural tuning systems tap into mathematical patterns found in the spine, the atom, the solar system and at the Quantum level -- making them way more effective.

• Tuning A to 432 hertz vs. 440 has been proven to resonate better with the resonant frequency of our cells - Tuning "concert pitch to more auspicious frequencies makes the music go deeper.

• Different Structures of Mixes affect us as much as the Music - When you look at the structure of a mix from a Geometric perspective, you get a whole other way to create dynamics inside people. Even placing sounds in different places left and right in the mix affects different parts of the brain.

• Create Sound and Music Holograms are the Deal - When the key of the song matches the tempo, brainwave rate, breath rate, heart rate, and the home note of you, the music takes on a whole other level of power. When all parts of the sound and music are talking to each other in harmony (just like a healthy human system), it imparts the energy of health and higher levels of Spirit.

Use of 3D Visuals as a Tool for Understanding Traditional Structures of Mixes

The Institute is the home of David Gibson's innovative 3D Virtual Mixing technology. This technology allows you to see sounds and mixes in 3D (also with 3D glasses). Gibson's well known visual framework demystifies the mixing process making it simple to understand how to create mixes with a desired effect and specific intention. CLICK HERE for more information.

We have several Youtube videos that show visuals of the mix in Real Time
When you learn the different styles of mixes that have been traditionally used for different styles of music, you have more creative choices when mixing.

Go here to check them out:


Top Selling Books in the Field of Audio

David Gibson is the top selling author in the field of audio. He has sold over 50,000 books. The main reason they sell so well is that they explain all the complexities that go into creating great art with technical equipment in laymen's terms -- so that anyone can understand the concepts and techniques.

David Gibson's book, "The Art of Mixing," uses visuals of sounds between the speakers as a tool to show and explain how to create every type of mix possible. The visuals provide a framework for understanding the physical, emotion, and spiritual dynamics that can be created in mixes. The book has been the #1 selling book in the field of audio for over 10 years.
CLICK HERE for more info on the book and to purchase it.

David's' book, "The Art of Producing," is the only book on the planet that provides a step by step process for Producing a Musical Project. The book also uses the visual framework to explain music theory.

CLICK HERE for more info on the book and to purchase it.

We also have a 3.5 hour "Art of Mixing" video series available.
We have 3 demos you can watch on YouTube:

Art of Mixing Intro -

Panning -

Reverb -


About David Gibson

Learn from the Master with over 30 years of experience with Audio Recording and Sound Healing.

David Gibson is the Founder and Director of Globe Institute. David began as a Professional Recording Engineer. He has now been teaching, engineering and producing groups in major studios since 1982.
Having started out as a physics major at U.C. Berkeley, he in-depth understanding of the underlying physics of sound. He has been researching and teaching
sound healing for over 15 years and has put on 3 International Sound Healing Conferences.

David has recorded, mixed and produced just about every style of music imaginable. He has worked with James Brown's Band, Herbie Hancock's band, members of The Doobie Brothers, and Camper Van Beethoven to name just a few. David is also one of the top Sound Healing Music producers in the field. He has over 60 CD's that have sold over 40,000 copies.

David is also the author of the best selling book, “The Art of Mixing” that uses visuals to explain and show every style of mix in the world, which makes complex structures of mixes easily understandable. His second book, “The Art of Producing,” uses the visual framework for displaying sounds to explain Music Theory. Gibson is also the inventor of the Patented, “Virtual Mixer,” which uses 3D visuals of the mix to control mixing consoles and computerized mixers. He is currently working on a Virtual Reality system where you can step into an image of your own body and be able to place visuals of sounds inside the body in 3D. The visuals will then move sounds up and down in a Sound Table so you feel the sounds inside the body exactly where you are seeing the visuals.

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• Audio Production Certificate Program •

Designed for beginners and those that know the basics.
Learn Recording, Mixing, Producing and ProTools from a Sound Healing Perspective

• 15 Weeks at the Institute
Next semester begins September 7th

for lots more info on the Certificate Program at the Institute


Already know how to record and mix?

We also have a class designed to teach you how to make your recordings more effective
Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually --
Using detailed Sound Healing Recording and Mixing techniques
CLICK HERE for more info on classes AT THE INSTITUTE