Using the latest feedback equipment (EEG, etc.) we will refine the current treatments we offer for ADD/ADHD. Research will also identify different modalities for different types of ADD/ADHD.



The basic premise is the research that shows that most types of ADD/ADHD are because a person can't access Beta brainwave states. Explain how brainwave entrainment works to do this. And we currently an assessent to find the Beta Frequency

There are other types of ADD that we will be exploring.

All research that we will be performing will be done based on accepted scientific principles and procedures. We have a team that includes people that are extremely experienced in performing clinical research.

The research will consist of 4 phases:

1. Researching Types of ADD/ADHD

Fast; Too Fast; Alpha vs. Beta

2. Planning Meetings - Meeting with our team to decide how many people to figure out the assumptions and hypotheses that will determine how the study is to be conducted. We will also decide if there needs to be multiple studies to test different frequency applications. Finally, we will decide on how many people to study.

3. Performing the research study. The initial estimate is that it will take 1 year to complete.

4. Collate and Present the Information.

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Phase 1 - $100,000 Equipment Employees Administration Outcome

Phase 2 - $1,000,000 Equipment Employees Administration Outcome

Phase 3 - $3,000,000 Equipment Number of Employees Administration Outcome

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