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Sound for Autism Research
Total needed $250,000

Total needed to start $50,000
Donations of any amount are appreciated

We are expanding our research on the effects and benefits of sound treatments for autistic children and adults. The Sound Healing Research Foundation has made a connection with a public facility in Richmond, California that works with over 100 autistic adults.

We will be using sound healing technologies, instruments and treatments for different levels of autistic individuals.

  1.  The research will bring in over 100 autistic adults (covering the full range of spectrums.  We will be testing multiple techniques, technologies and modalities for their effectiveness including:–  Vibroacoustic Tools including Sound Tables, Lounges and Pillows.  These tools will only be tested on subjects that have demonstrated a receptivity to sound technologies.

    –  Finding a Person’s Home Note – Previous research in the field shows this could be one of the most effective techniques.  We will find the person’s natural rhythm and play music to them in their key.

    –  CD’s for Autism – We will test our current CD’s and develop new CD’s based on the research data.  One research are is based on the concept that autism is simply a limited frequency spectrum in the brain and body.  We will be looking at whether of full spectrum of frequencies presented in different formats is effective.

    –  Treatment Plans by Practitioners –  We will develop detailed treatment plans that practitioners can use to work with autistic children and adults.   The plan includes: Ways of approaching and assessing receptivity to sound; Nonverbal language and communication techniques;  Playing sound healing instruments and using rhythm.

Equipment and Practitioners for Autism Centers and Individuals

Currently we need $50,000 to stock the Autism Center in Richmond with Sound Lounges, Sound Pillows, Computer Listening Stations.  We also need funds to pay a practitioner to go the center.
Additional funds will be used to stock other centers with equipment and practitioners.


General Donations to the Foundation that may be used for any of the projects.
Please email us if you would like your donation to be used for a specific Research Project. 

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