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• Sound Table - Massage Table with Speakers mounted on the bottom,
Amp and 4 CD's - $1685

• Speakers and Amp on your own table
(and help mounting the speakers on your own)
- $900

Call to Order
(415) 777-2486

Sound Tables

The speakers are quite thin so the table will still fold up with the speakers inside for easy transportation.  

We also offer specialized tables -- contact us for details.

 With 2 Speakers installed and Power Amplifier - $1685

Sturdier Table - $1885
Table is a little heavier.

4 Speaker System - $2100
Comes with one Amp.

4 Speaker Multitrack System - $2400
Comes with 2 amplifiers.
Recommended to have a Computer Digital Audio Workstation for Playback.

Speakers and Amp for your own table - $1100
Includes installation.
($900 if you install it yourself -- We'll help you with instructions)

Installation on your own table - $450


You can use your own headphones, stereo system or surround system.  
These systems are calibrated for the sound table experience.

• Sony Professional Headphones - $160

• Professional Stereo System with CD player - $500

• Professional 5.1 Surround Sound Stereo System - $1200

• Multi-Changer CD player - $350

You may also call 415 777-2486 for more information or to order