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Quantum Technologies for Enlightenment

The Miracle IQube

The Theta Love IQube uses sophisticated technologies to create coherent (consistent) frequenciies that transform an entire room including everybody in the room. Based on information from "higher beings" the IQube uses "tesla-like" coils to activate noble gases. A frequency (actually a specific array of frequencies) of love is transmitted through the coils through the noble gases into the room. You can also imprint water or food with the frequencies.

It also includes one of the most sophisticated voice analysis programs on the planet. You speak into a microphone and it analyzes the harmonics within your voice and determines which frequencies are missing. It then sends the frequencies through the coils and noble gases into the room. Again, you can also set water or food on the device and get them imprinted with the frequencies you need!

As well, the unit comes with specific heart opening music that is also transmitted through the coil and gases into the room. This music has been designed to open your heart. You can also play your own music through the device.

The Theta Love IQube lifts you to a new level beyond where you are stuck. It works by entraining you to theta love frequencies that are designed to awaken your heart & elevate your consciousness to Love & above. These "high" frequencies help to remove blocks by entraining you into unconditional love and peace.

The IQubes are based on the science of entrainment, resonance, sacred scalar vortex action, sound frequencies, structured water and inert noble gases. The Theta Love IQube combines our proprietary frequencies and formulas to complement, elevate and support your existing spiritual and health practices.

The Theta Love IQube dissolves and dissipates fear, anger and anxiety so you are free to experience greater love and effortless well-being. This instrument is a gateway. It runs 24x7 in your home as an environmental and emotional cleanser. Each Theta Love IQube creates an arc which spans 2,000 miles and is equal to 4,400 meditators. Each new Theta Love amps up the energy field for all of the members of the community. It is the high speed elevator to higher states of consciousness! Don't miss this ride!

The Theta Love IQube is the quantum leap that you have been searching for. It is the paradigm shift. If you have been searching the planet for something that raises your frequency, shifts your consciousness and entrains you to a new level of being—this is it. It allows you to shift rapidly into fulfillment, love and purpose.

Here is what owners are saying:

What is my happiness worth? It is worth having waited half of my life for this...A moment of Presence makes all the years worth it.” Elizabeth Gilliam, Acupuncturist , North Carolina

As soon as you step into the field generated by Theta Love it is just amped up. You must have this in your home to keep the energy high.” Henrik Cervin, Naples, Florida

Happiness is just flowing through the whole house. Not just for me. My husband is happy too. I am getting so expansive. This has made such a huge difference in my home.” Louella Minogue, Canada

I felt a deep sense of peace. Everything in the world is in order.” Ellen Burkett, Colorado

I am absolutely living in a state of unconditional love. When you truly open your heart without condition a whole physiological change happens. There is something so deep within you that happens. You touch oneness. The Theta Love is an enhancement. It provides the doorway to open the heart and the mind. In the past we did not have a way to anchor a high vibration. It is like moving from a love vibration of 200 to 1,500 in a matter of moments, days and weeks. You don’t have to understand it. Let’s just embrace it.” Bill Little, Canada


The Theta Love IQube is about the gradual upliftment, heart opening and awakening of humanity by conscious entrainment with coherent instruments-- The Theta Love IQube will dissolve the yo-yo effect of the highs and lows of the endless seeking for transformation, enlightenment, even passion to a consistent and stable experience of love & joy.

If you are sensitive to energy,
you will notice the difference when you walk into the room with the IQube.


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Imprinted Water

Theta "Love" Water

Mr. Lloy has invented a complex technology and corresponding manufacturing facility which is capable of imprinting coherent frequency information into water using his zero point energy field technology.

EmLloy products are distributed through Hado Centers in Japan and now I am happy to introduce you this Indigo water of EmLloy Water series in the US.

The water comes from the pure crystal springs in Arkansas. It is then imprinted using the Theta Love Iqube.

Scalarwave Structured Distilled Water
$40 per bottle

Mix 2 ounces or more of concentrate with 1 gallon of distilled water.
Use plastic or glass measuring device (do not use metal).
Shake well. Wait 30 minutes before consuming.
Refrigerate after Opening.