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Heart Songs

Ecstatic and Heart Opening Kirtan

8 – 9:30 PM
$20 until July 1st

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Kevin James Carroll is an experienced chant leader from Australia and travels the world in the spirit of Oneness and freedom.

The Songs and mantras of Kevin James Carroll are an invitation to co-create a deep connection to the heart and a positive healing vibration for oneself and the world.

Weaving ancient Mantras with his own Heart Songs. They are a gift to the many hearts remembering the ONE. An expression of the movement of realization that is spreading across the planet right now.

Kevin’s music is a world fusion of devotional chanting, drawing upon influences from traditional Indian Kirtan, Rainbow Bhajans, Celtic and Sufi chants mixed with western folk sounds and world instruments.

This is a movement that honors the ancient cultures and religions of the world, embracing their commonality… their Oneness.

Each Heartsong is a modern devotional Hymn, a song of clear intent and purpose: to expand awareness beyond the thinking mind, to enter the bliss of the heart.

Kevin James’ voice is touching, warm and loving at each moment – authentic and straight from the heart. He sings for you, he sings to your soul, and you will feel an immediate warm embrace which lets you feel cozy, protected and within a realm where sorrows have no weight anymore. – Sat Nam Europe


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8 – 9:30 PM
$20 until July 1st

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Inspiring individual performances with amazing heart open vocals that come from the depths of the Soul and inspired by the heights of pure Spirit.

Silvina Vergara – Crystal Bowls and Voice
Kimberly Bass – Crystal Bowls and Voice
Gabriel Gold – Hang Drum, Crystal Bowls  and Voice
Sonja Drakulich – Voice
Jamie Lu and David Gibson – Crystal Bowls  and Voice

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Silvina Vergara – Voice and Crystal Bowls

Silvina brings Spirit and Source through her voice to access the divine.  She often channels higher beings that provide healings on people in the audience.  She is overflowing with love.  She is also a holistic counselor, conscious guide, educator, singer, minister, dance instructor, and she incorporates dance, drama and movement composition to her training. She brings more than twenty years of experience in the areas of energy work, self development, movement and voice. She is also working as a facilitator in stress management for San Francisco General Hospital for a special program for cancer patients.


Gabriel Gold – Voice, Crystal Bowls and Hang Drum

Gabriel Gold is an internationally-recognized, San Francisco, CA based composer, sound healer and environmental advocate; his works drawing from personal pilgrimages to sacred spaces across the globe; a pioneer of the Handpan (a steel, melodic percussion instrument he plays in accompaniment to his Angelic, countertenor-ranged voice) and teacher; of which through his “Healing Voice Experiences” has personally supported thousands of people on the journey of developing a fulfilling relationship to their singing voices and through such, a deeper spiritual connection. He is also a graduate of Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute.

When at home in The Bay, Gabriel facilitates a weekly “Healing Voice Circle” and performs regularly in collaboration with renowned yoga teacher Darren Main for Yoga on the Labyrinth, a weekly 700+ student class taught inside San Francisco’s revered Grace Cathedral.


Kimberly Bass – Voice and Crystal Bowls

Accompanying herself with an array of gem infused crystal alchemy bowls; Kimberly Bass has developed an extraordinary style of harmonic singing that is in perfect synergy with the acoustic vibrations emanating from the bowls. Drawing from a lifetime’s vocal experience Kimberly’s mastery of harmony has been described as “other worldly, putting the listener into a transfixed eternal moment.” Her ancient celestial chants take us through harmonic sound portals where one may experience a high level of self-transformation. Kimberly’s unique style fuses her voice with the textures and frequencies of the crystal bowls, creating amazingly beautiful angelic music.


Jamie Lu – Voice and Crystal Bowls

Jamie uses channeled healing tones, light language, crystal bowls and solfeggio pipes to assist in awakening realizations and shifts in the body. This experience is the perfect compliment to any meditative or yogic practice to facilitate change and deepen one’s awareness.”Jamie Lu is a gifted intuitive healer utilizing a variety of methods, including touch, sound, and energy work to induce transformation and balance on every level of the mind, body and spirit. She is world-renowned for working with difficult illnesses and diseases, after healing herself from a heart condition and Hashimoto’s disease at age 24.” — Ryan Mandell, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine


Sonja Drakulich – Voice

Sonja Drakulich is best known as singer, producer, composer and founder of the internationally-acclaimed world music ensemble, Stellamara, and as singer and percussionist for the Northern European Medieval-Folk band, Faun. With Stellamara, she has toured throughout the US and Europe and has produced three critically-acclaimed CD releases, five star reviews from Alternative Press, Electronic Musician, New Age Voice, SF Weekly and many other notable publications, with  albums in the top ten of the World Music Charts. With Faun, she completed three years of extensive touring throughout Europe and recorded on their top ten charted, platinum albums Von den Elben and Luna, from Universal Music. 

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