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Sound Healing Research Foundation
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Foundation
All donations are tax deductible

The Sound Healing Research Foundation (SHRF) is a non-profit foundation dedicated to developing research projects to help bring Sound Healing and Therapy more into the mainstream (hospitals and homes). It also does this by providing information and resources to develop new research projects. The Foundation also disseminates information to the public.

The Sound Healing Research Foundation is devoted to the advancement of Sound Healing and Therapy in health care and for well-being. Currently we are developing research projects to further raise the mainstream public awareness to bring sound healing to more hospitals and homes. The Foundation acts as a central library and information center for all research in the field of Sound Healing and Therapy, and also provides information and resources for others to develop independent research projects.

Join the Foundation today and receive
a variety of membership benefits!

Your donation not only helps the Foundation’s cause but also provides access to:
1. Our Database of Research Projects performed or underway by the Foundation
2. Database of over 70 Research Projects on Sound and Music Healing
3. Over 300 Final Research Papers from Globe Institute graduates
4. Directory of Sound Healing Practitioners categorized by treatment types (Find a practitioner for a specific issue)
5. Sound Healing Treatment Plans and Forums to Discuss Refining them
6. Information on how to apply for Research Grants

Donate to a Sound Cause

The Foundation now has multiple funding sources (we currently have over $100,000 in donations) and is now accepting donations for the projects below. All donations are reported to the Federal Government and all expenses and costs will be itemized and posted for public viewing, so you can rest assured that your donations will be used for the particular cause you specify. There are 8 areas for which we are accepting donations:

1. The GeneOM Project – Mapping the Frequency Body
2. Donations of Sound Therapies for a Variety of Therapy Centers
3. A Variety of Research Projects – Autism, ADD/ADHD, PTSD Treatments, Drug Rehab, Sleep Disorders, Sound for Preemies, Babies and Young Children, Sound of Love.
4. Scholarships for low income students to study at Globe Institute.
5. Feedback Equipment Acquisition – EEG, Heart Monitors, MRI and Subtle Energy Feedback Devices.
6. Donations to help create an international Sound Healing Curriculum for children


Globe Sound Healing and Therapy Institute

Globe Sound Healing and Therapy Institute in San Francisco is dedicated to
bringing everyone in the field together. Globe Institute has a Certificate Program and a 2 Year Associates Degree Program in Sound Healing at the Institute and Online with live instructors or by video. The College is approved by the State of California and gives a full perspective on everything going on in the field from a faculty of 24 instructors. The program is designed to help you to become a Sound Therapist.

Sound of Love – Sound and Metaphysical Store

Sound Tables, Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Sound Healing Instruments, Sound Healing Books, scientifically and spiritually designed healing music CD’s

Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Temple of the Sound Conference

Crystal Tones is celebrating and supporting the Grand Opening of the Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness Alchemy Crystal Bowl Temple of the Bay area. We will be displaying and demonstrating techniques and uses of the Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls with this special exhibit of the art of sound located at the Grand Entrance of the Main Hall. Some of the hundreds of Alchemies that will be on display include Moldavite, rose quartz, ruby, diamond, gold, platinum, laughing buddha, androgynous indium, Kryon, Sedona Red Rock, Mt. Shasta Serpentine, Divine Mother and Father. Come experience and play the bowls live, bathe yourself in crystalline bliss, renew your soul, and be divine now with the Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls.

HighChi Energy Jewelry

Our beautifully crafted jewelry is a vehicle for energy that is designed to protect, uplift, and rejuvenate its wearer. These pieces encourage the flow of Chi, while helping to protect against daily bombardment of EMF’s, (Electro Magnetic Fields). The Ancient Egyptians believed the energy on HighChi not only creates “Gateways to the Divine ” but protects you from the negative energies of others.


Barry Helm

Barry Helm psychic, channel, bodyworker, healer has been assisting clients from throughout the country and around the world since 1988. Barry travels the U.S. multiple times a year in order to facilitate profound development in the area of consciousness and well being. He invites you to partner with him for you next step in individualized transformation so that you might live more fully and freely in the now. More info www.barryhelm.com

Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Ascension Meditation Pyramid Systems

The Buddha Maitreya, the Christ, Shambhala Ascension Meditation Pyramid Systems are room sized meditation pyramid systems provided by Buddha Maitreya the Christ for meditation, self-healing and prayer.Combined with Soul Therapy® Meditation Music – Invocations & Blessings by Buddha Maitreya the Christ, they create a holy space, like a temple where the blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ radiate out for both personal and planetary healing and Soul Therapy®, connecting the individual and their environment to a more soulful reality. Buddha Maitreya the Christ’s Shambhala Meditation Pyramids are designed to match exactly the perfect geomancy of the ‘Great Pyramid’ and are handcrafted and built in absolute perfection by western Monks and Nuns with the finest quality materials, providing what are truly the best Meditation Pyramid Systems in the world. The Pyramid is built to a precise 51 degree angle as found in the Great Pyramid, and the design of that helps to en-house the sacred energy patterns of the Earth…aligning a very sacred relationship to us as Human Beings. Please see www.shambhalahealingtools.com for more information.

FREE 10-minute treatments in the Sound Therapy rooms (by signup), out in the Sound Garden and at our booth inside as part of your attendance at Globe Sound Healing Conference.

Share International

Do you want to help the world and build a stronger connection with your own spiritual nature? Transmission Meditation is the simplest way to do both at the same time.

Transmission Meditation is a group service activity which ‘steps down’ the great spiritual energies that continually stream into our planet. During transmission, the Masters of Wisdom direct these energies from the spiritual planes through the energy centers (chakras) of the group members in a highly scientific manner. This process, which makes the energies more useful to humanity and the other kingdoms in nature, is similar to that of electrical transformers, which step down the power between generators and household outlets.

Based on their wise understanding of our world, the Masters re-direct these stepped-down energies to wherever they are most needed at that moment in time. In response to these energies, for example, nations that have been enemies for centuries may now find they can talk together around a table and peacefully work out solutions.


The Healing Lyres

The Healing Lyres are specially built to transfer the vibrational resonance of the heavenly sounds through the wood into all cells of the human body. They heal by opening physical and energetic blocks, and by opening our hearts to joy and healing. These instruments can be played by all, even children, without extensive training or practice; you just play beautiful sounds. The Healing Lyres are a wonderful addition to Breathwork, Energy Work, or any other Sound Healing practice. Instruments are built by special order, or you can also build your own in a four day workshop in which you develop a deep connection to your instrument.


Crystalline Essence

Come experience the beautiful light fragrances and AMAZING vibrational frequencies of Crystalline Essence products. Owner and creator Gina Covel is an RN and Vibrational Pharmacist who has been working with the alchemy of elixir production for over 20 years. Using her vast and ever growing collections of crystals, gems, natural products and other channelled etherial energies she had created a wide range of Elixirs, Sprays, Bath Salts, Lotions and Oils that truly reach into the heart of your soul. These energies, whether consumed as elixirs, sprayed into your energy field, infused into a soothing bath or applied topically as a lotion or oil become an evolutionary force in ones consciousness. They provide inspiration for change within the mind, body and spirit, reacting and resonating with the crystalline structures throughout our bodies. Come visit our booth. Allow Gina to intuit which products would be most beneficial for your current life journey.



Root Flutes

Explore the greater possibilities of the flute. Daniel Hansen creates world fusion multi chamber flutes from wild shed elk antler. Adorned with gems, crystals, and fossils the energy and healing harmonic frequencies from these instruments is something new to earth.


Elegant Crystals and Gems

Crystal Bill and Bernice Straub will be showcasing their amazing stones at the conference. Bill has hundreds of exotic crystals for sale, both polished sculptures and all-natural healing tools. Bernice will display her signature designer jewelry, crafted as big gemstone pendants in aquamarine, ametrine, fluorite, kunzite, citrine and rutilated quartz, amongst others. Bill’s crystals range from small “hand-holders” up to massive 100-pound clear crystal clusters from Arkansas, India and Brazil. You can find unique rainbow crystal balls here, generator crystals and crystal castles. Check out our citrine specialties and amethyst. Three of Bill’s rainbow DVDs are also available. Please preview the collection at


or call Bill at 1-415-318-6717 if you have any special requests.

Live Pine

Wild crafted pine products , including Fermented plants & herbs & minerals from Korea, Korean hand acupuncture with out needles for alternative green heath & hands on therapy for longevity , wisdom and ancient techniques and recipes.  www.LivePine.com


Healoha is a new marketplace for wellness services helping both clients and practitioners. Clients can easily find the right service/practitioner for them and practitioners can be successful without having to spend time and money on marketing anymore. Join for free at http://www.healoha.com.

Love Rising

Love Rising provides life changing wellness Training, Tools, Transformative Retreats and a supportive online community that is growing in numbers every day. Our products and services are assisting the lives of people all around the world achieve greater peace of mind, clarity, multi-dimensional awakening and soul-level empowerment. We are pioneering a new paradigm in business and healthcare for those on an awakening, spiritual, or personal development path. 

We are the makers of OmniCore Healing Technology. OmniCore is a powerful manifestation tool, protects you from harmful EMF radiation, and brings health and wellness to your body, immediately.

Terres de Chabrouillas
Ceramic Singing Bowls

These ceramic singing bowls are thrown by master potter Laurent Merchant in Bosset, France. With over 40 years of experience, he has found a special way to create one of a kind ceramic singing bowls. What has been fascinating since the development of these instruments is the relationship between the visual harmony of a shape, which I’ve always been concerned with as a potter and the tone of the note produce by that shape. As a musician the bowls have been a revelation and a bridge between his two main interests in life.

Making the bowls demands very precise and technically difficult throwing. The bowls are actually a whole field of research on the purely physical and acoustic plane (not to mention all the other planes!) the progression of dimensions to produce the intervals of the scale is one of the main challenges but also the shape, the perfect curve which produces the bowl’s unique voice… Each bowls is really one of a kind.

The bowls are hand thrown in a white stoneware clay that comes from quarries in Germany. The glaze formula is one that Laurent developed years ago in California to apply on sculpture; a very mat metallic black containing a large percentage of iron oxide and small quantities of manganese and cobalt oxides. The pieces are fired in a gas kiln to 1300° C (2400° F) in a reduction atmosphere


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In Light for Life!

“Mounting evidence suggests photon energy (light) may be a necessary ingredient in the treatment of traumatic brain injury, 

Alzheimer’s disease, cerebrovascular dementia, peripheral neuropathy, chronic pain and non-healing wound recovery.”  

Near Infrared Light Therapy triggers the release of Nitric Oxide, lauded as the “miracle molecule” for its ability to repair and regenerate.  

The net result, or the result of even 20 minutes, is a cascade of chemical reactions throughout the damaged tissue and nerve cells that stimulate healing.  Photo-biomodulation triggers the innate healing chemistry linked to multiple cellular processes.  InLight Medical Light Therapy is safe, simple, drug-free, non-invasive and non-practitioner dependent. Health Care at home!  Safe for the whole family – pets included!  







Short Animation on InLight Medical Light Therapy: 

Fremont Rossiter Wellness Center

Bemer is a Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Class 1 medical device that increases microcirculation by 29%. Some call it the modern day “Fountain of Youth”.

What are the possible consequences of impaired microcirculation?

Diabetes, poor wound healing, osteoporosis, heart attack, migraines, arthritis, stroke/dementia, kidney impairment and many others.

74% of your blood flows through 75,000 miles of capillaries. Come by our booth and try out the Bemer PEMF medical device that will increase your microcirculation by 29% in 8 minutes and last for over 12 hours. With increase microcirculation amazing things start to happen; you will sleep better, have more energy, and your organs will start to become healthier. Professional athletes use the Bemer to have more energy, stamina, and to recover quickly after an event.

John Prior

Eric Riess

Gorgeous GoddessWear

Clothes so beautiful and feminine you feel like a Goddess wearing them!


Akashic Knowing

Receive an Akashic reading and healing to access supportive information for your life now. Find out about the true nature of your Soul’s plan and how it is connected to relationships, abundance, health and personal issues. A Personal Akashic Healing Session will help you to receive:
• Information about your soul’s purpose and path
• Solutions for difficult situations including relationship and money issues
• Past life information and clearing that will help to release blocks and fears • Clearing of Karma, soul contracts & past life vows
• Reclaim gifts and talents from other lives to support your life’s work.
• Clarity around your next step(s)
• An energy shift that removes stress from both your mind and body Learn to access your Akashic Records for soul guidance everyday:
• Home Study course
• San Francisco Classes available. Available for Purchase:
• Lisa’s 2 International Bestselling books:
• “The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records” &
• “From Questioning to Knowing – 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life”
• Akashic Meditation CD
• Home Study Healing Courses.


Akashic Healing Vibrations

Receive answers to long-held questions about purpose, path and passion! Receive profound wisdom, clarity, insight, healing and a mantric melody from the Akashic Record Keepers to take with you. Lis Addison of AHVibrations specializes in aligning you on your Soul Path and supporting you to become the being you were designed to be. 

Lis creates a sacred space to:

• Clear old wounds and karma 

• Shift patterns of behavior 

• Activate your voice 

• Share your unique gifts

• Reduce stress, tension, trauma and toxins

• Receive clarity on how to proceed in your life

• Products available 

• Home Study Chakra Healing Course

• Classes in Vocal Healing, Movement and Akashic Records

• Lis’s Internationally Acclaimed Healing music from the Akashic Records

• Monthly Online Healing Circle

• Chant, Healing and Movement Videos


Medica Health

Our History
Medica Health International Ltd was established in 2004 and is committed to discovering, sourcing and introducing leading edge healing equipment to medical professionals, therapists and health-conscious consumers. Our international company is based in the North-West of England and has expanded its Sales Points to many areas around the world, some of which are; North America, China, Australia, Switzerland, UK, Taiwan, France and Turkey.

Our Fusion Light Therapy products have proven to be so successful that they have spread out to all corners of the globe. Worldwide many well known respected clinics, medical specialists and therapists have incorporated our products either as a standalone therapy or integrated with other therapies.

Theragem: Crystal Light Therapy
Medica Health Ltd developed Theragem: Crystal Light Therapy in response to the needs of people who were demanding a safe, non-invasive Fusion Light therapy.

The development process has incorporated rigorous testing, precision engineering and the use of top quality materials. Viofor JPS Electro-magnetic Bed Our Viofor JPS electro-magnetic bed is a CE0120 certified medical device that provides electromagnetic stimulation (EMS) therapy. This delivers carefully calibrated, slow changing, low induction magnetic fields directly to the cells in the body where they are needed most, providing analgesic and regenerative effects that work with the body’s natural healing process.

SunRiseSunSet provides all the tried and tested benefits of low induction pulsed electro-magnetic stimulation (EMS) in an exciting, cost effective way whilst you sleep, thus eliminating the need to find time within busy lifestyles. This modality is perfect for keeping the circulation, blood quality and immune system at a balanced level for fit active people wishing to remain in peak condition.

For more information please visit http://www.medicahealth.org

Our Mission
Our mission at Medica Health International Ltd is to provide the highest quality technology and services in the global integrative healthcare arena, to those that seek ways of using alternative therapies. Our Mission is accomplished in three main steps: Ongoing Research, Quality Production, Hands on Training. Chief Executive Officer of Medica Health International Ltd. Profile/Our Trainer Catharina Jansma Raised with an open vision to the multitude of possibilities life can offer, Catharina started her working career as an international fashion model, whilst at the same time studying astrology, numerology and nutrition in her spare time. By her early 30’s Catharina started to focus on the grounding, heart opening shamanistic traditions of Central & South America: the energetic cleansing of body, mind and soul. All the while training passionately to become skillful in Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong for which she was awarded in international contest. Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage followed their way into her practice in which she guided her clients with warmth, respect and humor to a healthy, fun loving way of life. It is through her fusion of so many different modalities and a sound understanding of the Theragem technology that she nurtures and feeds knowledge to Theragem seminar and training attendees, giving them a direction and hands on feel of this powerful therapy with easy to understand images.

Quantum Balance Crystals (QBC)

Activate, Awaken and Balance Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Each QBC is uniquely handcrafted, containing thousands of transparent nano-scale quartz crystal particles, with larger visible crystals. The dyes and resin are plant and mineral based. QBC uses color, crystals and frequencies to positively influence and balance the life force flow of our chakras. Free color readings at our booth.

SoundPill, LLC: Pharmacology of Frequencies, Sounds and Music

www.soundpill.net, Email: soundpill@soundpill.net

SoundPill utilizes a broad range of sound and music practices as support for a variety of challenges of imbalances, either physical or psycho-emotional in nature. . The goal is to empower clients, by providing them with practical tools, exercises, and resources to incorporate sound and music in their busy daily life. Using sound and music consciously can have a powerful impact on maintaining balance and well-being.  The primary tool of assessments is a computerized program called Voice Analysis Harmony (VAH – previously known as the VoiceBio system). VAH is a non-invasive, cutting edge method that provides clients with a holographic voice print of their current physical and emotional states. Upon evaluating results of their voice print I will help clients interpret their psycho-emotional and physical imbalances. In order to regain energetic homeostasis, I will make suggestions through specific voice/sound-based techniques and other holistic ways.

Omni Dimensional Mystery School

Whale & Dolphin Energy Healing

with Laurie Reyon & Master Cat Puddah

We are offering very special Whale and Dolphin ENERGY HEALING SESSIONS where you can experience deep Core Level Healing. The Whales are the Elders on our planet and have 300 million years of experience. When summoned they access your Soul’s information or Akashic Records. We use DEEP WHALE SOUNDS, our inter dimensional Andara Crystals and Master Cat Puddah during your session.

Your chakras and energy fields are aligned, and lower energies are spun out through the Merkaba fields of Light. Old Contracts & Agreements that no longer serve your Soul’s progression and evolution are removed as the Whale’s Energy Fields envelop you and you enter the Violet Flame. Toxins and old memories are removed that are embedded in your DNA that are potentially blocking you from living daily in Joy, Happiness, Success, Love and Self-Empowerment!

You are then infused and restored with inter-dimensional White Golden and Rainbow Light from the Divine guided by the Angelics and the Great Whale.  During this session we encourage you to reclaim your Mastery as you set your intentions for positive change and in your personal life.

Dolphin and Whale Energy Medicine – LIGHT BODY ACTIVATIONS create a Crystalline Matrix in the human form, activating dormant DNA and allowing the human to carry more Light, thus preparing them for Ascension.

During these sessions the Cetaceans and Beings of Light access your Akashic Records and your original Soul Divine Life Blueprint. This exists within the matrix of the grid systems of the Earth.  Your records also exist within the water molecules of Earth’s oceans, and can easily be accessed by Whales and Dolphins who are stewards for humanity.  This work offers you an opportunity to access your original state of existence.

Sessions by Appointment:   Stop by our booth to sign up.

We will be offering 30 minute Whale Healing and Clearing Session with Master Cat Puddah and the Andara Crystals.

Also Dolphin DNA Recalibration sessions to raise your vibration and claim more of your true authentic self.



Welcome to aTune’s official launch! Please visit and explore new ways of grasping and applying your tuning forks. Participate in explorative demos throughout the conference.



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Pleyades Drums

Pléyades Drums are melodical and percussive musical instruments constructed from repurposed metal gas tanks. Their design and tuning let them be played intuitively by people of all ages and skill levels, so that anyone can be a musician without necessarily having any experience.

Each instrument is tuned to A=432Hz, which is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe and has been found to induce the listener in states of harmony, connection and profound relaxation. The drum itself is also complemented with a bio-energetic decoration based in quartz and other stones, making every instrument a personalized healing tool. Every drum is hand made by Christian and Kira in California.


Sonatherapy and Steamboat Healing Center

We will have available
Two books, SONA: Healing with Wave Front Bioresonance (2008) and Sonatherapy; Healing with Light, Color, Sound, Water & Subtle Energies (2012) – in both bound and E-book versions on discs.

13 Wave Front Bioresonance (Cymatic) Videos
7 Wave Front Bioresonance SONATIONS VIDEOS (Cymatics)
Cymatics with Music: Seven Musical Selections Visualized in a Drop of Water
Eight WFB Videos (Cymatics)

Revised Radiation Protocol 2015 (Introduced in Japan following Fukushima Melt-Down)

Ultimate SOLFESGGIO TONES: ABox Program & Set-Up Sonations (Computer)
50 Infra-SONA WFB Codes, 2014: ABox Set-Ups for Sonations

Also brochures and web site links for Sonatherapy, You Tube sites, etc. We may have a laptop playing the videos, demonstrating, etc.

May we also sell a few products, like T-shirts and geothermal soaps.


Indigo Intuitive Acupressure

I focus on emotional balancing, supporting an environment for core healing. As an intuitive facilitator, I’m guided to the highest benefit for my clients. Focus is on the physical manifestation of ailments with an understanding that the mental, emotional and spiritual all interconnect. I work intuitively, listening to you and listening through my hands. My clients are empowered after their session, taking responsibility for their health through self-applied acupressure and holistic centering exercises.

Flower of Life Essential Blends

Grown and crafted on the souther slopes of Mt.Shasta we offer unique and rare vibrationally active high grade therapeutic essential oil blends, creams, salves and mists. Grown with intention and love our products support our transformation and support our farm and our efforts.

Master Sha’s Tao Healing Center

Spiritual healing modality using Tao Singing and Dancing; Simple and easy to use 4 Power Techniques of Body Power, Mind Power, Sound Power, and Soul Power to help ground our energy, center our emotions, relax our bodies and relieve pain with ease, joy, and fun. We will be offering books on self healing, Akashic record readings, soul healing blessings, and drawings for passes to our events.

Young Living Therapies

“Subtle energy flows through all organic life. This energy is expressed as electromagnetic vibrational frequency. Pure essential oils are known to have the “highest frequency” of any natural substance. Sound Healers are discovering a strong vibrational connection between the frequency of sound and the frequency of essential oils that produces a profound transformational experience. Whether administered alone or together with vibrational sound the frequency of pure essentials oils provide a tremendous environment for multidimensional health and healing. Come and experience the frequencies of Young Living Essential Oils!”