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Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A., C.N.S.T.

Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson is well recognized globally for his musical, modulated sound frequency audio programs for healing, personal growth and experiential enjoyment not easily forgotten, and also for his clinical expertise. As a physician/musician, composer and inventor, his work is well guide by his scientific and research orientation and work, as well as by his compassion and understanding of stress and the human body, mind and spirit. His work is mind/body harmonious and clinically proven to foster deep personal wellness and expansion of consciousness, not only resolving challenges at causality level, but enhancing and expanding personal potential. Greater calmness in handling stress; restorative sleep; pain relief; anxiety, depression and trauma resolution; as well as a deepening of meditation and meditative clarity frequently offering an ecstatic state of consciousness, are a few possible benefits received and reported by individuals many times over.

Dr. Thompson’s musical soundscapes and body-support furniture are used by medical and healthcare practitioners worldwide. They create a non-invasive, effective, integrative, holistic modality for multiple practices and significant healing, pain relief, trauma resolution and increased wellness for their patients and clients. His programs educate and re-train the autonomic nervous system into a state of homeostasis where physical healing, emotional release, pain relief and causal factors of trauma or health challenges may more easily be addressed, relieved and/or completely resolved or removed. The modality is a tri-fold approach – auditory, kinesthetic and visual – thereby employing one’s three primary modes of learning.

Dr. Thompson has worked with Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Bernie Siegel, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bru Joy, Susan Jeffers, Cisco, Mattel, Nike, TRW, NASA, JPL and others who have greatly contributed to society, some of which cannot yet be mentioned. He researched the effect of Voyager I and II plasma-wave audio recordings of the planets for healing and emotional release. With tremendous effort and work, as well as scientific knowledge and know-how, he preserved the original planets sounds for all to hear and from which to benefit.

Dr. Thompson’s sound healing work has been well researched by many and very especially by research projects at the Neuropsychiatric Center at UCLA, the Royal Ottawa Sleep Research Center in Canada, and, as part of the nationally funded CSCAT Program, by Duke University and the University of Virginia. Dr. Thompson, a born educator and teacher, continues to speak widely on the use and benefit of sound used scientifically, teaches and trains clinicians, and continues his association with the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine. His work continues in monumental ways, so check out from time-to-time.

Gary Buchanan

Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan (b.1948) has since 1975 been researching and developing new technologies in alternative healing using light, color, sound, water, and subtle energies.
Web Sites: and

His two landmark texts on vibrational healing have now been circulated to therapists and researchers around the globe with attendant Sonatherapy® clinics being established in Japan, South Africa, Czech Republic, Britain, Australia, and the United States.

The books, SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIOresonance (2008) and Sonatherapy: Healing with Light, Color, Water, Sound & Subtle Energies (2012) are available at the web site:
Beginning with doctoral studies in Cymatics, Synergetics, Physics, Perception, Psychology, Music, Medicine, Cosolargy®, and a host of interdisciplinary studies at the University of Washington in 1975-1976, Buchanan began compiling fundamental concepts and materials on the effects of vibrational entrainments and affectations upon and within the entity.

This led to his presentation at the university of a paper, “Perceptual Synergetics,” and thereafter a textbook, authored in 1978 at the Queensland Conservatorium in Brisbane, Australia – Wave Front Composition & Analysis. That paper and text were well-received by members of the Musicological Society of Australia and Britannica Society at the University of New South Wales in a 1978 conference.

Relocating to Reno, Nevada in 1979, Buchanan began working directly with Consociates of Cosolargy® International in further developing these technologies of Wave Front BIOresonance™. Preliminary archive publications by the International Community of Christ between 1979 and 1982 included studies in acoustics, mathematics, and archetypal geometry.

Those imprints, authored and co-authored by/with the late Stan Fortmeyer, were/are Solarized Numbers – The Super-Natural Metaphor of Organic Wholism, More on Solarized Numbers and Their Import, The Unified Field: Ultra-Dimensional Solar Determinism, Jamilian Cycologotry: Basic Premises, The Nun Crystal: Preliminary Draft and Materials, Archencyclical Cube-Root Extraction, and the ultimate tome: Primer of Mirror-Inversion and Archencyclical Mathesis (Copyright © 1982 The International Community of Christ.)

All of these papers and texts laid foundations for the healing arts, sciences, and technologies of what would later become the unique healing approach trade-marked by Cosolargy® International as Sonatherapy®.

Suzanne Sterling

Suzanne Sterling is a musician, yogi, and activist who has been performing and teaching transformational workshops for over 20 years. She is founder of Voice of Change, inspiring others to find their unique voice as a tool for conscious evolution. Suzanne has been featured at hundreds of international festivals and conference centers including Yoga Journal, Omega, Esalen, Wanderlust, Bhaktifest, Earthdance and many more.

Since 2007 she has been training leaders in activism and social justice through her co-founded organization Off The Mat, Into the World. As director of OTM’s Seva Challenge Humanitarian Tours which raised over $4 million, she has spent time in the US, India, Cambodia, Haiti, Ecuador and Africa working in community resilience and raising awareness about critical global issues.

In addition to her work with OTM, she offers yearlong trainings in Sacred Leadership, is guest teacher in numerous Yoga Teacher Trainings and is excitedly training facilitators in her signature Voice of Change work.  She has released 5 solo albums and numerous DVD soundtracks.

David A. Gibson

David Gibson is a leading scholar in the field of Sound Healing and Therapy. He is the founder and director of the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco. His book, “The Complete Guide to Sound Healing,” is one of the top selling books in the field. The book explains how to use sound for physical healing, brainwave entrainment, releasing stuck emotions, opening the heart, and connecting to Spirit. David is also one of the top selling producers of Sound Healing music with over 50 CD’s, and runs the Sound Therapy Center at the Institute offering over 15 types of sound healing treatments. He is also the founder and Conference Coordinator of the World Sound Healing Conferences (now Globe Sound Healing Conference) and has put on 3 International Conferences. He has produced 9 Sound Healing concerts – 3 of them with full 3D projection with 3D glasses for everyone in the audience.

David has been studying esoteric systems of sound healing for over 15 years and has an in-depth understanding of the underlying physics of sound. David’s education in Physics at the University of California at Berkeley gives him a unique understanding of the way that sound affects us physically. David has been exploring the use of binaural beats for brainwave entrainment for over 10 years and has over 30 CD’s that incorporate brain enhancing frequencies in the music. David has come up with 9 techniques for releasing stuck emotions and deep emotional issues with sound and has been using these techniques in the classroom and therapy center for over 8 years. David has also been teaching a class on the Sound of Love at the Institute for 8 years. Through this class, David has come up with a full range of powerful techniques for opening the heart and connecting to spirit using sound and music as catalysts. He has also come up with a detailed array of sounds for bringing a person into gratitude, compassion, Universal Love and joy

David began as a Professional Recording Engineer. He has been teaching, engineering and producing groups in major studios since 1982. David is also the author of the best selling book, “The Art of Mixing” that uses visuals to explain and show every style of mix in the world, which makes complex structures of mixes easily understandable. His second book, “The Art of Producing,” uses the visual framework for displaying sounds to explain Music Theory. Gibson is also the inventor of the Patented, “Virtual Mixer,” which uses 3D visuals of the mix to control mixing consoles and computerized mixers.

David is currently working on a Virtual Reality system where you can step into an image of your own body and be able to place visuals of sounds inside the body in 3D. The visuals will then move sounds up and down in a Sound Table so you feel the sounds inside the body exactly where you are seeing the visuals.

David’s mission is to bring Sound and Energy Healing into the mainstream (and hospitals). In order to do this he has setup the Sound Healing Research Foundation, and has also created plays and movies to help educate the general public.

Ryan Moore

Ryan has been studying drumming, dancing, and singing for the past 17 years. Originally beginning with body percussion, hiphop dance, and spoken word with Be The Groove ( in Chicago, he went on to study Capoeira and learn berimbau in the midwest.

In 2011 he traveled to Australia to study TaKeTiNa, ( spending two years there before settling in the Bay Area of California. These days he teaches here at the Globe Institute of Sound Healing, studies Circle Singing with Dave Worm, ( and is simultaneously mentoring with Bruce Silverman ( acquiring in-depth hand drum teaching geared toward psycho-spiritual leadership.

In addition to his sound healing work, Ryan has spent many years studying the body, anatomy, movement, and dance, and so brings a well-cultivated somatic focus to all of his work. He currently trains and teaches at Athletic Playground, ( and also dabbles in Qi Gong, Contact Improvisation, Blues Dancing, and many other body-based movement modalities.

Ryan has an AA in Liberal Arts from Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois.

For more information or to contact Ryan directly, please email ‘’

Helane Anderson

Helane Marie Anderson, author and creator of You Are Meant to Sing! 6 Steps to Unlock Your Inner Voice transformational program and book, began singing as soon as she came out of the womb according to her parents. A songwriter trained as both a classical pianist and singer, Helane has extensive experience in the classical music industry as an administrator, has held artistic programming positions at both the Los Angeles Philharmonic and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, served as Director of Composers & Repertoire at renowned classical music publisher Boosey & Hawkes and is adjunct faculty at the University of Southern California (USC).

After spending many years in the music industry, Helane decided it was time to give back and she trained to become a Sound Healer, reconnecting with her original love of singing and healing work. In recent years, Helane has focused on creating workshops that combine her healing journey and the modalities she has studied into a space that facilitates deep healing and letting go through the voice. She has also produced two sound healing recordings, ELEMENTAL ALCHEMY and PAINTED SOUND: A Journey Through the 7 Chakras, that help to balance the elements and chakras within the body, mind and spirit, and she leads many public sound baths and events in the Los Angeles area and beyond.

Helane holds a certificate in Sound Healing and Therapy from the Globe Institute in San Francisco, CA, has received additional training in sound healing with John Beaulieu and Jamie Bechtold, and is a certified vinyasa yoga instructor. Helane is also certified as an Integrative CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner and Massage and Polarity Therapist through the Life Energy Institute/ I.P.S.B, the Institute for Psycho-Structural Balancing in Culver City, CA, with further studies at the Milne Institute in CranioSacral work.

Helane’s deepest passion is to share her music and help aspiring singers, speakers and seekers get in touch with their voice and transform!

Clark Hsu

Yi-Chen Hsu (Clark) M.A. in Counseling Psychology is an Expressive Arts Therapist and Adjunct Professor at California Institute of Integral Studies. Clark has been offering counseling services for individuals, groups, and communities in the Bay Area, Taiwan, and China. He also organizes Expressive Arts training and teaches related classes in Taiwan, China, and the USA. Clark holds the position of Knowledge Consultant for Life Potential International, an organization that offers workshops and publishes books in the field of mind, body, and spirit for the Chinese audience. Being an ex-IT professional, Clark seeks to find integration through creative ways. He bridges Eastern Tradition (Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Confucianism) with Western Psychology with a sprinkle of technological knowledge. The aim is to promote an integrative model that utilizes a variety of forces to hold and nurture human experience and transformation.

Lis Addison

Lis Addison is an innovative Composer, Circles of Light magazine says her music “paves the way for a new genre of music,” a powerful singer, her last CD The Grace of the Green Leaf won Best Vocal Album of 2010 and a masterful dancer, Conscious Dancer magazine says her dance practice “KiVo: The Kinetic Voice® is a path to embodiment and self-realization.” She is a passionate and visionary artist, performer and teacher who is in service to the practice of music and dance a transformational tools. She is the creator of various families of healing chants which she composes music for. This music can be heard in healing, yoga and movement centers from Alaska to Zimbabwe and on Internet radio. KiVo, which incorporates her music, chants and choreography is an embodied spiritual, healing and empowerment practice which she teaches at the Institute and globally. It allows the participant to become confident, grounded in their purpose and in command of the very vibration they entered the world with and is a community building tool. A skilled energy mover, Addison has had in-depth training and practice in the Shamanic and Yogic traditions and is a certified Akashic Records Consultant. She travels to Africa to do tree-planting service work and learn and share KiVo and the song/dances of communities in Eastern Africa. She offers group and solo sessions and is known around the Institute as “The Happy Shaman.” She is a certified Yoga, Nia & Zumba Instructor and has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Mills College.

Elizabeth Krasnoff

Elizabeth W. Krasnoff is a student in the PhD program of Transformative Studies with a focus in Consciousness Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her current inquiry is into the effect of sound on self-regulation of the autonomic nervous system. Since 2015 she is a certified Energy Healer through the Academy of Intuition Medicine® Master Certification program (MIM), and has a Sound Healing and Therapy Certificate from the Globe Institute in addition to completing the Heartmath®  training program. Her MA is in Depth Psychology and Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She started her practice, Sound Medicine, in 2016 to help clients deal with stress, trauma, illness and fatigue using sound. Although she has lost 50% of her hearing, Elizabeth is a singer-songwriter.  She enjoys being a mother, the arts and spending time in nature, especially on the San Francisco Bay.

Lynn Miller MA, MT

Lynn Miller is the author of SpiritArts, Transformation through Creating Art, Music and Movement. She also contributed on a book chapter Music and Neuromodulation, in Rhythmic Stimulation Procedures in Neuromodulation.
Lynn is a faculty member for Flute Haven Native Flute School and was a faculty member for Music for People for 18 years. She facilitated the Musicianship and Vocal program. Formally, Lynn was an adjunct faculty member in Music Therapy at Immaculata University.

Musically, Lynn has a background in jazz, folk and world music. She plays the guitar, is a vocalist and specializes in playing unique hybrid instruments inspired by cultures around the world.  She has performed at the Kimmel Center, Borgato, Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Open Air Festival in Switzerland.

Lynn has conducted workshops at retreat centers such as the Omega Institute, Trimurti in France, Kientelerhoff in Switzerland and Ompio in Italy. She has made Music therapy presentations in India, Italy, Mexico and for the American Music Therapy Association, NJ Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, The Interdisciplinary Society for Quantitative Research in Music and Medicine and was the keynote for the 2016 Music Healing and Transition Conference.

Dr. Eric Miller, Ph.D., MT-BC

Eric Miller is the author of Bio-guided Music Therapy (2011) Jessica Kingsley Publishers of London. He is certified in music therapy and biofeedback and directs the Ott Lab for Music & Health at Montclair State University. Miller holds doctoral degrees from both LaSalle University and the Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research.

International presentations include sessions at the World Music Therapy Congress in Seoul, S. Korea, Hsien Chuan University in Tapei, Taiwan, and workshops in Switzerland, France and Italy. Dr. Miller was the keynote at a 2012 Bangalore University conference on music and mental health in India.

Dr. Miller has vast clinical experience serving children, adolescents and adults for over 25 years in inpatient, outpatient, crisis and community settings. He has served as Executive Director for nonprofits Music for People, Expressive Therapy Concepts and founded the Biofeedback Network. Miller collaborated with Grammy-winning cellist, David Darling on the instrumental CD: Jazzgrass.
Short Workshop Description for the Catalog: Bio-guided Music Therapy: Utilizing Native Flute Biofeedback:

Fundamental concepts of Bio-guided Music Therapy are introduced with a focus on utilizing real-time physiological data driven music therapy and Native Flute biofeedback. Target disorders: anxiety, high blood pressure, ADHD, Autism, depression, and addictions. Via demonstration, we will create musical environments with Native Flute melodies triggered by real-time physiologic heart-rate, GSR and EEG brainwaves.

Don Estes

Don Estes is a certified medical technologist, laboratory director and neuroscientist who has lectured worldwide on sensory science and vibrational medicine. He has appeared on CNN, NBC, ABC, Entertainment Tonight, Science Frontiers, and the Discovery Channel hits Beyond 2000 and Next Step, which won an Emmy award in 1994. In addition, his work has been featured in Wired, Computer Design, and Los Angeles Magazines and many other national and international media. He is also the author of many articles as well as a book called Harmonic Law: The Science of Vibration, which is illustrated by a large wall chart titled the Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality, one of the most complete compendiums of scientific and philosophical knowledge ever assembled.

He is founder and director of InnerSense, Inc. and inventor of VibraSound® Sensory Resonance technologies used by both professional and nonprofessionals all over the world for music and sound therapy, relaxation, entertainment and expanded states of mind. His intellectual property is garnered from over thirty years experience in the unification of science, philosophy and religion and includes theories, proprietary knowledge and patents in the fields of light, color, sound, music and algorithmic automata. His unique combination of experience in both the hard and soft sciences represents the essence of true neuroscience.

In addition, he has consulted with hundreds of rejuvenation retreats, day spas, mind spas, medical professionals and location based entertainment facilities worldwide, having personally designed, built and operated three award-winning facilities called InnerSpace, MindWave and Aha! Spa.

Since 2001 his company, InnerSense, has been partnered with Psiometrics in Glastonbury. Together they have pioneered a new science of universal automata, which defines the physical and mental mechanisms behind the manifestation of intention. Jointly, they have designed and constructed a world-class supercomputer that can render a model of any reality in a formal mathematical language that is so exact and precise, the model is more or less the same thing as that which is being modeled. This “microcosmic emulator and emitter” can optimize, amplify and then radiate effective change back out into the internal and external environment.

Recently, this technology has taken a quantum leap from an online service to a built-in software program for home computers called the Portacle™, which now stands as a standard of reference and represents the state of the art in transformational processes. Finally completed after 20 years of research and development, it’s now available to everyone. This amazing technology allows one to express their intention into it and experience what it looks, sounds, and feels like in the spectral domain, on the other side, where all things originate. For more information, visit their website at

Don currently lives the Aha! experience on a daily basis with his wife and two children in the Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles. He has recently been appointed as Technical Director of Psiometrics, Inc., a new corporation dedicated to bringing the next generation of transformational technologies forward to assist the world in its conscious evolution.

Randy Masters

Randy Masters is a master teacher of many disciplines. He combines his expertise as a composer, harmonic mathematician and background in esoteric and exoteric sciences to reveal the precise harmonics of our universal life field. He is an international lecturer, author, and well-known specialist in his field often sought out for his expertise in many projects. Randy is an in-depth researcher on the pyramids, sacred sites, and the mathematical language of light and the harmonics of sacred numbers. His “Not So Mystery School” in Aptos, California, features weekend intensives in Sacred Geometry, (phiometry), Tuning Forks, Sound and Music and Ancient Esoteric Studies. A gifted speaker, his students and colleagues are inspired to study and grow and he is a devoted spiritual and academic mentor to all in his world. His license plate, “High Phi” reminds us, Randy is lots of Phun! He tells us his Universal Song classes help connect the dots of a far more loving and intelligent universe leading to more respect for our, and other worlds.

His earlier life was dominated by music. A professional composer, recording artist and performer since the 1960’s, Randy composed and performed with many world-re-nowned musicians, such as Tito Puente, Charlie Byrd, Cal Tjader, Lou Harrison and Hedzoleh Soundz (Ghana) and Ashwin Batish (India). He has won numerous awards and grants for his original compositions and recordings, including records with his popular Jazz group, Solar Plexus. Among his movie soundtracks is an original Italian music score for Voyage of the Heart and an original Latin American score for The Situation. His specialty is Jazz and World Music styles and he taught Jazz, Popular and world Music styles at UC Santa Cruz and San Jose State University. He regularly teaches at Community School of Music and Arts in Mountain View, CA and the California Institute of Psychoacoustics in SF, CA. He plays a variety of instruments- the piano, trumpet family, guitar and select world percussion instruments. As a beloved music teacher/mentor since 1967 his students have gone on to win grammy nominations and other prestigious awards and professional record contracts with major record labels.

Resonant Living, his company, produces products that are tuned to the universal harmonics and the world of geometry, sacred sites, and ancient musical traditions. His specialty products include Tuning Forks, Desktop and Windchimes, CDs, calibrated to specific natural frequencies. His Sacred Geometry jewelry is made with harmonically balanced stones. The company designs pieces that resonate with the harmonics of form, shape, sacred numbers and universal vibration languages. Resonant Living’s mission statement is “Delivering the Nutrients of Sound, Form, and Color.” He and his team of consultants offer a variety of workshops, education and consulting services- product design, architecture, resonant tunings of home, office, property and human energy fields.

As an Artist in Resonance, Randy lives what he teaches and his life and work reflect his deep love for humanity. He is active in many networking groups and communities that seek to further the on-goingness of life in the highest possible manner. He holds certificates of Ministry in two churches. He wishes you the best life has to offer, and he means it.

Silvina Vergara

Silvina specializes in sound work and movement. She holds a certification in Sound Healing and has completed training in Sahuka, a synthesis on Egyptian Alchemy, Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism. With more than 25 years of experience she conducts sound healing classes and seminars utilizing sound, breathing techniques, movement and shamanic work to help facilitate emotional, physical and mental release to reawaken the body’s innate wisdom and deep sense of awareness. The process creates a profound state of peace to access the subtle energy fields of consciousness and transformation. Her multidisciplinary background includes Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Development, Emotional Process techniques, and Vibrational Healing body work. She incorporates Movement Composition to her training by being a Holistic counselor, classically trained singer and dance instructor. Silvina has passionately dedicated her life to the healing arts as a conscious guide and Educator for developing human potential. She works with adults, children and teenagers. She also works as a facilitator in Sound Healing for San Francisco General Hospital, in a special program for cancer patients, and hosts her own Spanish radio show on consciousness.

Scott Huckabay

Scott Huckabay’s vibrational love melodies shine through invisible sound frequencies to create a sensory landscape of living bliss. Within each unique, inspirational live stage transformance, Scott presents a new level of how the guitar can be played. He is a very creative, passionate, rhythmic, high energy, one man band performer, developing complex and energetic world tribal progressions on his alternately tuned guitar, ‘Oceana’ that resonate with the heart chakra. Scott’s musical alchemy turns sound into gold through electrifying inner-dimensional sound explorations that can be experienced in your body that uplifts the hearts of humanity. He is truly a show stopper that leave the audience wanting more. Come experience the sound of pure presence
For more info:

Guitar Avatar, Scott Huckabay creates a contemporary, shamanistic musical style, inspiring trance states resonant with the heart chakra, creating sounds in an ancient frequency that induces feelings of love and healing.

Scott’s act is reminiscent of transcended master Michael Hedges meets Jimi Hendrix meets Ravi Shankar. He is a very rhythmic live looping performer, developing complex and energetic tribal progressions on his alternately tuned guitar. He takes the audience by surprise, leading them through dancing and joyous celebration into the realm of his celestial worship – the courtyard of the Divine. Various guitar tools assist in the journey of this vision caster from the land of Mu and his six stringed instrument of divination.

Each prayformance slowly brings the audience into his swirling, celebrating dance. And then he takes them to new heights – his love and adoration of the Great Spirit.

People often cry and or have profound life changing experiences at his performances, for the sheer power of the love in his song melts away their bitter sorrows, opening their hearts in this radiant love and joy. Scott once played inside the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt for whole earth healing. Scott Huckabay is rapidly gaining widespread recognition as the “Universal Guitarist for the Spiritual Renaissance.”

Scott never played guitar before a motorcycle accident left him partially paralyzed. His life dramatically changed after making a pact with God/Creator the moment before he hit the highway crashing at high speed. He woke up from being unconscious with a guitar mysteriously laid by his feet. As Scott touched the instrument, music began streaming through him. Experimenting like no guitarist would learn or imagine, Scott hit, kicked, scraped, and shook the instrument all over to pioneer novel ways to play the music he heard inside. Strumming, picking, and bowing the strings were used for his own accompaniment. The ensuing year, for his own healing and musical mastery, he communed daily with dolphins and whales in Hawaii, listening and learning their hydro-sonic secrets. His guitar became a physical extension, therapeutic invention, and spiritual blessing for Scott and civilization.

Recent live performance of “State of Profusion”

Lisa Lippincott

A life changing event grounded Lisa from her passion of flying jets. But as most misfortunes, it was a gift in disguise. Grounded because of vertigo, chronic fatigue, and migraines she sought out help though Doctors and Naturopaths to no avail, until intuitively she searched out vibration. Lisa didn’t realize that vibration would come from Gongs. Discovering they healed her pain and fatigue and decreased migraines and vertigo, Lisa discovered a powerful gift of sound healing, that she shares with others.

Lisa Lippincott is a teacher and healer. Lisa has a B.S. in Human Development from the University of California at Davis. Lisa has extensive teaching experience. She is a two hundred hour certified Yoga instructor and has completed all meditation classes including a study of the Bhagavad-Gita, Sanskrit and the Shaktipat Intensive with Durga Ma in 2008. She assisted Durga Ma in classes thereafter. After becoming an expert hang glider she became a pilot. She has flown for both commercial airlines and private jets for twenty-five years many as a Captain. Lisa taught crew resource management for the airlines which is effective communication for flight safety in the cockpit environment. She was only the third woman in the world to fly the fastest corporate jet in the world, the Cessna Citation X.

Lisa is a graduate of the Medicine Wheel program and The Advanced Wisdom School of Shamanic techniques at Dreamtime, LLC She has completed studies with Steve Price, in Yoga Nidra. She has certification in Reiki I, II, Gong Master. Certification and Degree in Sound Healing with David Gibson, at Globe Institute for Sound Healing in San Francisco. She is a passionate woman who loves life, people and the evolution of our awareness and combines her spiritual practices and Co Creates with her Gongs to give a unique and spiritual modality of healing vibrations of Love, Gratitude and ONEness. She offers private sessions at her home, and rents space at Remedy Pilates and massage, in Scottsdale, AZ for Gong Meditation and Sound Medicine Sessions weekly. Lisa also contracts out to many events all over the US. Lisa’s first successful CD, as Gongster; “The Sounds Of Creation”, and the most recent “The Gongster Zone” recorded by David Gibson which came out last year. Lisa lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Lupito and Paul Utz

Lupito and Paul Utz are United Nations Peace Ambassadors sharing their message of love through the potent power of sound. He and Paul co-created the global company, Crystal Tones, where sound meets science.
Innovators of sonic therapy and vibrational medicine, they introduced a new generation of crystalline musical instruments to the world. And as part of the Kryon team, they released the Kryon alchemy bowl which is made up of Apophyllite, Moldavite, Morganite, Imperial Topaz, Platinum, Indigo and Silver designed to enhance your channeling abilities.

Lupito is dedicated to supporting all in achieving there highest potential. Born on December 12 (day of the mother), and founder of Crystal Tones, William Jones was given the name Lupito (after the Virgen de Guadalupe -the divine mother of Mexico) when he was recognized by Mexican Elders for holding the mother’s energy. This energy which is in all of us mirrors the healing and nurturing sounds from the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. The Bowls represent the chalice, the feminine, while the mallet represents the masculine co-creating crystalline bridges of sound. Lupito reminds us that we each have the mother’s energy inside and to be conscious of how we embody it for example nurturing, caring, kindness, compassion, gratitude and our power of vulnerability. We get to access and activate our innate feminine and masculine qualities for synergy within ourselves and our environments. By allowing ourselves to be balanced in our feminine and masculine perspectives we open up to more possibilities and dimensions creating more enlightened ways of being.