Digital Composition

Digital Composition

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“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Photograph of a Water Droplet being Vibrated by Sound


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The Sound of Love – How Sound Affects Us Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually with David Gibson

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An Evening of Sacred Sound Moments and Wellness with Silvina Vergara

Saturday January 26th 7-9 PM $20
A Night of Healing and Comfort for your Soul

Sound for Healing Yourself and the Planet – A Transformative Sound Bath and Workshop with David Gibson and Connie Micale

Sunday February 3rd 5-7 PM $20
Set an intention for yourself and for the planet.
Lay down and bring it into being with sound.

Digital Composition

Day Classes
Classes are 4 days per week to be scheduled.
Classes are normally 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM.
Labs are normally 10 AM – 4 PM.

Night Classes
Classes are 4 nights per week to be scheduled.
Classes are normally 6:30 – 10 PM.
Labs are normally 6 PM to midnight.

Classes are limited to 25 people, so classes are small enough to address specific questions and concerns of each student. (although classes are normally around 10 people). Classes are broken into much smaller groups for recording sessions and labs.

Course #
Course Descriptions
54 Hrs.
Digital Composer’s Tools
(Reason, Live, Acid, Recycle)
In this class, students are taught the core available software for digital composers: Reason, Live, Acid, Recycle, V-Stack, VST’s and VSTI’s, as well as the integration of the different software. Finally, utilizing the software to obtain the most efficient results in composition is discussed. Students will have weekly assignments to create music using certain programs and combinations of programs.
Synthesis and Sampling
Synthesis used in the music world along with the various types of synthesis are covered, including: Analog, FM, Additive, AM, Granular, Wavetable, Modular, Wave Shaping etc. Parts of an analog synthesizer are studied, including: Filters, Oscillators, Modulators, LFO’s, Envelopes and Signal Flow. The software program “Reaktor” is explained in-depth and students are required to build their own analog synthesizer. Sampling, Multi-sampling, keyboard mapping, trimming samples and loops are discussed. An in-depth study of soft samplers on the market is conducted.
54 Hrs.

Advanced Music Theory, Songwriting, and Composition
Arranging for vocal harmonies, strings, horns and alternative chord arrangements are discussed. The second half of the class is spent on arranging parts of a song, song structure and orchestration choices inside of complex types of music.
Music Arranging and Programming
Arranging for vocal harmonies, strings, horns and alternative chord arrangements are discussed. Arranging parts of a song, song structure and orchestration choices inside of complex types of music. Techniques on programming drums, synth parts and overall editing to shape music. In a world where programming beats and editing is creating the music as much as the instruments are, students learn a large bag of tricks to improve drum programming and synth programming. Tricks involved are editing, EFX processing and creating tracks through edits. Also, proper vocal tuning and other industry standard programming tricks are taught.
90 Hrs.
Digital Audio Production Labs
Hands-on time mixing and computer work with Lab Facilitator supervision.
• Hands-on Live Recording Sessions
• Hands-on Mixing Multitrack Projects
• Hands-on Editing, and Beat Production
• Sequencing, Sampling
198 Hrs
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