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Open House and Free Sound Healing Workshop
Sharing Sound
Sunday June 24th 1-6 PM

Sound of Love Store also OPEN

This is more than an Open House, it is a complete Sound Healing Experience.
You will learn about the full range of how sound affects us
physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually.
You will also experience many heart opening sound meditations with voice and a full range of Sound Healing Instruments and technologies from our
Sound Healing Store.

You are welcome to come for just part of the experience,
but we’ll be doing different things throughout the day —
so come for the whole day if you can.

Resonance Spaces, The Harmonic Structure of Sound, The Sound Of Love,
Brainwave Entrainment with Binaural Beats, Use of Intention with Sound,
Root/Soul Frequencies, Sound Journey, and Toning together.

5:00 – 6:00 PM Sound Chair and Table Experiences

If you can’t make the open house,
call or email to setup a personal tour at your convenience.

At the Institute 351 9th St. #202 San Francisco
No need to register…. you can just show up.
Plenty of free parking on Sundays.

Tibetan Bell and Bowl Experience with Karma Moffett
Saturday June 16th 7-9 PM

These concerts with Karma are truly spectacular and transforming. Karma has all of the bowls and bells miked and amplified in surround sound throughout the room, so you are enveloped in each of the natural sounds. Karma has spent over 20 years collecting some of the most amazing bowls, bells and sound makers… but more importantly he has found the bowls and bells that work together the best harmonically. He often starts with the 10 foot Tibetan horn, which powerfully opens up your whole system. He then takes you on a journey from the lowest frequency bowls and sounds slowly moving his way to higher and higher frequencies. He then does a celebration of sounds before he brings us back down to ground with the low frequencies.

It is truly one of the best chakra treatments you could ever imagine.

No need to register…. You can just show up.

Whirling Workshop

Sunday June 17th 2-4 PM


Learn the basic technique of Sufi whirling (Iranian and Turkish style), history, and theory. Farima’s teachings are based o ancient Iranic rituals, science of whirling, and the sacred geometry of whirling. We will learn essential techniques of whirling preparation, maintaining balance and posture, controlling dizziness, self-focus during turning, breath work, and more.

For this workshop please wear comfortable clothing, whirling skirt (optional), socks or soft-soled shoes. Avoid eating a large meal 2 hours prior.

About Farima
Farima Berenji – MA, PhDc, CID-UNESCO
Founder and Artistic Director, Worldwide Simorgh Dance Collective, 2007
Founder and Director of the Awakening and Lioness Project (Ancient Iranic Warrior Dances and Rituals, 2013)

-FMI about Farima Berenji visit

Farima Berenji is an award winning Dance Ethnologist and internationally acclaimed dance artist, choreographer, instructor, and Sufi dance master. Recognized and certified as one of the few world scholarly experts of ancient and mystical Iranian dance ethnology by UNESCO, she travels worldwide to record, research, lecture, perform, educate, and to inspire dynamic creativity and rejuvenation through dance and movement. She is a Magi (Iranian Shaman Master) and a Sufi.

Farima has worked as a UN scholar, researching and led an excavations team of Iranian archeology emphasizing the preservation of ancient and mystical Iranic dances. Farima’s dance and spiritual training spans years of intensive research with master artists, scholars, and spiritual teachers worldwide. She comes from the Sufi Order of Yarsan of Iran and has devoted her life into researching and brining back the ancient Sufi traditions of Iran and the origin of Sema (Khorasan Sema).

Farima teaches her own original research findings, methods, techniques, and exercises to uncover the connection between the soul and dance movements based on the book she is writing ‘Seven Sema’ the connection of human soul and the 7 sacred elements of life. Her signature dance projects (dance of the soul and the lioness) combines Persian and Near Eastern sacred and mystical dance forms, history, poetry, and the Sufi and healing rituals of ancient Iran Persia, the Altai Mountains, and Central Asia.

As a scholar, Farima presents new archaeological discoveries and research upon Sufism and its connection to the ancient Zoroastrianism and Sufism, the human body, and its symbolic meaning in the Universe along the pathway to the soul. She will introduce you to ritual movements celebrating the grace and joy of life and to a society where and when people lived in harmony with each other and with nature. She teaches her own unique movement and techniques that are researched and inspired during her various studies in Khaneqas (Sufi Houses) and Fire temples of Khorasan, Kurdistan, Tehran, and Shiraz.

Farima is one of the few Iranian women who has been allowed to teach, write and perform the Gwati and Vahishta Sema Rituals in Iran and around the world and has been recognized by Iran and UN as the pioneer of bringing back the original mystic Rituals of Khorasan. She is the first Iranian woman to have received the CID-UNESCO award and certification and is currently the dance ambassador of UNESCO, the first Iranian woman artist to receive the National Folk Dance Association award, and the first Iranian woman healer and dancer to have been chosen for TED Talk. Farima is the recipient of the prestigious UN award and has been recognized by Congressman Mike Honda, by the Iranian Women’s Rights Committee “30 Voices,” Music and Cultural Organization of Turkey. Farima was the first Iranian, to have been invited and perform during a reception for US President Obama, Governor of Alaska, UN, EU, Ambassador of Canada, and Ambassador of Spain.

At the Institute 351 9th St. #202 San Francisco
No need to register…. you can just show up.
Plenty of free parking on Sundays.

October 5-8
Sherith Temple San Francisco
Over 25 of the Top People in the Field Presenting
25 Exhibitor Booths, 2 Evening Sound Healing Concerts
In a Spectacular Temple
Early Bird Discount until August 15th

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Sound Lounges, Tables, Pillows, Dolphins, Bass Pods, Crystal Harp, Crystal Bowls, Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Crystals, Tuning Forks, Tingshas, Hand Drums, Kalimbas, Didgeridoos, Gongs, Rattles, Brain Entrainment Light Glasses, Voice Analysis and Scalar Wave Frequency Transmission Technologies.
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“The Complete Guide to Sound Healing”
Physical Healing, Mental Clarity, Emotional Healing, Opening the Heart, and Connecting to Spirit with Sound

Free Sound Healing Workshop and Open House

Sunday August 19th  1-6PM
How Sound affects us Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually
with many heart opening meditations with sound.
Come for all or part.    (Call for a tour anytime)
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Sound Healing 3.5 Month Certificate Program at the Institute

Next 3.5 Month Program begins September 4th
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The Certificate Program is the 1st Semester of the Associates Degree Program

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Online Sound Healing Certificate and/or Associates Degree

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Sound Healing Audio Production Certificate at the Institute

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Online Sound Healing Audio Production Certificate

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