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Sound Healing Research Foundation


A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Foundation
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The Sound Healing Research Foundation (SHRF)
is a non-profit foundation dedicated to developing research projects
to help bring Sound Healing and Therapy more into the mainstream (hospitals and homes).
It also does this by providing information and resources to develop new research projects.
The Foundation also disseminates information to the public.

The Sound Healing Research Foundation is devoted to the advancement of Sound Healing and Therapy in health care and for well-being. Currently we are developing research projects to further raise the mainstream public awareness to bring sound healing to more hospitals and homes. The Foundation acts as a central library and information center for all research in the field of Sound Healing and Therapy, and also provides information and resources for others to develop independent research projects.


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5. Sound Healing Treatment Plans and Forums to Discuss Refining them

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Here is our number one goal:

Help as many people as possible on the planet

In a way Sound Healing is a misnomer that can lead people to misunderstand the expansiveness of the whole field of vibration.

Many associate Sound Healing with Music Therapy or Indian Chant or Mantra (even though some say that the ancients had it all figured out). Sound Healing today includes the science behind the physics of vibration and how vibration may be used for health and healing a wide range of issues including pain management, anxiety, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, brain injuries and a variety of neurological issues.

There are Laws of Physics around Vibration that govern how the whole Universe works – from physical matter to the quantum world (which includes thought forms, feelings and emotions). The most basic law is that Everything is Vibration. When you understand these laws you are given the tools to help change the world for the better – both for your own health and the health of the world; and, to be able to better resonate with aspects of nature, Spirit and the Universe.

When we look at the world from the perspective that everything is vibration we start to see the underlying framework of how it all works.

Donate to a Sound Cause

The Foundation now has multiple funding sources (we currently have over $100,000 in donations) and is now accepting donations for the projects below. All donations are reported to the Federal Government and all expenses and costs will be itemized and posted for public viewing, so you can rest assured that your donations will be used for the particular cause you specify. There are 8 areas for which we are accepting donations:

1. The GeneOM Project – Mapping the Frequency Body

2. Donations of Sound Therapies for a Variety of Therapy Centers

3. A Variety of Research Projects – Autism, ADD/ADHD, PTSD Treatments, Drug Rehab, Sleep Disorders, Sound for Preemies, Babies and Young Children, Sound of Love, Sound in Public and Private Schools.

4. Scholarships to Study at Globe Institute for Needy Students

5. Feedback Equipment Acquisition – EEG, Heart Monitors, MRI and Subtle Energy Feedback Devices.

6. Donations to help with the Administration of the Sound Healing Research Foundation

7. General Donations to the Foundation that may be used for any of the projects outlined on this page

8. Donations to help create the Virtual Reality Healing System

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The Way It All Works from a Vibrational Perspective

In Gibson’s book, The Complete Guide to Sound Healing, David has designed a theory of how vibration works in the body, mind and emotions that is based on empirical evidence and research over the last 20 years.  This theory explains a hierarchy of vibration.   The hierarchy consists of the following:

Music (Frequencies, timbres, intervals and chords over time)
Intervals and Chords (Many timbres)
Timbres (Many frequencies or harmonics)

This hierarchy can be found at every level of reality including not only sound, but also in light, color, geometry and the quantum field.  It is also the basis of all Living Systems – including the body and the earth’s ecosystems.

Based on the hierarchy of vibration, frequencies and timbres are components that make up a “flow.”  It is like frequencies are the particles that carry the flow of energy through a system.   The frequency particles must be vibrating consistently in a coherent fashion in order to receive and transmit a smooth flow of energy.  Therefore, at the frequency level, it is all about getting things “humming” consistently or coherent. Sometimes we breakup discordant or chaotic frequencies; sometimes we entrain or harmonize them back into a coherent, consistent state of vibration.   Regardless, the ultimate goal is always to get back to “smooth flow.”   Smooth flow is the essence of health in the body – at every level physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Different healing modalities focus on one or more of the levels in the hierarchy.  Gibson’s book examines how common healing modalities have their focus in one or more of these areas.  Pharmaceuticals also focus on these same areas.

In the body, you could think of it like this:

Coherent Frequencies – Cells and Organs Vibrating at Stable Frequencies  – There are types of frequency vibrations: Chaotic and Coherent.  Chaotic vibrations can be created by physical toxins in our food and air, physical trauma, chaotic electromagnetism, and pain itself, to name a few.  Chaotic vibrations can also be created by emotional toxins like fear, anger, anxiety, and stress, to name a few.  Chaotic vibrations break the body down.  They are not good for your heart, your nervous system, your organs, or any part of the body.  On the other hand, Consistent and Coherent Vibrations not only don’t break the body down; they can actually heal the body.

When the body is healthy
every single part of the body is naturally “humming” consistently.

You can either break up wayward frequencies with “destructive resonance” or resonate them back into their natural harmonic state.

Destructive resonance works by finding the natural resonant frequency of something, then turn the volume up until it explodes or disintegrates.  This is exactly how ultrasound works on kidney stones and gallstones.  They find the frequency of the stones and turn the volume up until it explodes – somewhat similar to exploding a wine glass.  There is great YouTube video that shows and explains the science behind how this works in detail.

Anthony Holland has also done research to find the resonant frequency of cancer.  In a Ted Talk he shows videos of 4 different types of cancer being exploded with frequencies – another example of “destructive resonance.”  Here’s the link to the YouTube video:

We can resonate parts of the body back into their natural harmonic state using and consistent vibration. All of the vowels create Coherent Vibrations.  Also, all of the common Sound Healing instruments also create Consistent Tones – including crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, didgeridoos, etc.

More importantly, every single part of the body is also “humming” at its own natural frequency when it is healthy (down to every cell).  No higher, no lower.  With tone generators and other electronics you can get very specific in order to entrain a part of the body into its natural healthy frequency.

The key is to find the frequency of every part of the body in order to be able to entrain it into its own healthy state.  This is why we created the GeneOM project (   The goal of the project is to find the natural healthy frequency of every single part of the body in order to resonate it back into its own healthy state of consistent vibration.

Harmony – Harmonic Relationships between 2 or more Body Parts – In the body, it is the relationship between parts of a system.  Again, everything is vibration, so any two parts of the body create a musical interval relationship.  It might be the relationship between the overall frequency of the heart and the liver.  It might be the relationship between the 210 types of cells in the body.  It might be the relationship between the different parts of the brain.  When you have harmonious relationships in the body, the energy flows more smoothly through the whole system.

Since some of the natural frequencies of the body might be different from person to person the GeneOM project is more importantly, looking at harmony between the parts of the body.  Every part of the body has its own frequency or “home note” that is vibrates at.  Therefore, the relationship between the parts is a specific musical interval.  For example, we assume that the musical interval relationship between the heart and the liver will be the same from person to person when both people are healthy.   We assume that there are specific musical interval relationships between each of the 210 types of cells.  The only thing that we know for sure about the body is that is in working in complete harmony when a person is healthy.  Even when someone is not healthy most of the body is still working in harmony or the person would be dead.

As we collect data we will display a body on our website that will show the musical relationships of all the parts of any system in the body.  These musical intervals may then be played back to resonate the parts of the body back into their natural harmony.

Music – Smooth Musical Flow through systems in the body.  Smooth flow can be looked at from physical or energetic perspectives.

If you don’t have smooth flow in the nervous system, you will be shaky.  If you don’t have smooth flow in the circulatory system, you could have a heart attack.  No smooth flow in the digestive system and all types of problems happen.  Without smooth flow in the brain you cannot focus. There are many things that can cause blockages in any system.  Often it is physical or emotional toxins.

The key is then to resonate the system back into smooth flow.
“Smooth Flow” is the whole deal.

Smooth Flow creates at Peaceful State of Being.
When our system is at Peace
the immune system flourishes
and every organ goes into alignment.

Therefore, the function of breaking up chaotic frequencies and
resonating any single part of the body into coherence,
is so that it can now receive and transmit flow through the whole system.

The function of resonating harmonic relationships between parts of the body
is so that the natural healing smooth flow of health may resume in the body.

Research Based on the Hierarchy of Vibration

The key to good and efficient research is the basis of the theoretical framework that the research is derived from.  So much research is based on a limited perspective of how everything works.

The hierarchy of vibration leads us to more of a systems approach to health in the body.   We all know that the main problem with traditional medicine is that it often (not always) looks at different parts of the body from a Newtonian perspective of the body — like a machine with separate parts — without looking at the relationship to other parts of the body, or how they contribute to the flow through the 11 systems in the body, or the overall flow through the whole body.

Even more important is the relationship between the physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual parts of our system.   There are so many possible relationships between these four areas.

Particularly when we are research sound and vibration, there are just so many possibilities that the scope of the research can be daunting.  For example, there are 20,000 frequencies (not even counting decimal points).  There are a million sound timbres.  And there are gazillion possibilities for musical flow.  To test everything could take forever.

When we realize that “smooth flow” is the whole deal, we can then narrow the focus significantly.

However, for the research to be complete we must look at all of the components of the flow – the coherence of the frequencies and the harmony of the musical interval relationships.   We then use a holistic perspective where we look at the trees and the forest at the same time – the parts and the whole.

The detail of the research is then about mapping all the parameters of “smooth flow.”
It is like we are using the components of music theory to understand,
and ultimately diagnose and treat any issue.

From this perspective, when we look at how the brain functions, for example, we now have a much clearer framework on how to look at not only the functioning of the brain.

We can look for the coherent frequencies (and rhythms) to resonate a part of the brain into its natural coherent vibrational state.   We then look at the “musical interval” relationships between the parts of the brain in order to get the parts back in harmony.

Then more importantly, we look for the quality of flow through all of the brain’s parts.

Most importantly, we then examine how that flow interacts with the rest of the body – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The vibrational remedy for the brain might be a very specific rhythm, melody and chord progression, with very specific timbres of sounds tuned to specific frequencies.

It might also include emotional flow.  For example, gratitude, compassion, love and joy are excellent examples of emotions that create smooth flow

This framework of the hierarchy of vibration provides a critical perspective on exactly how it all works.

Even if we are using vitamins, minerals, electrons, or even pharmaceuticals this overall framework applies as the basis of understanding what is going on and what we are applying.   In the end….

Everything is Vibration

The hierarchy of vibration provides a little more detail.

So now the question is – when you look at each of the systems in the body – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – what is the best way to approach the system?  We know that quality of the flow is the most important.  However, perhaps different parts of the body systems need more focus on frequency, timbre, and musical interval relationships. Or is it always a perfect combination of all of these components including flow?

So now the research is all about “how to research.”   

More importantly, it is truly about “the structure of Living Systems” at all levels.  From a healthy ecosystem to a healthy human system.

Once we have this confirmed then the science will proceed at an exponential rate.


Recent Developments and Research

Brain Research

We have been working with a professional Brainwave Researcher and have done EEG maps while listening to David’s music on the sound table.  It has shown that it commonly brings the brain into very consistent and stable alpha and theta brainwave rhythms.

As previously mentioned, stable vibrations (rhythms in this case) are the key.  However, getting someone’s brain entrained into a stable and consistent rhythm that is that person’s natural rhythm is the ideal goal.

Based on the research of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson the first step is to find the natural rhythm of the brain and body when at rest.  This can be done by way of EEG and a heart monitor.  Then, can easily entrain the brain into its own natural rhythm using binaural beats tuned to the person.

We have also worked with the researchers that worked with Anna Wise before she passed.  Anna wrote the seminal books on brainwaves and states of higher consciousness.

One of the most important aspects of brain research is based around song maps.   Any state of consciousness is actually made up of multiple brainwave rates spread across the brain.  Therefore, the future of brainwave entrainment is to be able to entrain the parts of the brain into a whole brain map – ideally that of the person when they themselves are in a particular positive state of mind and body.

We have created a protocol for getting a person into a state of homeostasis so we can map their brainwave state, and then create sounds and music to help them most efficiently re-access that state whenever they want.

We have also created a very detailed algorithm for creating frequencies, timbres, melodies and rhythms that are ideal for a person at the time.

We are currently embarking on a detailed research project with Alzheimer’s patients at Paradise Valley Estates elderly center in Fairfield, California.  Our first trials are to simply entrain the brain into its natural rhythm.

Sound for ADD/ADHD

We offer an incredibly effective treatment for ADD/ADHD with binaural beats tuned to the person.

The main type of ADD is where the child or person cannot access a Beta Brainwave State, which is a very fast rhythm in the brain that is necessary for focus, thinking and processing.  Currently the most common treatment is to give them speed (Ritalin) in order to speed their brain up fast enough to think.

With Brainwave CDs tuned to the rhythm of Beta we can entrain the brain into this very fast rhythm.  However, research has now shown that everyone’s Beta rhythm is a little different.  We have developed an assessment to find a person’s natural Beta rhythm and tune the Brainwave CDs to the person, which makes the CD way more effective.

Kaiser Hospital Connection

We are now working directly with Kaiser Hospital (Petaluma, San Rafael, and Sebastopol).  The woman who is the head of the Integrative Therapy Department is enrolled in our Sound Healing Certificate Program.

We originally did a 3-hour workshop for over 20 doctors.  Interestingly enough, 75% of them had already been to a Sound Bath.  We have also done 3 fairs for the doctors and have turned them onto our Bass Pod and Sound Lounges.   They are now referring patients to us for both Pain Management and Anxiety.

We are now doing monthly trainings for the doctors.  We will be doing workshops on how to use sound to help with pain, sleep, ADD, PTSD, Autism, Brain Injuries, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, drug addiction, and pediatrics.

Paradise Valley Estates Community Connection

We spent a day at Paradise Valley Estates giving presentations and treatments to both the staff and patients.  Paradise Valley Estates provides a retirement lifestyle that assures occupancy and healthcare services for military officers and personnel.  Over 500 people live there.  There were also about 10 other hospitals and care centers that attended.

David Gibson gave three talks on how sound works for a wide range of issues for the elderly and for PTSD. We also setup a treatment room for the entire day for people at the facility.  It was inspiring to see so many people helped by the Sound Lounges and Bass Pods.   Many were relieved of long-term anxiety and so many got major pain relief.

The facility is now planning to setup a treatment room with our equipment.  We are also planned a research project with their Alzheimer’s patients.  We have developed 3 types of treatments using sound, music and vibration and the plan is test which one is the most effective for brain functioning.

We are also be talking about having our graduates volunteer doing Sound Healing Events and Treatments at their beautiful facility.  We are now looking at bringing this whole template for sound healing into Elderly Centers around the country.

Let us know if you might be interested in helping in any way.


Over the last 10 years students in our Degree program have had assignments to create Sound Healing Treatment Plans for all aspects of PTSD including: Grief, Anger, Depression, Sleep, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks.   Therefore, we have created very detailed and highly refined treatment plans using the best of their ideas.

The most effective treatment is to put people on our Sound Lounge with David Gibson’s music.

We have a colleague who is working with our Sound Lounge and David’s music with people with extreme cases of PTSD.   Some had their Humvees blown up and all of their friends were killed.  Two were in the 9/11 towers.  The results are phenomenal.  People are having major transformations.  Those who couldn’t ever go outside are now able to socialize.  Those with extreme anxiety are able to finally find a sense of peace again.

This same guy is now working with over 1000 First Responders in Colorado.  It is well known that First Responders have a very high rate of suicide.  Again, he says the results are profound with the sound lounges.  He has now setup a nonprofit called “911 for 911” and we are working together to get more detailed research data.

Another colleague is using the Sound Lounges for vets and has connected with the VA in Sacramento.  He also has been getting dramatic results.  One vet who was on 15 meds is now off all of them and back to normal after only 6 weeks.   The treatments have been so effective that the VA is now talking to him about creating treatment plans for the National VA.

Let us know if you might be interested in helping in any way.

Massachusetts General Hospital Connection

Massachusetts General Hospital paid us to create a series of CDs for the Integrative Health Department.  They include CDs for Depression, Sleep, Fatigue, Focus, Stress and Headaches.

UC Medical Center Connection

We developed a wide range of CDs for surgery with an Anesthesiologist that works there.  We have guided meditation CDs that have proven to be extremely effective for Pre-Op, During Surgery, and many CDs for Post-Op.   You can find the CDs at

Research with Parkinson’s Patients

We did clinical research with a dozen Parkinson’s patients on our Sound Lounge and were able to get rid of their tremors just about every time.   Many of them were able to go down or off their meds by using our CDs… and were able to finally get a good night’s sleep.

Drug Rehab Center Work

We have been doing workshops at a rehab center next to the Institute.  It is so inspiring to see people going into a complete state of peace and homeostasis so quickly.  David’s music on the sound lounge has dramatically changed 100’s of people in two rehab centers in Chicago.

Treatment Plans for Autism

The Sound Healing Research Foundation has currently made a connection with an Autism Center in Richmond, California that works with over 100 autistic adults. We created a wide range of treatments that we will be testing. 

Pain Relief

As mentioned above, some of the most effective treatments are for pain management.  There are two ways it can be done.  First, is to simply play music that gets people high, in the zone, heart open, or blissed out.  Often pain then goes away on its own — occasionally, for good.  Second, is to apply specific frequencies and timbres directly to the pain.  This can be done with the Sound Lounge, or more specifically with our Bass Pod, which is like a subwoofer that you hold in your hand.

We have developed an entire series of Frequency CDs that are placed on the body for pain and other issues.   They are the most well researched frequencies in the entire field. You don’t listen to them; you place the headphones right on the body where the issue is.  We have CDs for muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, bones, circulatory system, respiratory system, endocrine glands, asthma, arthritis, brain and depression.

When use with our Bass Pod, which is like a subwoofer that you hold in your hand, the frequencies are even more effective.
You can find the frequency CDs at
You can find the Bass Pod at

A New Sound Based Curriculum for Children

In 2016 we received a $100,000 grant to create a curriculum based on sound and vibration for 2 Montessori schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The original goal was to help get the children back in their bodies.  The owner has had the school for 26 years and says that over the last 5 years the ADD is off the charts.

We have now created over 2500 exercises based on the current curriculum at our Sound Healing College.  Over a dozen instructors at our Institute contributed to the development of the exercises.

The exercises cover every age group from 3 months to 18 years old (6 different age groups).  All exercises have been developed with an awareness of the important stages of child development as well as how the brain develops at these stages.  Each exercise includes research and assumptions based on 30 of the latest books in the field around brain development and learning for children.

We have completed over 500 exercises in Montessori format that are now being implemented into the curriculum at the Montessori schools.  Montessori format means that each of the exercises is written out in such detail that practically anyone could teach the exercise. We have about 100 hours of video or exercises being performed with the children.

The whole program has been designed to not only help get the children and students back in their bodies, but also to help them get more connected to their selves, connected to others more harmoniously, and better connected to nature and the Universe.

Throughout the program we use the magic of sound and vibration to bring everyone (including the guides and teachers) into a peaceful state.  We focus on peace at every level of reality within the hierarchy of vibration:

Music (Frequencies, timbres, intervals and chords over time)
Intervals and Chords (Many timbres)
Timbres (Many frequencies or harmonics)

Peace manifests at each level as follows:
Smooth flow of music in us – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually… and smooth flow in the world.
Harmonic relationships of two or more vibrations
Coherent, stable frequencies, sounds and vibrations

With peace and stability comes a full range of benefits:
Better physical and emotional health – especially a reduction in anxiety
More stable and harmonic relationships
Better mental focus and understanding – especially a reduction in ADD/ADHD
More creativity
Better connection to the peace and flow found in nature and Spirit
More happiness
More success in all endeavors

The curriculum includes 5 different tracks:

1. Physics of Sound and Vibration
Everything is vibration.  Well-established Laws of Physics provide a grounded way of understanding the Universe.   The young ones (children) are exposed to the concepts experientially.  The older ones (students) learn the math, formulae and theories and how they can be used in the real world. They also learn the deeper meaning of how vibration works in the world.  Ultimately, the students use these concepts to build simple instruments.

2. Instruments and Sounds
This track provides a full perspective of sounds in the world.  For the children it is about getting a full perspective of frequencies and sounds in the brain in order to create the widest range of neural pathways possible.  It is also about getting the vibrations in the body in order bring them more into their bodies.  It is well proven that playing an instrument synchronizes the left and right brains – the ideal state for learning and creativity.  For the students it is a way of understanding different cultures and an avenue for playing instruments and sounds without having to be on the path of a professional musician.  By introducing instruments that anyone can play we take the stress out of having to play an instrument perfectly, while still preparing those interested in becoming professional musicians to pursue it further if they are so inclined.  Ultimately the students perform a concert with every student involved.  Some play the instruments that they built in the first track above.

3. Music  – As a Way of Understanding Nature and the Universe
For the children, it is about getting the natural smooth flow a full range of styles of music from different cultures into the brain and body.  Beginning at the age of 3 the children perform exercises to get rhythms and melodies into the body.  Later the students gain a theoretical understanding of the parameters of music that they have been embodying for years.  They then explore how the parameters of music manifest in nature and also learn a way of understanding how health works in us, based on vibration: physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

4. Geometry – As a Way of Reconnecting to Nature and a Way of Understanding Consciousness (as Plato taught it)
By finding the archetypal patterns found in nature, we come to understand the underlying structure of everything.  This not only reconnects us to nature, it provides us with the frameworks that are the basis of all creativity.  It also helps to synchronize the left and right brain, where one can see the forest and the trees at the same time.  Therefore, it can help with success in all walks of life including business and health.  The children are surrounded by these archetypal geometries and have experiential exercises with them.  The middle grades go out into nature and find the archetypal patterns.  They then begin drawing them to get them into their body.  The older students engage with the meaning of the geometries as a way of understanding math and the Universe, and doing creative work.

5. Awareness and Emotional Expression
This is the most important track of all.  Learning to express one’s self freely is crucial to positive health and wellness and to be able create and maintain both personal and public healthy relationships.  The children learn to express their emotions from the beginning.  Later, the students learn about frameworks for understanding emotions and spirituality, including how to set boundaries while still being caring.  Everyone learns about gratitude, compassion, love and joy as stable coherent vibrations that create peace physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Ultimately, it is a safe way for children and students to get back in their bodies by embodying emotions with sound.

We also do many multidisciplinary studies that incorporate one or more of the 5 tracks above.  For example, we teach how musical intervals manifest in the relationship between two sides of a triangle in geometry.

As another example, we have one exercise where students tap on a circle that is divided into different rhythmical divisions and subdivisions.  The children then use say the full perspective of vowels and syllables in time with the tapping.  They then add body percussion.  Over many years they learn to tap and express extremely complex rhythms and come up with their own creative expressions.  Then at 6 years old the students begin to learn about musical nomenclature based on the rhythm circle.  They are then shown how you can divide the circle with lines in specific ways create every archetypal geometrical structure in the Universe – on the same circle they have been tapping on for years. They practice drawing the geometrical shapes and then learn the meaning of each.

It has been incredibly inspiring to see the children so involved, present and inspired themselves while performing the exercises.  Imagining a child moving through the whole program, learning the structure of the Universe and being able to express his or her self freely gives me hope for the future of education on our planet.

Once implementation is complete we will be setting up an association to refine the curriculum and setup guidelines to bring the curriculum into public and private schools.

Let us know if you might be interested in helping in any way.


Donate to a Sound Cause


1. The GeneOM Project
Mapping the Frequency Body

Mapping the frequency body of a human in order to create a new Sound Healing alternative medicine system. The goal is to map every frequency, timbre, musical interval, and ultimately the musical flow within every part and system of the body. We will be looking for the resonant frequencies of each part of the body that represent the healthy state of that part of the body in relation to the whole. The ultimate goal is to find the Frequency Template of Perfection that is within each one of us, in order to vibrate ourselves back into wholeness. This ongoing research project is designed to be long term and conducted with an open source philosophy where anyone can submit documented data. All information will be shared freely with the public.

to see more details including research plans and financials.


2. Donations of Sound Therapies for a Variety of Therapy Centers
that are deemed to be helping people with disabilities or hardship

Whatever you donate will go toward the installation of sound healing technologies and treatments in therapy centers. Centers that are eligible include centers for Autism, Rehab Centers, PTSD Centers, Centers for the Aging (Older Adults) and Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Hospice and Alternative Therapy Centers in Hospitals. We also have forms for you to submit your favorite Therapy Centers. You may choose from general types of centers, to a list of specific centers.

to see more details including types of equipment and therapies that may be donated for specific programs.
We also have a list of specific centers for which you may specify for your donation.

You can donate to the general fund for helping the Therapy Centers here:

3. A Variety of Research Projects
Utilizing Frequency, Sound and Music Treatments

You can donate to the whole group of research projects or to a specific research project

• Pain Management – We currently have many effective treatments and technologies for pain management. In fact, Kaiser Hospital is referring patients to us weekly. This research project will help prove and refine our pain treatments by pinning down more precise frequencies for specific types of pain.
CLICK HERE to see more details including research plans and financials.

• Autism – We are expanding our research on the effects and benefits of sound treatments for autistic children and adults. The Sound Healing Research Foundation is currently made a connection with an Autism Center in Richmond, California that works with over 100 autistic adults. We created a wide range of treatments that now need to be tested. We also would like to donate equipment and provide practitioners to centers.
CLICK HERE to see more details including research plans and financials.

• ADD/ADHD – Using the latest feedback equipment (EEG, etc.) we will refine the current treatments we offer for ADD/ADHD. Research will also identify different modalities for different types of ADD/ADHD.
CLICK HERE to see more details including research plans and financials.

• PTSD Treatment for Veterans (Anger, Grief, Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks) – We are working with 2 centers (one connected to the VA) for treating PTSD with sound and music therapies. Over the last five years our students have had assignments to design treatments for each of the issues. We will testing a variety of sound and music treatments for all four issues: Anger, Grief, Depression, Anxiety/Panic Attacks.

CLICK HERE to see more details including research plans and financials.

• Drug Rehabilitation – Our sound tables are being used in many rehab centers with profoundly transforming results. A detailed clinical research project will be documented to verify the best treatment protocols for various stages of rehab.

CLICK HERE to see more details including research plans and financials.

• Sleep Disorders – Creating treatments for both falling sleep and staying asleep. Current research shows that when you tune the Binaural Beats to a person’s natural rate of Delta, the result is more effective. The research will be designed to provide more detailed information on precise frequencies, timbres and music that are the most effective.

CLICK HERE to see more details including research plans and financials.

• Research on the Effect of Consistent Tones – The underlying basis of all Sound Healing is consistency of a vibration, versus chaotic vibrations. All vowels, crystal bowls, tuning forks, and most sound healing instruments create consistent tonest that create stability in us physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. From there you can get very detailed as to what frequencies, timbres, musical intervals, musical flows, and energy do to us.

At the Montessori school we are working with this concept of Stable Vibration as the basis of most of our exercises that we are creating for the children. However, there is no research around this most basic concept behind sound healing. There is very good research on Consistent Rhythms and how they affect us — particularly how they affect our brainwaves. But there is no definitive clinical research showing the effectiveness of Consistent Tones.

Not only will this help bring our Sound Healing Curriculum into the mainstream, it will also provide the most basic scientific evidence for most of the Sound Healing field.

CLICK HERE to see more details including research plans and financials.

• The Frequencies, Sounds and Musical Flow of Love – Let’s get some repeatable science on how to open the heart — also how to use vibration to open to Universal Love.

CLICK HERE to see more details including research plans and financials.

• Sound Healing, Music and Geometry Curriculum for Public and Private Schools
(Kindergarten – High School) –
Once we have completed developing and implementing our current Sound Healing, Music and Geometry Curriculum in two Montessori schools here in the San Francisco Bay Area we plan to bring it into public and private schools around the world

to see more details of each specific research project including research plans and financials.

You can donate to the general fund to help with any of these research projects here:

4. Scholarships to Study at Globe Institute for Students with Financial Need

These donations go directly to the students who might need the most help financially, physically or emotionally. Students must fill out our scholarship application to be considered.

to see more details of how the scholarships will be awarded and applied.



5. Feedback Equipment Acquisition

EEG, Heart Monitors, MRI and Subtle Energy Feedback Devices for Research Projects.

to see more details on the costs and planned usage of specific equipment for Research projects.

You can donate to the general fund to help purchase any of the above equipment here:

6. Donations to help with the Administration of the Sound Healing Research Foundation

to see the details of how the money will be utilized in our mission to help others with sound.

7. General Donations to the Foundation that may be used for any of the projects outlined here

8. Donations to Help Create the Virtual Reality Healing System

The Virtual Reality Healing System allows the user on a Sound Table to put on a Virtual Reality helmet and look down and see a 3D image of inside of the body. The user may choose which body system they would like to see. Different healing sounds, music and visuals (including Sacred Geometry) are chosen by either 1) The user, 2) The practitioner, or 3) An assessment tool such as Heart Monitor, Galvanic Skin Response, or other more detailed assessment technologies. The sounds, music and visuals are then placed inside the body in 3D in Virtual Reality. For example, you could place a healing sacred geometry image inside the heart, and the sound would automatically move up or down in the sound table so you feel it vibrating specifically in the heart. You could have a full range of sounds and visuals spread throughout the body both aurally and visually.

To see more detail on the Virtual Reality Healing System including a detailed business plan and financials.


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