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Using the latest feedback equipment (EEG, etc.) we will refine the current treatments we offer for ADD/ADHD. Research will also identify different modalities for different types of ADD/ADHD.


ADD/ADHD is a major problem in our society.  Symptoms have also increased multifold in children over the last 7 years.  This results of this research will be to produce a product that may be used in schools.  We would implement it into our current curriculum that we are creating for public and private schools around the world.

Research shows that the main type of ADD/ADHD is because a person can’t access the very fast rate of Beta brainwaves. This is why they are given speed (Ritalin).  Using Binaural Beat rhythms we can entrain the brain into these fast Beta brainwaves.  We currently do an assessment to find this frequency.

We will also explore other types of ADD and how sound can be used to help.

All research that we will be performing will be done based on accepted scientific principles and procedures. We will put together a team that includes EEG specialists.

The research will consist of 3 phases:

1. Planning Meetings – Meeting with our team to decide how many people to figure out the assumptions and hypotheses that will determine how the study is to be conducted. We will also decide if there needs to be multiple studies to test different frequency applications. Finally, we will decide on how many people to study.

2. Researching Types of ADD/ADHD and the effect of Brainwave Entrainment with Binaural Beats. The initial estimate is that it will take 1 year to complete.

3. Collate and Present the Information.


Planning Meetings and Equipment Purchases – $50,000
Equipment – EEG

The Research – $350,000 (approximately 1 year duration)

Collation and Reporting – $10,000

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