Sleep Disorders

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Sound and Music for Sleep Disorders

Creating treatments for both falling sleep and staying asleep.
Current research shows that when you tune the Binaural Beats to a person’s natural rate of Delta,
the result is more effective.
The research will be designed to provide more detailed information on precise
frequencies, timbres and music that are the most effective.

  1. Hire staff, purchase feedback equipment, design the research project  – $50,000
  2. Perform the research projects.  We will research a minimum of 50 adults with sleep issues.   We will test different CD’s.  We will perform brainwave research and create new sound and music protocols based on this research –  $200,000 (1 year project).
  3. Collate and Publish Data – $10,000


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Board Members: David Gibson, Randy Masters, Richard Feather Anderson, Ryan Moore, Jennifer Catalano, Lisa Lippincott

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