Student Research Papers

Each semester students at Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute design and execute their own research papers. This is the database of over 250 students papers.

The papers are organized based on the following categories:

  • Voice, Toning, Chant and Mantra
  • Frequencies
  • Physiology, Chakras, Auras
  • Natural World Frequencies
  • Sound Healing Instruments
  • Sound Healing Science
  • Music
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Color and Light
  • Consciousness & Therapies
  • History
  • Other

There is also a place to provide feedback on the papers so that others can easily find papers they would like to read or download.

The grading system is as follows.

Overall Grade 1-5 stars.
Interesting - 1-Blasé 5-Mind Blowing
Practical Application - 1-Theoretical 5-Extremely Useful
Well Written 1-Hard to Read 5-Clear and Concise

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Board Members: David Gibson, Randy Masters, Richard Feather Anderson, Jennifer Catalano, Lisa Lippincott