Sound Healing Research Foundation

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Foundation
All donations are tax deductible

Donations of Sound Therapies for a Variety of Therapy Centers
that are deemed to be helping people with disabilities or hardship

Whatever you donate will go toward the installation of sound healing technologies and treatments in therapy centers. Centers that are eligible include centers for Autism, Rehab Centers, Centers for the Aging (Older Adults) and Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Hospice and Alternative Therapy Centers in Hospitals. We also have forms for you to submit your favorite Therapy Centers. You may choose from general types of centers, to a list of specific centers:

PTSD Centers

Rehab Centers

Centers for the Aging (Older Adults) and Continuing Care Retirement Communities


Alternative Therapy Centers in Hospitals

You can donate here to provide donations to a type of center or a specific center (email us).

General Donations to the Foundation that may be used for any of the projects outlined here

Sound Healing Research Foundation
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