The Portacle Voice Analysis and Intention Manifestation

The Portacle
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A tool for personal growth that helps you resonate the harmony within yourself.

Breathe or speak into The Portacle™ software and reflected back are insights into your true current state of being, displayed by showing you a variety of images and sounds that you can analyze to understand where you are in the grand scheme, in the great NOW. The Portacle™ is the first of its kind. Science and technology merge with Spirit to raise our consciousness – individually and collectively. We believe that the most important human development is the realization that we are in control of our own evolution.

Whereas most biofeedback measures electrical signals, aspiration analysis provides the ultimate feedback source of vibrations that do not have to be arbitrarily converted from electrical signals like brainwaves and heartbeats. A spectral evaluation of breath can reveal the past, present and future distribution of physical, mental/emotional and spiritual energies and provide a plan for disassembly, rearrangement and reassembly of oneself to the next highest level of order.

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    Sensorium LSV II Package (Software, Interface, Headphones, Glasses)


    The Sensorium LSV II is a fully functional vibrational therapy system. It’s a computer based software/hardware system that represents the next generation of light and sound devices that far surpassed those of the past, which can coordinate and synchronize any form of vibrational therapy or device into a timed, push-button session. Light, sound, frequency, music, color, em fields, and other forms of vibration can be programmed and then fed back to users by RGB light diodes, headphones, speakers, monitors, projectors, coils and other forms of vibrational devices.

    The Sensorium LSV II is comprised of a software package and several pieces of hardware. They can be purchased as complete kit or individually. This description is for the software package, which can run on either Windows or Mac platforms (see the product page for minimum requirements).

    The image shows how the software is combined and connected to the various hardware components of the system. Each component can be purchased separately or in different combinations.

    This is a packaged version of the Sensorium that includes the Hardware Interface, Software, Headphones and Light Diode Glasses.

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