Pyradym ™ is a synergistic combination of sound and color therapy for pain relief and emotional / physical balancing. Pyradym is a self-contained electrically powered apparatus
designed to stimulate and facilitate the human body’s innate self-healing mechanisms.
Pyradym is designed for health practitioners and individuals alike
seeking a non-invasive and holistic approach to chakra alignment.

Key Features:
Automatic and Manual Modes
Preconfigured Tonal/Color Alignments for each Chakra
Internal High Power 300 Watt Sonic Transducer (headphones optional)
Audiophile Grade Analog Waveforms
Premium Hardwood Cabinet
Hand-Cut Brazilian Crystal Capstone

It consists of 4 basic functional systems:

• Chakra-aligned Analogue Sound Generator
• 300 watt Physioacoustic transducer
• Synchronised Light Therapy system
• Crystal Particle Fountain

Pyradym’s portable pyramidal-shaped enclosure is constructed from the finest select hardwoods. Hidden within the cabinet is a performance-grade sonic transducer capable of treating a room full of people at once. The recessed panel contains the user interface for Automatic and Manual modes along with controls for the pitch and tonal quality of the generated sounds. This panel also contains the entry point for the energetically-corrected AC supply cord, power switch, line protection fuse holder, and headphones jack. (Headphones not included)

Crystal Particle Fountain (included)
Pyradym’s Crystal Particle Fountain channels high-frequency energy through the Reiki power symbol and two natural crystals. Just like the seven tones of the Chakra Scale, the Crystal Particle Fountain aligns seven custom blended colors to deliver healing energy to each Chakra of the body.
At the Crystal Particle Fountain’s core are two custom-cut Brazilian crystals that diffuse ultra-pure waves in an evolving display. Etched in the center of the main board is the Reiki symbol: ‘Place the Power Here’. Traces wrap the crystal, engulfing it in tuned waves while allowing the Chakra specific colors to pass through to the cap stone. While the internal crystal is chosen for it’s ability to cleanly pass energy waves, the cap stone is carefully selected to diffuse light through it’s natural grain.
Find yourself in the presence of the Crystal Particle Fountain and you will feel an energy that is easy to interpret. The Crystal Particle Fountain inspires positivity, thoughtfulness, and wellbeing while imparting a healing atmosphere to the room. Open yourself to the experience and the Crystal Particle Fountain connects you to the common essence of all healing energy. It’s a powerful focusing agent for the user/practitioner, patients, and everyone tuned in to positive energy.

Pyradym generates Seven Chakra specific tones. In “MANUAL” mode, the Therapist or user controls the pitch and tonal quality of the sound frequencies to suit. The Physioacoustic and Light Therapy elements situated beneath the Crystal Capstone correspond to the sound frequencies by changing colour and intensity. The panel figure indicates the chakra-specific tones and colour generated beneath the Crystal Capstone. In “TIMED” mode, each chakra tone will be selected in sequence in a 1 to 13 minute interval, depending on the STEP TIMER’s control setting, for continual hands-free operation.
In addition to Pyradym’s color generator, Crystal Particle Fountain TM is also located beneath the Crystal Capstone and provides a mild radiated ultrasonic stimulus incorporating Reiki healing symbology while the device is in operation in all modes.

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