Proteus Mind Machine


The Proteus is a Full Featured Stand Alone Unit and does not require a computer to operate. However; you can control the entire Proteus Mind Machine experience with the included Session Editing Software.



The Proteus Advanced Light and Sound Stimulation System is known throughout the world to be one of the classic mind machines.

The Proteus system is a price vs. performance breakthrough. With the Proteus we deliver a large well rounded set of features including manual control of the most important parameters from the front of the unit. You can explore and customize your experience in realtime as the session plays. This feature expands the possibilities of the system infinitely.
The Proteus is unique among our products as it can be connected with our ThoughtStream Biofeedback System to use biofeedback readings to control programs. For instance, when you are relaxed the lights can tend toward the green end of the spectrum and when you are stressed more toward red. Sound and entrainment frequencies can also be aligned with biofeedback readings.

For the easy-to-use realtime control, biofeedback with the ThoughtStream (sold separately), and the best AudioStrobe decoders available, plus the comfortable and bright Ruby/Emerald Ganzframes, the Proteus is beyond doubt one of the top mind machines ever created regardless of price.


Stunning visual experience
Brighten up!
Stimulate creativity and visualization
Mood shifter
Access deeply tranquil states
Accelerated learning
Altered states of consciousness
Quiet the “Monkey Mind”
How it Works

The Proteus was the first BiColor mind machine which featured two color channels of LEDs in light glasses activated and mixed simultaneously. This creates a light show covering a wide range of up to 4,096 perceived colors. The Proteus ships with our Ruby/Emerald Ganzframes which have 4 red and 4 green LEDs generating an extremely bright and engaging display.

The Proteus is an ideal platform for AudioStrobe decoding allowing you to utilize many commercial music CDs or software applications. AudioStrobe technology uses an inaudible signal embedded in music tracks to trigger the lights in perfect synchronization with the audio.

What’s in the Box

Proteus Compact Control Console
Ruby/Emerald GanzFrame Light Glasses with Micro LEDs
Deluxe Stereo Headphones
Stereo Audio Cable
USB Adapter Cable
Printed User Manual
Convenient Carry Case
Free Downloadable Software Editor
2 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty on Console


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