The Light Labyrinth™ PRO


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Over 25 Specialized Light Form Programs:
8 stunning Dream light meditation programs (non-strobing) Serenity, Timeless, Twilight,
Breath, Fantasy, Fireworks, Colorwave & Masterwave
9 dazzling frequency strobing meditation programs: Initiation, Transcend, Nova,
Luminous, Radiance, Polyrythm, Lightning, Spirals & Helix
6 Chakra Meditation programs
Plus! Preprogrammed Meditation Journeys with CD’s (available soon)
Crystal Journey
Renew with Color
Expand Your Imagination
And more!
The Music Visualizer experience! *
Plus your choice of strobe frequency settings: Alpha, Theta, Delta, Beta & Variable
Super Bright LED lights in 7 brilliant colors
Remote control creates an interactive experience
Large stand with motorized turntable for medium to extra large crystals
Single color mode for work with one color at a time and two color blending
Special additional features: Depth of strobe shifting, Duty cycle shifting, All Colors On, Color speed control
Includes the Music Visualizer
Plus MIDI control features for voice, computer and instruments!


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