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Infinite Gratitude Sale thru Dec 8th

New Selection of Alchemy Bowls at
Buy 3 Alchemy Bowls and save $555


15% off - Sound Chambers, Sound Lounges, Sound Tables, Miracle IQube


10% off - All Bowls, Sound Pillows, Sound Dolphins, Bass Pods, Sound Belts, Sound Vests, Crystal Lyre, Tingshas, Tuning Forks, Drums, Didgeridoos, Crystals, Light Glasses, and Pendants, Voice Analysis Harmony Software, and all Brainwave Assessment and CDs for ADD/ADHD

Complete Guide to Sound Healing Book
Physical Book $35 instead $48
Ebook $20 instead of $28
Interactive Ebook $98 instead of $148

$20 CD's are $15,  $35 CD's are $25
$30 CD Downloads are $22,  $15 CD Downloads are $10

The prices on the web do not include the discount. Enter full payment and within 24 hours you will receive a refund for the discount.  Alternatively, you can email us your order at Info@SoundHealingCenter.com and we can send you a paypal request (to use a credit card) for the discounted amount.


You can also just call with your order - 415 777-2486




(The Physical Store is open on Sunday December 8th for our Open House)