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A Sound Table is a massage table with powerful low frequency speakers mounted on the bottom of the table. The table itself acts like a speaker sending healing low frequency vibrations throughout every cell of your body. Sound tables are used in vibroacoustic therapies, which are treatment methods based on the combined effects of music and low frequency sound vibration. Auditory and vibratory stimulations are applied to the body to achieve physical and psychological results. Since the 1980’s, the use of vibroacoustic equipment has spread across the globe. It is used in a wide range of settings, including hospitals, hospices, spas, and centers for massage therapy, sound therapy, alternative health, yoga, physical therapy, and psychiatric treatment, and by individual therapists.

Full-Body Therapy with Healing Low Frequency Vibrations
Research from many hospitals and universities has proven the stress reduction benefits of listening to relaxing music. When using a sound table, music is not only heard through the ear, but delivered to the body directly, vibrating every part inside and out — cells, muscles, tendons, and organs, as well as nerves, spinal cord, and areas of the brain and brainstem. This opens the possibility to direct cellular stimulation and a deeper whole-body response. Sound tables transmit powerful, healing low frequencies through the body that are both relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Not only do they feel good, low frequency vibrations:
• Penetrate every cell of your body, creating a relaxation response
• Send energy through each part of the body, energizing every cell leaving you invigorated
• Create a consistent vibration in bodies and cells, counteracting chaotic frequencies that attack our bodies throughout the day (noise, electricity, cell phones, traffic, etc.)
• Harmonize the body back into its natural consistent vibrational state, creating a peace that is natural to our system
• Drive energy from cell to cell, clearing blockages and stimulating neural pathways

PsychoAcoustic Music Production Techniques from Globe Sound Healing and Therapy Institute
Creating and selecting sound and music to play through the table is very important. Globe Sound Healing Institute has leading sound healing instructors as well as top Recording Engineers and Producers on our staff. We are very particular about the quality of the sounds and music that we put through your body – very particular!

Our techniques are based on information from years of research into the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual effects of sound and music. These techniques have been tested both experientially and using clinically accepted scientific research protocols. We also use many powerful ancient techniques. While these have not yet been verified, in our practice we have found them to be very effective in creating specific responses and transformation. Our research and music and sound production uses techniques that create specific affects physiologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, including:
• Archetypal frequencies and specific tunings harmonized with natural systems
• Musical intervals that create different states of consciousness and awareness
• Musical modes that create specific types of feelings and emotions.
• Specific melodic structures which create deep effects
• Rhythm and tempos that affect heart rate, brainwaves, breath rate, and Galvanic skin response (electrical resistance of the skin)
• Use of Binaural Beats and frequencies to entrain the brain in specific brainwave states: Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Gamma

Vibroacoustics Research and Techniques on Sound Tables                                                                       Clinical Research in Hospitals and Institutions
On going since 1995, the National Institutes of Health runs the most extensive program in the U.S. for vibroacoustic pain and symptom reduction, treating over 50,000 patients per year. In measuring the physiological and behavioral effectiveness of these interventions with 267 patients, Dr. Patrick George found over a 50% reduction of pain and symptoms. He theorizes that this pain relief is relaxation-induced.

Tests with chemotherapy patients at the Jupiter Medical Center in Florida found similar results: 62.8% reduction of anxiety and 61.6% reduction of fatigue for 27 patients in 41 vibroacoustics sessions. A study at Duke University Medical Center also reported significant pain reduction for 20 women who had surgery for various cancers. Also at Duke, vibroacoustics was tested in physical therapy following total knee replacements, showing increased range of motion. Heart surgeons using vibroacoustics therapy during cardiac surgery recovery found significant decreases in patients’ use of sedative and pain medication, time spent on the ventilator, time spent in the cardiac unit, and overall time spent in the hospital.

These are but a few of the many studies on vibroacoustics. Many point to the effectiveness of the therapy in triggering the Relaxation Response. Physiologically, the relaxation response initiates the following changes:
• Reduces oxygen consumption
• Decreases blood pressure
• Slows heart rate
• Slows respiration rate
• Relaxes muscles

Mentally, deep relaxation:
• Changes brain wave frequencies (generally slowing down from beta to alpha and alpha to theta or delta)
• Clears the mind from anxiety
• Creates a feeling of calm and peacefulness

As an additional benefit, vibroacoustics can help people to learn to recognize the state of relaxation and, over time, become able to reach relaxation at will. Vibroacoustics is a great way to learn how to relax and develop relaxation as a daily habit!

Interviews with massage therapists find consistent themes in the use of sound tables to enhance therapies, encouraging muscles, facial and connective tissues to relax more quickly, and increasing the deepness and duration of the massage effects. They often note that it reduces their physical effort, as the sound table is like having an extra set of hands.

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