Chakra Treatment

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This treatment uses a combination of Tuning Forks, Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Voice, Sound Table, and Guided Meditation to balance all of the chakras. When all of the chakras are in alignment your whole system functions more in tune with nature and Spirit.

Based on some of the science in the field of Sound Healing… all frequencies are nutrients. Therefore, we take you through the full range of frequencies within the chakras.

Once we have resonated each chakra into alignment with your soul and the planet, we then lead you into a place where you are present with all chakras at the same time. Once you are present with all chakras at the same time, you can begin to feel the spiraling movement of energy from the core of the earth to the cosmos — within us all.

This treatment has been shown to be especially effective for anxiety and any stress related issues.

One hour treatment – $85

You can also pay in advance here, if you like

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Call David at (415) 777-2HUM (2486) or email


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1 hour treatment


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Chakra Treatment


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