HARMONIC MASSAGE on the Sound Table

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Get Vibrated into Bliss

Massage Therapy on the Sound Table

Massage on the Sound Table is an amazing experience. It’s like getting a massage inside and out.
Beautiful heart opening music vibrates through your whole body the entire time, leaving you humming with the sounds of love inside you.

Sessions consist of restorative massage while healing frequencies are simultaneously emitted into the body’s meridian points and energy centers. Using custom combinations of tuning forks, crystals, and essential oils relevant to your needs, beneficial waveforms travel deep into the body to stimulate the flow of energy. These subtle vibrations are gentle, yet have profound effects on both the physical and energetic body. Sessions relieve muscle tension, alleviate pain and relax the nervous system. Specific sound frequencies also promote theta brainwaves which allow changes in thought patterns, boost creativity, increase problem solving and establish a sense of balance and well being.

Practititoners: Jane Stenvig

“After the holiday season, I felt a negative energy inside me I couldn’t shake. I went to a massage/acupuncturist before seeing Allie which didn’t offer much relief. After my initial hour and a half appointment, I felt totally renewed. Allie uses a variety of healing techniques including deep tissue massage and sound therapy. Those, coupled with her keen intuition, kind, caring personality, and healing energy made the massage I had with Harmonic Massage the best massage I’ve ever received. I fully intend on returning for regular appointments and highly recommend this business.”
-Jenny S.

“Harmonic Massage is at the top of my list when it comes to healing my body. Using a combination of different healing and massage techniques, Allie has provided the most advanced, personalized body work I’ve received yet. It is challenging healing severe scoliosis on my own. However, with the help of Harmonic Massage, noticeable progress is made with every session.”- Bailey S.

Room of White Light

The main room has been designed to nurture your spirit in a soft and beautiful way. White Goddess energy fills the room.

The room has a 5.1 surround sound system that plays in sync with the sound table. Most of the music has been created at the Sound and Consciousness Institute. It has been designed based on ancient and modern research to calm the mind, open the heart, connect to spirit, and leave you in a place of perfect peace.

The visuals on the ceilings and walls are channeled by Shona Belew from various star systems and are activated by the sounds and music used in the attunements. It is commonly reported that visuals “come alive” and do healings on their own.

You may also combine our VoiceBio or Root Frequency treatment
so you are listening and feeling precisely the frequencies you need during the massage.
(extra $85 and half hour)

You can also pay in advance, if you like.
Gift Certificates also available


To Schedule an Appointment
Call David at (415) 777-2HUM (2486) or email


Integrated massage on the sound table with a licensed massage practitioner — It’s like getting a massage inside and out at the same time. There is nothing better.
Good for a wide range of issues — particularly muscle strain, tension and stress.
Therapist: Jane Stenvig
$240 for 1.5 hours
$185 for 1 hour

Treatments available mostly on weekends — Call for an appointment

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1.5 hour Massage on the Sound Table, 1 hour Massage on the Sound Table


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HARMONIC MASSAGE on the Sound Table


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