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Fostering increased health awareness for maximum well-being

Leading-edge research in holistic medicine, biophysics, bioenergetics, and frontier biology all point in the same direction – telling us that we are more than just our physical body. We each have a biofield – a human body-field (HBF) that is a structured web of information and energy that underlies and informs our physical body and influences the state of our health and well-being.

Nutri-Energetics® is the pioneering force behind a revolutionary approach to assessing the human body-field (HBF) and promoting well-being at all levels.

Thousands of people across the globe are benefiting from NES, using it alone or as part of their preventative or ongoing health program. NES works well with all other complementary therapies and also with allopathic medicine. Clients report relief and improvements across the board, including in*:

Emotional resiliency:
– The ability to stay positive
– Cope better with stress and life challenges
– Enhanced even-temperedness
– Ability to “go with the flow” or relax in certain situations
– Greater optimism and enthusiasm

Increased vitality and energy:
– More stamina
– Improved sleep
– Sharper mental focus
– Increased drive and motivation

Physical or emotional issues:
– Relief from or improvements to physical or emotional issues

* Anecdotal reports and testimonials from NES clients and practitioners. Independent studies and blind clinical trials of NES are in progress. A recent university pilot study confirms an increase in emotional resiliency and coping mechanisms through the use of the NES Infoceuticals in cases of long-term, chronic stress in the study population.

The Nutri-Energetics Program

The NES Scan
The NES program starts with a body-field assessment, which involves simply resting your hand on a palm-sized scanner device for a few seconds. Frontier research suggests that the human body-field (HBF) is responsible for regulating and integrating the physical, chemical, mental, emotional, energetic and memory aspects of the physical body. Our theory, and that of other pioneering researchers, indicates that physical or emotional problems within the body commence from the information and energy of your body-field. Correcting issues within your body-field may enhance your body’s own natural maintenance, repair and self-healing capabilities.

The NES scan is, in effect, probing your body-field and monitoring the quality of its responses, at a quantum level, and then prioritizing the results. NES research and theory reveals that if your body-field is not responding well, then it is not properly working to regulate the energy and information flow your body needs to do its job of keeping you healthy and well. The NES scan reveals more than 145 body-field parameters, identifying reduced energy levels and disturbed information pathways that correlate to just about everything that is important in physiology. It also recommends ‘Infoceuticals’ that can help restore the information necessary to return your body-field to it’s natural functioning.

The Infoceuticals
The next part of the NES program is to take the Infoceuticals. These are unique liquid preparations that you take as drops in water, according to a protocol that your NES practitioner will explain to you. Each kind of Infoceutical is specially formulated and encoded with information correlated to specific aspects of the body-field. NES conducted decades of research to determine the data sets for each Infoceutical and develop the technology to encode this information into the Infoceuticals, so the Infoceuticals are like nothing else available. They are fully compatible with herbs, supplements, pharmaceuticals or other remedies you may be taking.

NES can be used:
By itself, to address body-field issues concerning physical, emotional and mental states
As part of your ongoing daily, health and exercise program
To enhance other complementary health therapies
The complete NES program works at a deep, holistic level, correlating the state of your body-field with your body’s own innate self-healing intelligence. NES provides a natural and noninvasive way to foster positive changes in the state of your overall well-being.

As with any complementary/holistic therapy, the time it takes to experience improvements depends on many factors, including the severity of your problems, your outlook and beliefs, your environment and your personal situation. Most clients report improvements fairly quickly, although for those with chronic problems, it may take a little longer.

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Nutri-Energetics Systems® Ltd (NES) does not diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease. NES and its claims have not been evaluated by any government agency or regulatory organization.

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