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The Nutri-Energetics System Treatments
Infoceuticals – The Human Body Field Correctors

The issues identified by the Nutri Energetics evaluation are addressed using the human body-field corrector preparations known as ‘Infoceuticals’. These are designed to re-establish compromised integrity to the human body-field. They are safe, effective and simple to use.

The Infoceuticals contain micro quantities of colloidal minerals whose sub-atomic structure has been specifically encoded with information using Nutri-Energetics proprietary imprinting technology. The encoded information is designed to interact directly with the body-field and remove blockages caused by shocks, traumas, toxins and, emotional issues etc.

By clearing these blockages, the integrity of the body’s master control mechanism is restored and its inherent healing ability is returned to an optimum state. People report- regression of symptoms along with a heightened sense of wellness and vitality

The Infoceuticals are supplied in 20ml dropper bottles and classified under 4 types. There are 62 in total.

Energetic Drivers
Each of the 16 Energetic Driver Infoceuticals are designed to enhance information transfer within specific body organs and energize the body-field so it can govern life activities. They are also designed to initiate organ detoxification and support cell formation, particularly in immune cells.

Energetic Integrators
The 12 Energetic Integrator Infoceuticals are designed to restore communication pathways between organs, organelles and thousands of separate information regulation functions in the body. The Energetic Integrators also incorporate acupuncture meridians, mental functions and emotional communication in the body

Energetic Terrains
The 16 Energetic Terrain Infoceuticals have been designed to clear highly disruptive energetic disturbances known as Energetic Terrains from the human body-field. Energetic Terrains cause major information field errors that manifest within specific body tissues and organs and have been found to be linked to disease-forming microbes, such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, etc.

Energetic Stars
The 16 Energetic Star Infoceuticals are used in cases where there are major blockages within the body’s metabolic pathways and survival mechanisms. They represent the most powerful level of Nutri-Energetics therapy and are only used when the previous Infoceuticals have not fully corrected the body-field errors.

Taking the Infoceuticals
Following your Nutri-Energetics scan your practitioner will give you a personalized Infoceutical plan, which will usually involve taking 3 to 5 different Infoceuticals over a period of usually a month. Your plan will state which bottle to use on which day and how many drops to take. The number of drops varies from 3 to 28 depending on the strength required.

Once you start your prescription you will dispense the required number of drops into a glass of water and drink the water. If your are taking several Infoceuticals on the same day then at least 10 minutes must be left between each, however the drops can be taken with food, drinks, nutritional supplements and at any time of day.

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The Treatment


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