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• I started taking the drops this morning and IMMEDIATELY felt stuff happening in my head! Quite extraordinary. The depression or feeling of malaise that there is something awfully wrong with me, lifted in minutes and I feel renewed strength that I can get better. Thanks for the encouragement.
– J.B.

• I have been using the Nutri-Energetics Infoceuticals over the last few weeks and have been very impressed. I experienced an immediate change the first time I tried them and have noticed ongoing improvements ever since. I especially have more energy and I am experiencing continued improvement with chronic systemic conditions.
– A. Jane Webber

• I have to say that Peter Fraser’s Infoceuticals have helped me immensely over the last few years. When I was recently in hospital with pneumonia and was really on my last legs, Peter was right on target with the Nutri-Energetics remedies – my lungs cleared up and I did not need to go back to hospital as the doctor said I probably would.
I have had an existing eye problem for a very long time – 10 to 12 years at least, which was a mystery to the doctors and ophthalmologists. Peter got to the root of the problem. I found the Nutri-Energetics Infoceuticals are of great benefit. My hearing also improved quite dramatically.

Recently I tried Nutri-Energetics’ Revitalizer drops. I felt that the impact of the drops went to the deepest alchemic level and energized my body. As a result, my immune system was able to respond in a way not possible for many years. I always get sick immediately following travel by airplane. After the Nutri-Energetics Infoceutical drops I no longer suffer from colds and flu after flying. I highly recommend the Nutri-Energetics formulations.
– Dr. S. L. from Australia

• About 5 years ago, I started to develop an allergy or two, causing headaches, runny nose etc and also a rash all over my body. About 3 years ago, I started to develop classic symptoms of Fibromyalgia: pain in the hands to shoulders, feet to hips, plus tightness in the head. I have always been a good sleeper (night or day) until 7 months ago when the brain just decided to power on at night (every night), not allowing me a good night’s sleep. There has also been a feeling of total fatigue. An example is that within 10 minutes of ending a day’s work, my body powers down to exhaustion. According to a series of blood tests etc. I am impressively healthy, except for the Fibromyalgia. I have resisted taking painkillers, sleeping pills, etc. Since taking the Nutri-Energetics Infoceuticals, the pain has eased in my limbs and my head does not feel as tight. My brain does not power on at night, but it is still very active, not allowing a solid sleep. I also feel mentally brighter and I am continuing to make progress.
– Dr. C.P. from Australia

• The Infoceuticals arrived this a.m., for which much thanks. I want to ask you, is this a record? Just one hour after taking first lot, all my residual aches and pains have disappeared, especially after getting up after sitting for any time. I also find myself standing completely differently, i.e., bum and lumbar area are totally supporting torso and straight back. Feels like a Pilates effect. What do you do for an encore?
Currently, I would be happy to take up fast bowling again! Gratitude and cheers in equal proportions.

Nutri-Energetics gave me an energetic experience of openness. Something at my depth always knew that there was a dance of well-being that I did not know the steps to. Nutri-Energetics is like a partner that waltzed into my field and showed me a model for the ecstatic waltz I always knew I could experience.
– Corenne Shanks

• Edna (age 75): She had been seeing her doctor for 12 years and was diagnosed as having rheumatoid arthritis. She had taken countless tests and drugs over the 12- year period but was not getting any better. She was not sleeping well, experiencing headaches, and in the end she was unable to walk and had lost muscle power. She heard about Peter Fraser from a carpenter with Chronic Fatigue who had been helped by Fraser. She took the Infoceuticals and recommended supplements. She felt lethargic and all the symptoms came back for about 10 days, then they went away. She is happy to say that she is no longer confined to the house.

• Robert (64 yrs) is a farmer who was severely ill with what his doctors had called rheumatoid arthritis for about 10 years. He followed the Nutri-Energetics instructions and noticed a big improvement. He had had three tests and did not notice much of a detoxification period, which may have been because he had been in such a bad way for so long before beginning the treatment that he could not tell. Today, his chronic joint pain has all but disappeared and he feels the best he has felt in the last 10 years. He says people who have known him for years continue to tell him how well he looks these days.
– Latif

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