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The Video below is a detailed overview of the whole field of Sound Healing with David Gibson.
It is from our 9th International Sound Healing Conference.



Sound Healing ClassesThe Study of Vibrational Healing, Sound, Sacred Geometry, Color, Light, Intention and Consciousness. Certificate Programs in Sound Healing and Therapy Online and at the Institute. Become a Sound Practitioner or Therapist and learn how to perform with Sound Healing Instruments. … MORE INFO

Sound Healing Recording and Mixing Classes – Recording Arts and Technology Certificate Program. Learn how to record, mix produce and create music that affect people physically, mentally and emotionally at a profoundly deep level. … MORE INFO

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Sound Healing Music - Over 60 Music CD’s and downloads based on science and inspired by Spirit for a wide range of issues or just to get high.  Frequency CD's that you play on the body instead of listening.  Guided Meditation CD’s, including CD’s for Pre-Op, Surgery, and Post-Op while recuperating in the hospital. CD’s just for Sound Tables. … MORE INFO

Sound Healing Books – The Complete Guide to Sound Healing. The #1 selling book in the field. How sound affects us Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. … MORE INFO

VibroAcoustic Tools – Sound Tables and Lounges that vibrate your whole body into bliss. Sound Pillows and Dolphins that also vibrate.  Bass Pods, Belts and Vests that provide more precise healing on specific parts of the body.  … MORE INFO

Crystal and Alchemy Bowls – A wide range of Crystal singing bowls. Free assessment to find what pitch is good for you. … MORE INFO

Other Sound Healing Instruments and Technologies - Tibetan Bowls, Melodic Instruments, Tuning Forks, Didgeridoos, Sacred Geometry Pendants & Structures for Healing and Raising Consciousness. ... MORE INFO

Virtual Reality Sound and Visual Healing – Virtual Reality system where you can place healing 3D visuals and geometries inside a 3D image of the body. Sounds are then moved up and down on a Sound Table or Vest so you can feel them inside your body right where you are seeing them. … MORE INFO




Over 15 types of treatments using sound as a healing and transformational tool. Many miracle stories to confirm their effectiveness. Your Resonant Frequency Assessment, Voice Analysis Assessment, Massage on the Sound Table, Tuning Fork Treatments, Crystal and Tibetan Bowl Treatments, Voice Healing, and Treatments for Pain, ADD/ADHD, Autism, PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety … MORE INFO


We are researching and proving the effectiveness of Sound Healing and Therapy in order to bring it more into the mainstream (hospitals and homes). We have created the GeneOM project to map every frequency in the human system. Current Research Projects, Clinic Research Paper Database, Student Research Paper Database, Practitioner Database, Detailed Treatment Plans with a Forum to discuss them, Grant Resources.

The Medical Sound Association
The Medical Sound Association is a group of doctors, sound healers and sound therapists coming together to create treatment protocols and safety guidelines for using sound and music for medical issues. The primary goal is to help bring Sound into the Medical side of hospitals (as opposed to the Integrative Therapy side).  The Association is developing detailed guidelines for carrying out research using sound and music to cure every disease in the world. All treatments will be performed by medical professionals.

The Sound Education Association
The Sound Healing Research Foundation received a $100,000 grant to develop a sound curriculum for children for two Montessori schools.  With our staff of 20 instructors at the Globe Sound Healing Institute, we developed over 2500 exercises for children from 3 months to 18 years old.  Every exercise is based on the latest 30 books on brain development for children at different age and learning levels.  Five hundred exercises are complete and now being offered for home schooling through the website,

The next steps are the establish to Sound Education Association to:
• Finish the other 2000 exercises that have been developed.
• Create guidelines for how to get the curriculum implemented in public and private schools around the world.
• Create a team to develop alliances with educational associations around the world.
• Create a lobbying team to present to governments around the world.


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