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Let sound heal
and light you up




What is Sound Healing?
Sound Healing involves the use of instruments and the voice, with the intention of healing, accessing happiness, or achieving higher states of awareness and bliss.  LEARN MORE

How Sound Works
The basis of all sound healing is creating consistent, stable vibrations to overcome chaotic vibrations physically, mentally, and emotionally. It all contributes to peace and homeostasis. Results show up physically, mentally, emotionally and even Spiritually.  LEARN MORE

Miracle Stories
It’s amazing how many often miracles happen with sound: physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually

The Medical Sound Association
The Association includes over 600 doctors and sound therapists working to figure out how sound, music and vibration works in the body to cure every disease in the world.  We have been meeting bi-monthly to create detailed treatment plans for a wide range of issues including: pain, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma and PTSD, autism, dementia, anger, schizophrenia, addiction, traumatic brain injuries, thyroid, adrenals, heart conditions, cancer and sleep.  You can see all of the treatment plans here:

The Hierarchy of Vibration 
– Archetypal Frequencies – Auspicious frequencies that open keys to health and getting high.
– Timbres, or a combination of frequencies. Instrument Sounds and Syllables.
– Musical Intervals and Chords. The relationship between frequencies and timbres and everything in the Universe.
– Music. Melody and Rhythm. The Smooth flow without blockages is the definition of health.
– Energy and Intention. The most powerful of all!

Sound and Music Research
This section shows an overview of the latest research.  LEARN MORE
You can find over 500 clinical papers on our Sound Healing Research Foundation site here:

Brainwave Entrainment with Binaural Beats
The effect of rhythms to entrain the brain into Delta (sleep), Theta (creativity and being in “the zone”), Alpha (presence and learning), Beta (thinking and overcoming ADD/ADHD), Gamma (blissing out). LEARN MORE

Sound and Emotions
The importance of being able to express yourself with sound. Releasing stuck emotions with sound. LEARN MORE

Sound and Higher Consciousness
Being able to access higher states of consciousness resulting in inner peace, balance, well-being, spiritual awareness, interconnectedness and a feeling of Oneness with fellow humans and nature. The Sound of Love.  LEARN MORE

Your Home Note vs. All Frequencies
There are two schools of thought in the field of Sound Healing.
1. You need your home note, which is the frequency and rhythm of where you are at peace.  It is actually your natural metabolism, which is based on the brainwave rate and average of your heart rate when at peace.
2. You need all frequencies.  Based on the research of Alfred Tomatis, every frequency is a nutrient and you need a balance of all frequencies for optimum health.  This is the basis of most Voice Analysis system LEARN MORE

Geometry and Cymatics
How sound affects matter. The relationship between geometry and sound. LEARN MORE

Ultrasound, Electromagnetics, Color and Light
Vibrations that also include frequencies, timbres, musical intervals, music and intention for healing raising consciousness. LEARN MORE

Sound Healing Technologies
Technologies include: Sound Tables/Lounges, Sound Pillows/Dolphins, Bass Pods/Belts/Vests, Voice Analysis Software. LEARN MORE

Sound Therapy 
Actual treatments and research for a various of issues MORE

Sound Education Association
We received a $100,000 grant to create a curriculum for children.   We have now created over 2500 exercises for kids from 3 months to 18 years — all based on the 30 books on brain development for different ages.   You can find all of the details here with over 500 exercises you can download (some free): 

We are also offering online classes for children here:


What is Sound Healing

Sound Healing, through various techniques and technologies, is the educated and conscious use of the energy of sound to reach identified goals and promote wellness in the human system – including the expansion of consciousness. Sound Healing is founded on the premise that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies. Science has proven that sound, or vibration, has a strong impact upon substance. For example, the study of Cymatics has shown how sound creates geometric patterns in matter. Dr. Emoto has proven that sound changes the molecular structure of water. However, more importantly, sound changes consciousness. Many ancient civilizations and modern indigenous cultures have used sound to heal and access higher levels of consciousness for thousands of years.

There is a wide range of techniques that utilize sound as a tool for change. The most common and basic use of sound is for meditation and relaxation. Chanting, toning and overtone singing are some of the most powerful methods for resonating sound throughout the body. The use of nature sounds and natural instruments, such as crystal bowls, Tibetan Bowls and tuning forks, have specific healing frequencies and harmonics. Drumming and rhythm are now used by corporations to release stress and build team consciousness. Shamanic drumming takes people into altered states of consciousness. Sound is now being using by clinical psychologists to help children with certain learning disabilities. Binaural beat frequencies are used to entrain people into very specific states of consciousness. Sound is used to alter brainwave states to help people with sleep disorders and facilitate creative expression. Listening to one’s own natural home note and rhythm brings people to a place of peace and stillness. Calmness has proven to dramatically help the immune system and bring all organs into a healthy alignment and it is the where creativity is the most abundant.

Sound and music are also used to help with difficult life transitions, including birth and death.

Sound Healing is now in just about every integrative therapy department in major hospital in major cities across the country.

Now, the medical community has long used sound and music during surgery to minimize the use of anesthesia, and to break up kidney and gall stones. Hospitals themselves are now researching the resonant frequency of organs in order to help vibrate them back into a healthy state. More exciting is cutting-edge research that shows how sound might can used to disintegrate diseases such as cancer.

There is now wide use of specific sounds and music for:
• Pain Management
• Sleep Disorders
• Autism
• PTSD (including anxiety, grief and anger)
• Dementia
• Brain Injuries and Disorders

The Sound Healing Research Foundation is on the cutting edge of research in these areas.

Perhaps most exciting is the use of sound and music to transform consciousness – First, to release deep emotional issues; then, to more consistently resonate the vibrations of love and light — including gratitude, compassion, joy and Universal Love. Ultimately, to use sound to bring us into a state of oneness with everyone and everything in the Universe.  Companies like Heartmath are now performing definitive research that shows how when you are in coherent harmony mentally, emotionally and spiritually that it affects the body physiologically, often directly creating profound healing results.

How Sound Works

The basis of all sound healing is creating Consistent, Stable Vibrations to overcome Chaotic Vibrations physically, mentally and emotionally.  It all contributes to peace and homeostasis — physically, mentally, emotionally and even Spiritually.   

From there it gets quite detailed.  Everything has its own specific frequency that it naturally vibrates at.  In the body, when you find that frequency and play it to the body, it triggers its own natural vibrational state and makes it healthy.  If you turn the volume up a large amount it will explode. 

These are the two ways to work with vibration.  Find what’s right and resonate it into its own healthy state.  Or find what’s wrong, and either also resonate into its healthy state, or break it up.   





Miracle Stories

On our Medical Sound Healing site we have over 300 entries of symptoms before and after treatments.  We are averaging 60-70% reduction in symptoms.   You can filter for any issue and any instrument and see the effectiveness.  CLICK HERE to check it out.

Miracles are happening every day with sound and music. They are now common wherever sound healing is performed. Although these miracles have not been scientifically documented, when you see and experience one after another, you can’t help but to come to believe that something is going on.

Through the use of sound I’ve seen physical issues completely disappear. Over and over, I’ve seen pain go away and not come back. I’ve seen (and experienced) healing happen at a rate after surgery that can only be explained as a miracle. I’ve seen severe sciatica resolve completely in one 20-minute treatment. I’ve seen the spine fall back into alignment without even being touched. I’ve seen tremors go away completely in Parkinson’s patients over and over. I’ve seen cancerous tumors mysteriously disappear – never to come back. And many more!

One of our instructors had a tumor in her breast and was scheduled for surgery. She spent a couple of months focusing her intention and her voice on the tumor. She said that when she found the resonant frequency of the tumor, she could feel it heating up. She also had her friend play a didgeridoo right on the tumor. When she went in for surgery they did an x-ray and thought the machine was broken. They did another x-ray… and canceled the surgery! The cancerous tumor has now been gone for seven years.

During a sound circle evening we toned with the crystal bowls. While toning with an adult female who had experienced neck stiffness and alignment issues all her life, she said a collar just lifted off the back of her neck during “voice release.” With Voice Release I match my voice to theirs and then slightly modify the movement to shift any holding patterns. In 15 minutes she said we released a lifetime of neck pressure no chiropractor or body worker could shift. It stayed away and the woman’s artistic career and confidence took off. She believed it was related to protection she created for herself around her Mother’s critical nature, which was of course an old vibrational pattern we permanently disrupted. Jan Cercone RN, MA, Song and Spirit Center

Through the use of sound, I’ve seen many emotional issues completely resolve. I’ve seen people come out of suicidal depression. I’ve seen people release deep rooted emotional issues including those related to child abuse, sexual abuse, and even fears and schisms that can’t be explained. I’ve seen people relax and go to a place of perfect peace for the first time in years. I’ve seen people overcome years of anxiety and panic attacks. I’ve seen people regain their personal power. And many more!

I had a client who was considering suicide. She was emotionally unstable and was full of anxiety. I found her root soul frequency and put her on the sound table with a song in her key. Upon completion of the session she was in tears. She took the CD and played it 2-3 times per day for the next week. After only one week she reported that her entire mental state was completely turned around. She was now looking at new creative projects to get involved in and other ways to help others.

Mentally, I’ve seen people overcome ADD and ADHD. I’ve seen people’s memory get better. I’ve seen Alzheimer’s patents “wakeup.” One patient began speaking for the first time after 8 years! I’ve seen people able to sleep for the first time in years. And, I’ve seen the fog in a person’s mind turn to perfectly clarity. I’ve seen people return from the depression and the brink of suicide as they get control of their own mental processes and are able to once again find peace.

Monica is 7 years old. She has a small percentage of autism and rarely would look any body in the eye. She also had poor motor skills. She worked with one of our instructors over a period of two months. After just one week of treatments she was looking the instructor in the eye and walking better than she ever has in her life.

Spiritually, I’ve seen people’s hearts open – over and over. I’ve seen people cry and cry as they realize how little their heart has been open. I’ve seen people find their life purpose. I’ve seen people find a direct connection to Spirit and learn techniques to connect whenever they want. I’ve seen people who have gone to a place of oneness with everyone on the planet and the entire universe, and come back completely transformed. I’ve been to many events with spiritual music playing (including church) and have seen people brought to tears with feelings of joy and love. I have even seen tumors disappear after such events. I have seen people gain a perspective on their entire life after having a transcendental experience with sound.

While doing research with Parkinson’s patients, one woman had a complete transformation while on the sound table (massage table with speakers mounted on the bottom of the table). She was completely engulfed in tears. She said that while on the sound table she went into Spirit and that in that space there was complete peace and ease of movement. In this state, she said the Parkinson’s was nothing. And most importantly, she realized that the state of being one with Spirit is the true reality, and our physical reality where we are all separate is only an illusion.

Often the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects overlap.

We had one person show up at the Institute after he had had surgery on his neck. In the surgery they had to break his neck in order to get it realigned. He was wearing a neck brace and could not move his neck at all. We performed a tuning fork treatment on him. He returned the next week with movement in his neck. He said that when we were doing the tuning fork treatment he mentally went back into the moment of the trauma when they broke his neck. He said he was able to release the fear associated with the trauma, which allowed his neck to release the tension holding it stiff. He was so grateful and in tears over the transformation.

All of this with sound and music – and no side effects! Throughout the classes we will be sharing many of these actual “miracle” experiences. Most importantly, we will be explaining the techniques that created the above experiences so you can use them yourself. And, best of all we will provide some scientific explanation (without getting too technical or detailed) so that your friends and family don’t think you are too weird.

Had a miracle story happen to you or someone you know?
Please email us at
and we’ll share it here
with the Intention of informing the world
as to the power of sound,
so we can get it into the mainstream (hospitals and homes).





Hierarchy of Vibration

In Gibson’s book, The Complete Guide to Sound Healing, David has designed a theory of how vibration works in the body, mind and emotions that is based on empirical evidence and research over the last 20 years.  This theory explains a hierarchy of vibration.   The hierarchy consists of the following:

Energy – Intention
Music (Frequencies, timbres, intervals and chords over time)

Intervals and Chords (More than one sound)
Timbres (Many frequencies or harmonics that make a sound)

Different healing modalities focus on one or more of the levels in the hierarchy.  Tuning forks and tone generators work primarily at the frequency level.  All other instruments and sounds are working at the timbre level.  When you have two or more notes of an instrument or sound you are working at the musical interval/chord level.  Add rhythm and changing notes and you have music.   Add energy or intention and it all goes to another level.  

Ideally, it is best to work at all levels at once. 

When it comes to health and healing “smooth flow” at the music and energy level is the most important part.  Smooth flow without blockages is the definition of health.  

You can work at the frequency or timbre level to either break up the blockages that are impeding the flow, or harmonize them back into a consistent, stable vibration so they receive and transmit a smooth flow.

Or, we can just create a smooth flow musically.  You can also run smooth flow with energy.  Gratitude, compassion and love are great examples of smooth flow energetically.  Spirit or Source is the ultimate smooth flow.

In the body, you could think of it like this:

Cells are Frequencies
At the frequency level there are either Chaotic and Coherent vibrations.  Chaotic vibrations can be created by physical toxins in our food and air, physical trauma, chaotic electromagnetism, and pain itself, or by emotional toxins like fear, anger, anxiety, and stress, to name a few.  Chaotic vibrations break the body down.  They are not good for your heart, your nervous system, your organs, or any part of the body.  They impede the flow.  On the other hand, Consistent and Coherent Vibrations not only don’t break the body down; they can actually heal the body.

When the body is healthy
every single part of the body is naturally “humming” consistently.

You can either break up wayward frequencies with “destructive resonance” or resonate them back into their natural harmonic state.

Destructive resonance works by finding the natural resonant frequency of something, then turn the volume up until it explodes or disintegrates.  This is exactly how ultrasound works on kidney stones.  They find the frequency of the stones and turn the volume up until it explodes – somewhat similar to exploding a wine glass.  There is great YouTube video that shows and explains the science behind how this works in detail.

Anthony Holland has also done research to find the resonant frequency of cancer.  In a Ted Talk he shows videos of 4 different types of cancer being exploded with frequencies – another example of “destructive resonance.”  Here’s the link to the YouTube video:

We can resonate parts of the body back into their natural harmonic state using and consistent vibration. All of the vowels create Coherent Vibrations.  Also, all of the common Sound Healing instruments also create Consistent Tones – including crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, didgeridoos, etc.  With tone generators and other electronics you can get very specific in order to entrain a part of the body into its natural healthy frequency.

The key is to find the frequency of every part of the body in order to be able to entrain it into its own healthy state.  This is why we created the GeneOM project (   The goal of the project is to find the natural healthy frequency of every single part of the body in order to resonate it back into its own healthy state of consistent vibration.  The problem is that these frequencies are different from person to person.  We have now find a device that will measure the frequency content of a cell scientifically, in real time.

Organs and other Parts of the Body are Timbres: A Combination of Frequencies
Organs are many frequencies.   Healthy organs have a combination of frequencies that create a healthy chord.   When resonating a part of the body into its natural healthy frequency it is more effective when you find the entire harmonic content of the part of the body.  This is now possible with an electron microscope called the Raman Spectroscopy.  When exploding a tumor with destructive resonance it is more effective to know all of the frequencies that makeup the cells.  Then you can explode it 100% of the time.

The Relationship between 2 or more Body Parts is a Musical Interval or Chord
In the body, it is the relationship between parts of a system.  Again, everything is vibration, so any two parts of the body create a musical interval relationship.  It might be the relationship between the overall frequency of the heart and the liver.  It might be the relationship between the 210 types of cells in the body.  It might be the relationship between the different parts of the brain.  When you have harmonious relationships in the body, the energy flows more smoothly through the whole system.

Since some of the natural frequencies of the body might be different from person to person the GeneOM project is looking at harmony between the parts of the body.  We assume that the musical interval relationship between the heart and the liver will be the same from person to person when both people are healthy.   We assume that there are specific musical interval relationships between each of the 210 types of cells.  The only thing that we know for sure about the body is that is in working in complete harmony when a person is healthy.  Even when someone is not healthy most of the body is still working in harmony or the person would be dead.

As we collect data we will display a body on our website that will show the musical relationships of all the parts of any system in the body.  These musical intervals may then be played back to resonate the parts of the body back into their natural harmony.

Flow Through each of the Systems in the Body is Music
Smooth flow can be looked at from physical or energetic perspectives.

If you don’t have smooth flow in the nervous system, you will be shaky.  If you don’t have smooth flow in the circulatory system, you could have a heart attack.  No smooth flow in the digestive system and all types of problems happen.  Without smooth flow in the brain you cannot focus. There are many things that can cause blockages in any system.  Often it is physical or emotional toxins.

The key is then to resonate the system back into smooth flow.
“Smooth Flow” is the whole deal.

Smooth Flow creates at Peaceful State of Being.
When our system is at Peace
the immune system flourishes
and every organ goes into alignment.

Therefore, the function of breaking up chaotic frequencies and
resonating any single part of the body into coherence,
is so that it can now receive and transmit flow through the whole system.

The function of resonating harmonic relationships between parts of the body
is so that the natural healing smooth flow of health may resume in the body.

The ultimate research is to use high end technologies to find the rhythm and melody of each of the 11 systems in the body tuned precisely to a person.  Then use needles with frequencies, microcurrents and infrared light to pulse that flow of music through each system to heal every disease in the world.  Stay tuned.

Energy and Intention
As shown by Dr. Emoto, if you focus love on water, it will create a beautiful geometric crystalline pattern when it freezes. If you focus any negativity on water (such as hate) it will form a discordant, chaotic pattern. Many other clinical studies (covered in Lynne McTaggart’s book, “The Intention Experiment”) have proven that your intention not only affects matter, it affects yourself and others. Quantum Physics actually explains how this works. It is all based on the main law of resonance — “A strong resonant frequency will overcome and entrain a weaker frequency into the same vibration as the stronger.”

Since everything is vibration, even an intention is vibration. Some intentions are pure frequencies, like sending love to someone. Some are more complex frequency combinations, like holding the energy of Love/Wisdom.  You can also hold a flowing intention, like running energy from the earth up through the feet and out the heart, while also running Spirit in to the top of. your head also out the heart — A flowing intention.

The more an intention is held with 100% focus without distraction, the more effective it is. If you hold an intention of healing love for someone in need, it will be exponentially more powerful when you hold it without distraction.

However, even more important, is when you get a room full of people holding an intention with 100% focus it can be unbelievably powerful. You get a roomful of people holding intention without distraction and you can practically heal just about anything. You can even begin to make good headway on the planet and humanity.

It has also been proven that intention gets embedded in recorded music. So when you play back the music it is carried by the sound to the listener.  In the classes we have students practice holding an intention with 100% concentration. We have done recording sessions in the classes where we tone with an intention for over an hour. We have held individual intentions of Unconditional Love, Healing for the Planet, Gratitude, Compassion, Joy and 100% Focus.  You can find the CD, “Holding Frequency,” HERE.

Smooth flow is the essence of health in the body – at every level physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This hierarchy can also be found at every level of reality including electromagnetics, color, light, geometry and the quantum field. It is also the basis of all Living Systems – including the earth’s ecosystems.



Sound and Music Research

You can find over 500 clinical papers on Sound and Music on our Sound Healing Research Foundation site:

The quality of research varies dramatically. Some only research a few individuals and don’t follow strict rules of scientific research, which include double blind tests. On the other extreme, there is research that is conducted with hundreds (even millions) of individuals that follow the strict guidelines and work hard to minimize any distortions or bias. We share the latter here.

Music Research
Research has shown that if you like the music you are listening to, it has a positive affect on you physically. However, there are certain aspects of sound that bypass your brain and go directly into your body. The eardrum is directly connected to every organ in the body except the spleen.

Research of Alfred Tomatis
Tomatis has done some of the extensive research on the ear. He discovered that you don’t normally make frequencies with the voice that you don’t hear. This is the basis of a lot of the voice analysis programs on the market. He has also shown that high frequencies activate and low frequencies calm. He has also studied the Stapedius muscle in the inner ear. It is the fastest muscle in the body and when not working well it is has been associated with learning disabilities and autism. There is a program called the Listening Program that helps activate this muscle to alleviate the problems associated with it.

Research of Jeffrey Thompson
Jeffrey has shown in his research that when you find and resonate your Root Soul frequency (he calls it the “Central Processor” frequency) all of the organs and systems in your body fall into alignment.

Physics of Sound
Science has described in detail how resonance works at many different levels. Everything has a resonant frequency that it naturally vibrates at. Everything! Resonance happens when a strong vibration causes something else to vibrate. This strong vibration can be in tune with nature – or not. Resonance is the key to using sound to make changes in your life and it is completely based on science. Science has even explained resonance at the quantum level, which is now beginning to explain our connections to each other as spiritual beings. It particularly explains how intention works. In the classes we go into detail on the 7 laws of resonance so you can explain what is really happening to the non-believers.

We can measure the resonant frequency of any physical matter and scientifically find it’s resonant frequency. The only problem is sometimes this procedure is too invasive on the body.

Physical Healing
We know how sound vibrates atoms and molecules. We know that when you vibrate something at its resonant frequency it actually receives energy. When you turn up the volume you can explode cells… similar to breaking a wine glass.

Brainwave Entrainment
It has been proven in many experiments using EEG that our brains entrain to any frequency that matches various brainwave states (alpha, theta, delta, etc.). Research also indisputably shows that when listening to headphones these binaural beat frequencies synchronize the left and right brain. This is major. Most people rarely have the left and right brain synchronize throughout the day. There is now research showing that you can entrain the brain into high states of meditation by creating brainwave maps that match high level meditators.

The books by Lynne McTaggart, “The Field” and “The Intention Experiments” explain in detail the serious scientific experiments that have been done that clearly prove that intention really works. Of course, there is also the work of Dr. Emoto that shows how intention affects the way that water freezes. Positive intentions create beautiful snow flake-like patterns. Negative intentions create ugly mush patterns.

Cymatics and Cymatherapy
Similar to Dr. Emoto’s work, the Cymascope by John Stuart Reid shows how sound creates beautiful mandala-like patterns in water droplets. These same patterns are also created in the body. John Reid has shown that when you find a sound that creates a cymatic that matches a cell you can explode the cell by playing the particular sound really loudly.

The Schumann Resonance
Schumann discovered a resonant frequency in the atmosphere that vibrates at 7.83 cycles per second. There are websites that monitor this frequency daily. This frequency entrains all brains on the planet into the brainwave state that is right on the threshold of theta and alpha. Because it has been around since the beginning of time, it has become a part of our makeup that we need. It is one our connections to nature. They have also discovered that astronauts are not as healthy when they go outside the atmosphere and don’t have it. Therefore, all astronauts are fed this frequency now. It is also obscured by electro-magnetism in the city, however we can use sound to get it back into our system.

Voice Analysis
There has been a huge amount of research showing that when your voice is missing certain frequencies that it can affect your health. One five year research project in hospitals showed that specific missing frequencies can be correlated to weaknesses in organs and even relate to specific diseases. Therefore, we can use the voice to see what frequencies we need to enhance our health.

The Healing Frequency of a Purr
Two separate research projects have found that the frequency of a cat’s purr (around 45 hertz) regenerates bones. If you ever have a broken bone, go buy some kitty treats!

Other Research

Physical Healing
• Research by Fabien Maman shows cancer cells being destroyed with sound in 14 minutes.

• A research project showed blood becoming whole after sound treatments.

• Another research showed that hemoglobin completely lights up when exposed to a particular frequency.

• In a research project performed at our Institute, I saw tremors go away completely in 90% of the Parkinson’s patients.

• There have been two clinical studies showing that specific frequencies actually create more bone density, regenerating the bones.

• A clinical study put on by neurologists showed that music calms the nervous system.
• Research studies by the National Institute of Health found that sound significantly helps mitigate symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.

• In another clinical study an Italian team showed that heart rate, blood pressure and breathing depth faithfully mirrored rising and falling sound levels in classical music. Earlier, the scientists had observed the same effect for changing musical tempos. These physiologic effects might intensify our emotional response to music and help explain how music works in people with neurological impairments such as stroke.

• There are several research studies on using sound for tinnitus (ringing in the ears). I know of many who have been cured by using specific sound techniques.

• Doctors have found that if a patient listens to 30 minutes a day of their favorite music, it does more than relax them mentally – it also benefits them physically by expanding and clearing blood vessels. It is believed to work by triggering the release into the bloodstream of nitric oxide, which helps to prevent the build-up of blood clots and harmful cholesterol.

• A Brazilian study found that Mozart’s music improved patients’ performance in a sight test aimed at checking peripheral vision of people with glaucoma.

• According to a paper in Journal of Advanced Nursing, listening to music can reduce chronic pain by up to 21 per cent. It can also make people feel more in control of their pain and less disabled by their condition.

• Several independent research studies show that specific frequencies improve measurements in EEG, EKG, thermogram, and enzyme levels. Another study showed improvement in the form of an increase in hyaluronic acid quality and concentration in joint lubrication.

Emotional Healing:
• According to a study in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, repeating mantras can help control the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, have a calming effect in traffic and even ease the boredom of exercise.

• A project led by a researcher from the University of Western Sydney has found that music therapy can help sick babies in intensive care maintain normal behavioral development, making them less irritable, upset and less likely to cry.

• A well-known neuromusicologist tested a wide range of music with patients and colleagues and found music that consistently made the brain work in a balanced way.

Mental Entrainment:
• The binaural-beat appears to be associated with an electroencephalographic (EEG) frequency-following response in the brain. Many studies have demonstrated the presence of a frequency-following response to auditory stimuli, recorded at the vertex of the human brain (top of the head). This EEG activity was termed “frequency-following response” because its period corresponds to the fundamental frequency of the stimulus (Smith, Marsh, & Brown, 1975).

• There have been numerous anecdotal reports and a growing number of research efforts reporting changes in consciousness associated with binaural-beats. “The subjective effect of listening to binaural beats may be relaxing or stimulating, depending on the frequency of the binaural-beat stimulation” (Owens & Atwater, 1995). Binaural beats in the delta (1 to 4 Hz) and theta (4 to 8 Hz) ranges have been associated with reports of relaxed, meditative, and creative states (Hiew, 1995), and used as an aid to falling asleep.

• One colleague reports hundreds of success stories getting rid of ADD and ADHD with Binaural Beats.

• One of our instructors previously used music to help Alzheimer’s patents “wakeup.” One patient began speaking for the first time after 8 years! A clinical study showed that music raises melatonin levels and improves behavior and sleeping problems.

• Certain musical components in Mozart’s music have been shown in research to activate the brain enhancing learning processes.


Brainwave Entrainment and Binaural Beats

The effect of rhythms to entrain the brain into Delta (sleep), Theta (creativity and being in “the zone”), Alpha (presence and learning), Beta (thinking and overcoming ADD/ADHD), Gamma (blissing out). 

Binaural beats are created when two tones are detuned from each other by a small amount. When you have two speakers playing the two different frequencies simultaneously, the two sounds cancel each other out as they physically meet in space. For example, if you have 100 hertz and 102 hertz you will hear the difference tone of 2 hertz. And, because this is in the frequency range of Delta, it will entrain our brain into that brainwave state, normally within one minute. The science on this is well proven. If you hook up an EEG unit to your brain (which picks up brainwave frequencies), you will see the brain synchronize to the rhythm.

This has opened up an entire field of brainwave entrainment CD’s (just do a search on the web for “binaural beats”). The Monroe Institute calls it Hemisync. Centerpointe calls it Holosync. You will find 100’s of songs with binaural beats on YouTube.

There are many issues that brainwave entrainment can help with based on the type of brainwave it creates:

1 . Epsilon | < .5 cycles per second | Deep Delta also shows up in a high state of meditation. Lower frequencies of .1 cycles per second happen when in a state of love.

2. Delta | .5 – 3.5 cycles per second | This is the frequency that your brain vibrates at when you are in deep sleep. Deep sleep is a very powerful state — it is when we are directly connected to Source being regenerated. Therefore, these frequencies can be used to help you to get to sleep and to sleep throughout the night. They can also be used to give you needed rest without having to go into complete sleep. Delta is also associated with deep meditative states so it can also be use to entrain you into a state of deep peace.

3. Theta | 3.5 – 7 cycles per second | This is the frequency your brain goes into when dreaming. This could also be daydreaming. It is actually a very creative state where people often receive downloads or other creative inspiration. Therefore, it can be used before doing any type of creative brainstorming or artistic endeavors. Theta is also a state that you go into when listening to the Shaman’s drumming in Journey Work.

4. Alpha | 7-13 cycles per second | Alpha is relaxed attention. It is the ideal state for learning and sports. It is also a very creative state, particularly when problem solving intuitively versus mentally. It is very powerful state that can be extremely helpful for better concentration.  It can also help with memory loss.

5. Beta | 13-20 cycles per second | Beta is our normal day to day waking consciousness, especially when doing mental processing such as studying, thinking about your schedule, figuring out anything, or reading this text. The main type of ADD is where the brain doesn’t go fast enough to access Beta. Therefore, they commonly prescribe speed. However, you can simply listen to binaural beats and entrain the brain into Beta to overcome ADD with no side effects.

6. Gamma | > 20 cycles per second | Gamma shows up when in a high state of meditation and is associated with a state of bliss.

As mentioned, binaural beats are way more effective when they are tuned to the rhythm that a person’s brain would naturally be at when in a particular brainwave state. We provide the assessment to find your brain’s rhythm here:

Left/Right Brain Syncronization
Whenever, we listen to any rhythm, whether is any drum beat or rhythm in music, the breath of a purring cat, a washing machine, or the slow oscillation of a crystal bowl — we can be entrained into a specific brainwave state associated with that rhythm.
However, when you wear headphones, you get a second benefit. When you listen to one sound in the left ear it goes to the right brain. The sound in the right ear goes to the left brain. The brain then connects the two frequency across the Corpus Callosum — the part of the brain that normally functions to connect the two sides of the brain. When the left and right brain are synchronized this is our optimal state. Most people are rarely in a state of left/right brain synchronization, so it is quite incredible to be able to access this state almost immediately simply by listening to binaural beats on headphones.

Tingshas are an ancient way of synchronizing the brain as they can be held so one frequency is in the left ear and the other is in the right ear.

The Schumann Resonance
There is a really auspicious frequency that occurs in our atmosphere. It is an electromagnetic frequency that resonates between the earth and the ionosphere and it is triggered by lightning. And, lightning strikes somewhere in the atmosphere just about every second. The frequency is 7.83 hertz and is on the threshold of Alpha and Theta. You can listen to it here:

This frequency entrains every brain on the planet into Alpha/Theta. And, because it has been doing this for millions of years, we have become addicted to it — rather, it is part of the frequency spectrum of who we are as beings on this planet. In one way, it is our connection to the Earth (or, at least, our atmosphere). The only problem is this electromagnetic frequency is obscured by the electromagnetism in a city (Many people say that can actually hear it out in the countryside). NASA has found that we can actually get sick if we are missing this frequency. Therefore astronauts now get the frequency electromagnetically while in space. In fact, one our instructors actually has a watch that pulses at the 7.83 hertz.

Brain Map Entrainment
As mentioned above, entraining the brain into an entire brain map of a specific state of consciousness has such an incredible potential. When you are in a state of gratitude, love or joy — there is not anxiety or depression. We are on the threshold of completely overcoming most mental/emotional issues. 


Sound and Emotions

Releasing Emotions with Sound
As babies we were professional Sound Healers – if you had anything going on you automatically let it out with a sound – “Wahhh.”  Then around 2 they tell us to be quiet – “Shhhhh.” And, we lose that God given ability to release stuck emotions with sound.  

Stuck emotions are like music that gets stuck like a broken record. Healthy emotions are meant to flow on through. They flow smoothly to the last note of the song.

Emotions are also like different timbres or sounds. The emotions that can hurt you (when held too long) are like dissonant, staticky and chaotic tonalities. Whereas the emotions that support our health are the ones that are associated with stable, consistent vibrations like the vowels. This would be like gratitude, compassion, love and joy.  

When an emotion begins to hurt you in any way face it and use sound to transform it into a harmonious emotion. Don’t ever allow yourself to hurt yourself. 

In the classes we go over many techniques to face and release emotions with sound.

Transforming Negative Beliefs
One technique is to identify a negative belief, then turn it around backwards and make the sound of it to get it into your body. The tricky part is to turn it around backwards in a way that your subconscious believes it is true. This can be difficult sometimes.  Ultimately, all negative beliefs are illusions. The truth is that you are a perfect Spirit in every way.




Sound and Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness can be defined in many ways. It can be as simple as gratitude, compassion, love and joy. With EEG we can now precisely show when a person is in Unity Consciousness where they are One with the Universe.

Multi-Awareness to Access Oneness
Whenever, you tune into more than one thing at a time — simultaneously — your brain actually goes into Theta. For example, watching sparkles on the ocean can put you into Theta as you start to see waves of light move across the water. In this state “you” disappear, and you become only the experience. This also happens when listening to more than one sound at a time as in a song. You’ve probably had the experience where it seems like you become the music. This state where “you” disappear is the same experience reported when a person enters into oneness with everything in the Universe. Therefore, you can use multiple sounds as a portal to access this incredible and profound state of bliss. In the classes we work with this technique to help you access “oneness.” 

When you are at one with all you are in a state of Theta. Therefore, you can use Binaural Beats tuned to you to entrain you into this state.

As previously, mentioned entraining your brain into your own natural state of bliss can be done these days with electrodes that are pulsing different frequencies on different parts of the brain.

Using sound, micro-currents and light together we now help just about anyone access these higher states of consciousness. The future is looking really bright.




Your Home Note vs. All Frequencies

There are two main schools of thought in the field of Sound Healing. You need one home note or you need all frequencies.

Your Home Note
Research has now shown that each of us has a home note that we each vibrate at. This frequency is most apparent when you are centered, grounded or in love. The frequency also naturally emanates from you when you are in a state of perfect presence and awareness of now.

There are many frequencies that distract us from our own. There are sounds of the city, phones, cars, trucks, trains, planes, electricity, and electromagnetism. There are the chaotic and distracted frequencies of disconnected people around us. Probably the most difficult are the distracting frequencies within us — such as chaotic and stressful thoughts and pains. With all the chaos and inconsistency around us, no wonder it is so easy to lose your frequency.

When you are consistently in your home note you are especially centered and peaceful. When you find and get to know your resonant frequency you can use it to help lead you back to yourself where you totally comfortable in your skin, and at peace in any situation.

If you are a sensitive person you can find your resonant frequency by simply tuning into yourself and listening for it. In the classes we do several tests to find it.

You can then use this frequency to resonate yourself back to your core in several ways. Simply toning can do it, but there is nothing like listening to a song in your key on a sound table. It powerfully resonates your frequency through every cell of your body. Most people get off the sound table in a state of profound stillness. You can also listen to a song in your key (we have a few of our songs in every key). You can also ultimately get a Crystal Bowl in your key (I just love my “B” bowl), or even get a tuning fork. Then whenever you feel a little “whacked out” or off center you can use your CD or instrument to bring you back home.

You can also use this note to connect to access your actual Soul. We assume that your Soul note is where you are at peace in your body (unless God is messing with us). Your soul carries an array of information about you and your purpose in this lifetime as well as containing a direct connection to Source and all the information that is. When in alignment with the frequency of your Soul you are in alignment with both nature and Spirit.

Every Frequency is a Nutrient
Based on the research of Alfred Tomatis, every frequency is a nutrient. If any frequency is missing because of physical or emotional trauma it can cause lasting physical or emotional issues. The primary way to find missing frequencies is through Voice Analysis
( You then listen to the missing notes/frequencies to get them back in your body so you have a good balance — similar to vitamin therapy. 




Geometry and Cymatics

Sacred Geometry

You can also look at geometry based on the Hierarchy of Vibration.

The circle or sphere is like a frequency.


Many circles create a timbre or combination of frequencies.   
In fact, you can get all geometries in the Universe by adding circles together.


The relationship between two geometries is a musical interval relationship. 

Spinning or moving geometries are like music flowing.

Then you add energy and you have a whole other level.

Corresponding Sound and Geometry

The primary way to correspond sound and geometry is by the musical interval relationships between various sides of an image.   If you have a pyramid with one side that is 3 inches and another side is 2 inches that is a musical 5th, which is a 3:2 relationship (if one note is 100 hertz, the other will be 150 hertz).  

Our instructor, Randy Masters has measured the relationship between all the sides of the triangles in the Sri Yantra and created chimes with the same musical interval relationships:

Every Geometrical shape corresponds to a sound mathematically. That means every organ and part of the body have a corresponding timbre based precisely on the shape itself.  This also means that every geometrical structure in the entire Universe has a corresponding sound

“In nature, we find patterns, designs and structures from the most minuscule particles, to expressions of life discernible by human eyes, to the greater cosmos. These inevitably follow geometrical archetypes, which reveal to us the nature of each form and its vibrational resonances. They are also symbolic of the underlying metaphysical principle of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. It is this principle of oneness underlying all geometry that permeates the architecture of all form in its myriad diversity. This principle of interconnectedness, inseparability and union provides us with a continuous reminder of our relationship to the whole, a blueprint for the mind to the sacred foundation of all things created.”
– Bruce Rawles

The archetypal patterns of geometry are often called Sacred because they are part of the actual structure of the entire universe.

The kings chamber in the Great Pyramid has very specific chords setup by the resonance created by the distances between each of the walls (Width, Depth, and Height).  The Kings Chamber has been designed so when you tone these 3 notes you are transported into higher states of consciousness. 


The Golden Spiral is based on the Golden Mean ratio.


This ratio is found throughout all life in nature.


When a person is transmitting love, the heart actually creates a sound that is made up of golden mean ratios.

Cymatics – How sound affects matter.   

Light shining through water vibrated by sound

Cymatics, the study of wave phenomena, is a science pioneered by Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist, Hans Jenny (1904-1972). For 14 years he conducted experiments animating inert powders, pastes, and liquids into life-like, flowing forms, which mirrored patterns found throughout nature, art and architecture. What’s more, all of these patterns were created using simple sine wave vibrations (pure tones) within the audible range. So what you see is a physical representation of vibration, or how sound manifests into form through the medium of various materials.  Dr. Jenny’s methodology was meticulous, well documented, and totally repeatable. 

John Stuart Reid has taken Cymatic imagery to a whole new level.  John invented the cymascope that shows geometries in small water droplets being vibrated with sound.  Each one of these images are different frequencies vibrating a water droplet.


The truth is that sound creates these dynamic mandala-like pattern in every water molecule of your entire body. And, since your body is 90% water, the effect on your whole system is dramatic. In fact, your entire body (especially your skin) is actually an ear. When you consider the findings of Dr. Emoto, which prove that your intention changes the structure of water, then it becomes clear how sound and intention can create extraordinary changes in your body and consciousness.

The images inspire a deep recognition that we, too, are part and parcel of this same complex and intricate vibrational matrix.




 Ultrasound, Microcurrents, Color, Light and the Quantum Field

Ultrasound is just a very high frequency of sound.   Ultrasound can be used to explode things like kidney stones with destructive resonance.  It is also being used to resonate certain microtubules in the brain to active higher states of consciousness like Oneness.

Microcurrents are a form of electromagnetism.  There is an entire field of microcurrent devices that are using specific frequencies on the body.  Anthony Holland and Royal Rife used electromagnetic frequencies to cure many diseases.

Color and Light
Color and light are also electromagnetic energy.  Many are using LED’s, lasers, and infrared light on the body.

Each of these levels of energy can create full spectrum of vibration based on the hierarchy of vibration.  The healing devices of the future will be working at all levels of vibrations including pure frequencies, timbres, intervals, music and energy.  Again…

Smooth flow is the key to creating health and higher consciousness at every level of reality.

Working at all levels of vibration including sound, electromagnetics, light and the quantum field is the most effective.
The more ways you lead a horse to water, the more chances it will drink.


You Could Use in a Sound Healing Practice

There is such a wide range of technologies in the field.   The big difference is between assessment devices versus playback devices.   Some do both.  There are also devices that do sound, electromagnetics, light and quantum energy.  Here are some of the technologies that we offer at the Institute.  You can find all the technologies at


Voice Analysis

Voice Analysis programs are based on the idea that everything about you including your divine template of perfection that you were born with and every way that you and society have screwed it up is carried within the notes and harmonics of your voice.  Different physical and emotional issues can cause frequencies to drop out.  Once you do an analysis you listen to frequencies and notes and tone along with them to get the frequencies back into your system so you have a balance of all frequencies — so energy can flow again.

VibroAcoustic Tools

Smooth consistent bass frequencies play through the speakers (transducers) in each of the devices vibrating you or a specific part of the body into peace, while life transforming music plays into your ears and brain creating profound blissful states.
It all contributes to homeostasis — physically, mentally, emotionally and even Spiritually.  CLICK HERE to see the details of the products.




These devices create amazing colors and geometrical shapes that enhance the music tremendously.  Your brain also creates its own amazing colors and geometrical shapes.  Extremely helpful for Depression.  GO NOW


Support the mission of the Research Foundation. 
You can make a general donation or earmark it for any particular division or research project.

Sound Therapy with VibroAcoustics 

Music and VibroAcoustics combined have been profoundly effective in bringing clients to a deep state of peace and stillness. This is also the ideal state to then provide any other cognitive therapies.

There are over a dozen research projects on VibroAcoustic therapies alone. Ongoing International studies attest to the effectiveness as an intervention for clinical populations in the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, migraine headaches, gastrointestinal ulcers, Raynaud’s disease, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, polyarthritis, sports injury, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, autism, insomnia, depression, and anxiety disorders. 

Over the last 10 years graduate students at our Sound Healing Institute have had assignments to create treatment plans for a wide range of issues including Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Dementia. We have collated, refined and tested these treatment plans over the years to develop highly effective plans. You can access these treatment plans at



There is nothing better for Relaxation and Stress Reduction than the Sound Lounge/Table.  Sound and music with consistent low frequencies dramatically lower heart and respiration rates and blood pressure to reduce stress and oxygen consumption.  Not only do the low frequencies entrain the body into a coherent peaceful state, but the music with the binaural beats also lull a person into a deep state of relaxation.  If you have anything going on emotionally, simply spend 10 minutes on the lounge/table and it will not only be gone mentally/emotionally, but will also be gone physically out of your body. 


The consistent peaceful vibrations easily overcome any anxiety, no matter how strong.  The lounges have been used with over 4000 first responders and have been proven to overcome severe anxiety.  However, if someone is really sensitive, fragile or subject to having panic attacks then the vibration could be too much.  Always test the amount of vibration and volume in the room or headphones when working with someone that is really sensitive.  


Ed Rupert uses the Sound Lounge for First Responders who are in crisis in Colorado.  Ed has contracts with over 75% of the Police and Fire Stations in Colorado.  If anyone has a crisis (like about to commit suicide) Ed brings the Sound Lounge out in a van and puts them on it.  He has now saved 150 lives in the last year.  Because of this, the lounges are now being placed in over 75 ER units throughout Colorado.

One of our students is using the Sound Lounge for PTSD treatments in the VA hospital in Sacramento, California and has had practically a 100% success rate in dramatically transforming the PTSD.


There are a few research papers on the subject. Three of our previous students have used a variety of sound healing treatments, including Sound Tables/Lounges, and now no longer have fibromyalgia.


Music has been proven to enhance intelligence, learning and IQ, reading and literacy skills, spatial-temporal reasoning, mathematical abilities, emotional intelligence, memory performance, concentration and attention. Tuning the music to a person’s natural brainwave rhythms when they are at rest makes the brainwave entrainment even more effective.


The number one thing that boosts the immune system is being at peace.  Being at peace physically, mentally, emotionally and even Spiritually is the very best for maximizing the immune response.  This allows for all organs to come back into alignment.


Brain injuries create chaotic rhythms across the brain.  Tuning the music and Binaural Beat brainwave rhythms to the natural rhythm of the person’s brain’s before the injury has been incredibly effective in getting the brain back to its own natural healthy consistent rhythm — dramatically increasing recovery time.  Doing a Brainwave Assessment then playing music on the Sound Lounge/Table for each of the brainwave states of Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma tuned to the person is one of the best ways to get the person back to where they can focus and enjoy smooth flow of energy through the brain.


The Sound Therapy Center has had amazing results just by putting individuals on the Sound Lounge/Table who have had strokes.

The Sound Lounge/Table is the best for restoring flow through the whole nervous system and brain.  Music tuned to you is the best way to get the brain back into its natural, consistent rhythm.



There are two main ways to work with pain.  One is to get a person blissed out so they forget about the pain.  Doing this also creates endorphins in the brain, which actually do reduce the pain.  The Sound Lounge/Table is the best at bringing a person into a relaxed blissful state with the music and vibration combination. 

Brainwave states of Alpha have also been shown to help reduce pain.  Using Brainwave CD’s tuned to the person are even more helpful. This technique has been used by dentists for years, and is now becoming quite common before, during and after surgery.

Second, is to play frequencies directly on the body to resonate that specific part of the body into its natural healthy state.  This is not just distraction, this is actually regeneration (See more info below on using the Bass Pod/Belt with the Cymatic Frequencies).

Using both methods is an extremely effective protocol for pain management.  So much so that several graduates from the Sound Healing Institute have now set up Pain Management Centers using the Sound Lounge/Table and the Bass Pod/Belt.

In one study on Sound Lounges, they measured the physiological and behavioral effectiveness of these interventions with 272 patients and found over 50% reduction of pain and symptoms. A study at Duke University Medical Center also reported significant pain reduction for 20 women who had surgery for various cancers. Also at Duke, patients who received vibroacoustic physical therapy following total knee replacements showed increased range of motion. 


There are many research projects (particularly those by Jeffrey Thompson) that show the effectiveness of using Binaural Beats within the range of .5 to 4 hertz to entrain the brain into Delta for sleep — particularly when the Binaural Beats are tuned to you by doing a brainwave assessment. Besides using the music and VibroAcoustics before bedtime, the research also shows that by reducing the amount of stress in the body and mind throughout the day, the body is better able to drop into deep sleep at night. 



The Sound Healing Research Foundation did research with 12 Parkinson’s patients using VibroAcoustic Therapy. Symptoms were reduced on average by 75%.  While it is not a cure for Parkinson’s, it was found that those that purchased the lounge were able to sleep better at night and get off of their medications. Vibrating the body with sound is especially effective for any muscular or neurological issues.



Alertness and Focus
The ideal state for sports is Body Relaxed, Mind Awake.  The research of Alfred Tomatis shows that low frequencies calm the body and high frequencies activate the mind.  Therefore, having lows vibrations on the body with Sound Lounge/Table and high frequencies in the speakers/headphones is ideal for sports preparation. 

Also, Binaural Beats within the Alpha range (7-12 hertz) stimulate the brain into activity — particularly when tuned to the person. 

If there is an injury, the Sound Lounge’s consistent vibrations will help overcome the chaotic vibration of the injury, and the music helps relax the mind so the fastest possible healing can take place. 

However, the most effective treatment for injury is to use the Cymatic Frequency CDs with the Bass Pod/Belt placed on the affected area (if not too sensitive).  The effectiveness is profound for not only overcoming pain, but also resonating that part of the body back into its healthy state before the injury happened.




Cymatic Frequencies played directly on the affected area (if not too sensitive) are shockingly effective.  So much so that Kaiser Hospital commonly refers patients to us for pain management.   There are so many miraculous stories. 

One person couldn’t walk after getting a massage on the lower back.  After 15 minutes using the Bass Belt strapped on the lower back, all pain was gone and never came back.

Another had whiplash and had been experiencing pain nonstop between 7 and 9 (on a scale of 1-10) for over two years.  After 20 minutes with the Bass Pod, his pain was down to 2 for the first time since the accident.  



Receiving Love and Connecting to Spirit

Facilitating inner peace, balance, well-being, spiritual awareness, interconnectedness and a feeling of oneness with fellow humans and nature. Facilitating inner peace, balance, well-being, and spiritual awareness. Certain sounds and music have been shown to more consistently evoke such feelings, as shown by research.



The Sound Lounge Center and any of its products do not diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease. If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult an appropriate health care professional. The Therapy Center information and offerings have not been evaluated by any government agency or regulatory organization — including the FDA. We can legally say the treatments do provide relaxation and stress relief, which has been shown to be a contributor to most issues emotionally and physically. There is ample research showing the effectiveness of the techniques and we have quoted them where appropriate.