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Sound Healing Music

Music based on science and inspired by Spirit – with binaural beats embedded for positive brainwave entrainment.

Music for Sound Tables

The same CDs that include a massive amount of bass to vibrate you into bliss.

Sound Healing Guided Meditations

Full range of CDs including Relaxation, Sleep, Pain Relief, and Unconditional Love. Also CDs for PreO, During Surgery, and PostOp

Cyma Frequency CDs

The most well researched frequencies in the field. Place your headphones on the affected area on your body. Perfect companion for the Bass Strap or Vest.

Sound Healing Book

How sound affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. Top selling book in the field.

Audio Recording Books and Videos

The Art of Mixing” - #1 selling book in the field of Audio Recording. Also, the top selling “The Art of Producing.

Sound Healing Videos

Beautiful nature videos with time lapse and slow motion video and inspiring heart opening music.

Sound Lounges

Powerful convertible chair/bed for Relaxation, Sleep, Pain Relief, Emotional Issues, Parkinson’s and PTSD.

Sound Tables

Massage table with transducers mounted on the bottom. Get vibrated while getting a massage. Excellent with the Biomat on top.

Sound Pillows and Dolphins

Powerful vibrating tools that you can hug. Especially effective when you are sandwiched between the Sound Lounge and a Pillow or Dolphin

Bass Strap and Bass Vest

Get vibrations localized on the body. Works with Music and the Cymatic Frequency CDs. Nothing better for pain, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, bones and blissing out.

Alchemy Bowls

Bowls with different Crystals, Metals and Elements. The energy of the element is transferred directly into your body through the harmonics they create.

Classic Frosted Bowls

Quartz crystal bowls that excellent for meditation, toning, and energy work.

Tibetan Bowls

Hand made bowls from Nepal. Â Some antiques. Â Embedded with Prayer while being hammered into tune. Â Also, manufactured Zen bowls with a beautiful pure tone.


Angelic pure sound from quartz crystal tubes. Especially effective when held and played around the body in a treatment.


Deep vibrating low frequencies that are the best for breaking up blockages and stuck energy.


Full range of gongs tuned to planets that include the widest perspective of frequencies for the ultimate clearing of emotional and physical energies.

Drums and Rattles

Native Americans have long used the white noise from Rattles for clearing. Drums entrain the heart and brainwaves into stable rhythms.


Subtle Angelic Koshi Chimes for opening the third eye and crown chakras.

Tuning Forks and Sound Tubes

Full range of tuning forks and sound tubes with special metals tuned to auspicious frequencies.

Melodic Instruments: Sansulas (Kalimbas), Freenote (Xylophones), Handpans

A Sansula is a thumb organ with a resonant chamber. Freenotes are xylophones. Handpans have precious harmonics. All easy to play.

Voice Analysis Harmony

Every thing about you is carried in the sound of your voice. Based on years of research on people with different issues the VAH program provides information on what is going on with you, and provides a frequency remedy.


An advanced technology that puts out scalar waves into the room using Tesla-like coils that activate 7 noble gases. Plays frequencies that activate higher consciousness. Also can do a voice analysis and play the frequencies that are missing in you.


High-Tech Negative Ion and Infrared Ray Treatment System that facilitates the bodies own ability to rejuvenate.

GIA Water Frequency

The patented i-H2O Activation System is the most effective hydration technology available today.


A downloadable software that creates flashing lights synched to sound for Brainwave Entrainment.

Sound Chambers

Sacred temples based on ancient sacred geometry principles with inspiration and details from higher sources. Extremely powerful for transformation of consciousness – not only personally but for the planet.

Sound Rooms

Tools and technologies for creating your own Sound and Light room in a Spa or Therapy Room.

Sacred Geometry Pendants

Pendants that not only look beautiful but also resonant archetypal patterns of nature into your system just by looking at them.

Sacred Geometry Structures

Archetypal geometries to resonate these patterns of perfection into your room and body.

Brain Machines

Flashing lights synchronized to different brainwave states (Delta, Theta, Alpha) entrain your brain into relaxation and activated higher consciousness.

Light Labyrinth

Complex computer generated programs of stunning light and color effects, which are projected into the fractal planes and fissures of medium to large quartz crystals.


Magnificent crystals for energy work. Many with spectacular rainbows.

Crystal Clusters

Full arrays of crystals coming together to entrain your space and create amazing crystal grids.


Gemstones for healing and raising consciousness.