Chakra Guided Meditation
The goal of this video is to tune into all 7 chakras simultaneously. The chakras are based on Frequencies instead of notes. Instead of each chakra being a different note, they are all the same note (C tuned to A 432 hz.) at different Octaves. By doing it this, when all chakras are playing simultaneously you get the full range of the frequency spectrum from low to high. This is nice because based on the research of Alfred Tomatis, every frequency is a nutrient. Also, when all chakra are playing simultaneously it creates a perfectly harmonious chord, the way chakras feel when all humming together with the kundalini energy flowing through them. Enjoy.

Unconditional Divine Love
Examples of Unconditional Love with Music Embedded with the Quantum Field of Universal Love

Sound of Gratitude
Tone the Sound of everything you can be Grateful for.

De-Stress with Unconditional Love and Nature
Spectacular HD visuals of nature in slow motion with music to open your heart, activate your brain, and bring you into a deep state of peace

All Hearts Connected Meditation
A meditation visualizing what it will be like when everyone on the planet is living in love and light all the time.
Visualize it, make the sound of it and so it is.

Power of Love Concert
With many of our Instructors at the Institute

Gratitude Toning
This is a class project where we focused our intentions consistently on the energy of gratitude. We held our intentions with 100% focus while toning. There are also Binaural Beats embedded in the song that entrain your brain into Theta.  TONE ALONG.


A Detailed Overview of the whole field of Sound Healing with David Gibson.
From the 9th International Sound Healing Conference.

First Medical Sound Association Meeting
The Medical Sound Association is a group of doctors, sound healers and sound therapists coming together to create treatment protocols and safety guidelines for using sound and music for medical issues. The primary goal is to help bring Sound into the Medical side of hospitals (as opposed to the Integrative Therapy side).  The Association is developing detailed guidelines for carrying out research using sound and music to cure every disease in the world. All treatments will be performed by medical professionals.

First Sound Education Association Meeting
The Sound Healing Research Foundation received a $100,000 grant to develop a sound curriculum for children for two Montessori schools. With our staff of 20 instructors at the Globe Sound Healing Institute, we developed over 2500 exercises for children from 3 months to 18 years old. Every exercise is based on the latest 30 books on brain development for children at different age and learning levels. Five hundred exercises are complete and now being offered for home schooling through the website,

Art of Mixing Video with David Gibson
How to create different structures of mixes using a 3D visual framework.
Video from the 90’s with a big mustache and lots of trippy visuals.

BBS Radio Podcast with David Gibson
How to Access Oneness with Sound

BBS Radio Podcast with David Gibson
Frequency Physiology of the Body