The Institute has multiple class rooms that have been decorated with the intention of
providing a beautiful sacred space
that resonates love and light
while you are in any room in the building.

Students at the Institute get to use any of the our equipment
whenever we have labs or do treatments on each other, or on the public.

The main classroom is lit beautifully.
It has that peaceful energy that makes you softly go “Whoa” when you walk in.

We do treatments on each other right in the classroom.

The Therapy Room has an abundant array of angels that hang out there.

For the Audio Recording Classes we have 3 Recording Studios


• Crystal & Tibetan Bowls
• Tuning Forks
• Heart Monitor – Galvanic Skin Response
• VoiceBio Voice Analysis
• IQube Voice Analysis
• The Portacle Software
• Visible Body 3D Body Imaging Software
• Nutri-Energetics
• Mac Pro Computers
• Raven Software for slowing down nature sounds


Studio A
• Digidesign Protools HD
• 16 Input D-A Interface
• Digidesign Control 24 Control Surface
• EV Sentry 100 Studio Monitors
• Macintosh Computer
• Kurzweil 2500 Keyboard/Sampler
• 2 Purple Audio Compressor Limiters
• Alesis Speakers

Studio Be (Main Classroom)
• Digidesign ProTools 12
• Digidesign Mbox
• 15 Microphones
• Soundcraft 800 24×8 Mixer
• Yamaha NS40M Speakers
• Yamaha NS20 Speakers
• Rane ME 30 Graphic EQ
• Event Speakers
• BGW Power Amp
• Urei 838 Studio Monitors
• Hafler Power Amp
• Macintosh Computer
• The Virtual Mixer 3D Visual Mixing Software (prototype)

Studio C
• Digidesign ProTools12
• Digidesign Mbox
• Macintosh Computer
• Rane Headphone Amp
• 15 Mic Stands
• Snake
• Lexicon MPX100

Globe Institute of Recording and Production
351 9th St. #202
(between Harrison and Folsom Streets)
San Francisco, CA 94103
415 777-2486