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Appendix A
Frequency Healing Modes

Assessment Tools for Finding Frequencies

There are two different ways that frequencies can be approached:

  1. Finding “Good” Frequencies – The actual resonant frequency of the object: cell, organ, part of the body, etc. Based on physics, it is well-known that if you play the inherent frequency of an object it feeds the object energy. If you turn the volume up too much then it explodes the object.
  2. Finding “Bad” Frequencies and Remedies – There are two categories of remedies:
    a) Using frequency to break up blockages, stuck energy or pathogens.
    b) Harmonizing – Simply resonating coherent energies other than that of the object – For example, Love, Light or the pure energy of Spirit.
    c) Remedy

Techniques for Finding “Bad” Frequencies, “Good” Frequencies, or Remedies

  1. Intuitively – You just know and go right to it.
  1. Frequency Sweep – Out loud, silently and intuitively. Out loud for rooms, caves, showers, chambers in the body and sometimes organs. Silent frequency sweep for cells, diseases, organs, bones, tissues, and endocrine glands.
  1. Muscle Testing or Pendulum – Muscle test each of the 12 notes on keyboard.  You can also use a tone generator or with a voice frequency sweep.
  1. Timbre Sweep – Vowels or Instrument
  1. Frequency Charts – Find the remedy, pathogen, “good” frequency, emotion, or energy.
    a. Radionics / Rife – Electromagnetic Frequencies
    b. Chinese mapping – Gives notes or pitch (not frequencies)
    c. Qi Gong – Provides notes and Sounds for different organs
  1. Galvanic Skin Response – Measurement of tension based on sweat. Play the frequencies until you find the one that creates the least tension.
  1. Voice Analysis –
  1. Other Medical Devices – There are a full range of devices that get really detailed.
    a. Quantum Devices – Nutri-Energetics System, QXCI, Zyto (voice mapping)
    b. Electronic Devices – Asyra by GTech
    c. Kirlian Photography and GDV – Aura Reading devices. GDV (Karatkof)
  1. Gematria and Numerology – Based on converting letters in the word to numbers.
  1. Trial and Error


Techniques for Finding the  “Good” Frequencies only

  1. Heart Monitor – Look for heart coherence (smooth S curve). Jeffrey Thompson has a heart monitor that shows the balance of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic, and he tests each note (or frequency) looking for when your system goes into balance.
    2. Take Pulse
  2. Measurement of the Object
  3. Size of Organ – Larger the organ the lower the frequency.
  4. Material – Based on size, tension, density and thickness.


Frequency Healing Modes


Once you find the frequency there are 14 techniques for working with it:

Breaking up “Bad”                                                                      Resonating “Good” Frequencies

  1. Resonate it at its Resonant Freq                                        1.  Resonate it at its Resonant Freq   
  2. Homeopathy                                                                           2.  Homeopathy
  3. Meet and Recognize                                                             3.  Meet and Recognize
  4.  Meet, Transform, Harmonize                                             4. Make the Sound the Body Needs
  5. Binaural Beats                                                                        5.  Balance the Full Range of Frequencies
  6. Phase Cancellation                                                               6.  Resonate the Root/Soul Frequency
  7.  Reciprocal frequencies                                                       7.  Resonate Higher Vibrations


Techniques for Breaking Up “Bad” Frequencies

  1. Homeopathy concept – Match the frequency of the problem to trigger the body’s own healing response.
  1. Meet, Recognize, Breakup, Create Remedy – Very similar to the Homeopathy concept. Find the resonant frequency of the culprit and break it up with the sound, or make the sound of the remedy.
  1. Binaural Beats – Go above and below it slightly in frequency, which creates Binaural Beats with its resonant frequency and also explodes it (examples of this technique include Cymatherapy, my intuitive healer, Amrita getting rid of her breast tumor).   Phasing (changing phase relationship) actually has the same effect of going above and below the frequency breaking up the issue.   Crystal bowls are the best example of a natural instrument creating Phasing.
  1.  Meet, Transform, and Harmonize the culprit by matching it’s sound and then slowing transforming the sound into a harmonious sound.
  1. Resonate it at its Resonant Frequency – If you turn up the volume up really loud (voice, instrument or tone generator) you can explode the culprit.
  1. Phase Cancellation Intuitively I feel that this just hides the issue… because that’s what phase cancellation does to two sounds where they meet … they then keep going.    
  1.  Reciprocal frequencies – Once you know the frequency… divide it into 1 to get the reciprocal frequency – then octavize it up until it is in the frequency range of sound.


Techniques for Resonating “Good” Frequencies

  1. Resonate it at its Resonant Frequency – Turn up the volume just a bit (voice, instrument or tone generator) and you feed it energy. 
  1. Meet and Recognize – Very similar to the Homeopathy concept. Make the sound that the part of the body wants to make. Connecting and letting Spirit come through you makes this technique way more powerful.
  1. Make the sound that you think or feel the body needs. Make the sound of what’s right.   Connect and let Spirit do its thing.
  1. Resonate the Root/Soul Frequency – As shown and/or practiced by Alice Bailey, Jeffrey Thompson, Barbara Hero, Wayne Perry, Sharry Edwards, Joel Andrews, and David Gibson – there is particular core frequency for each person that when resonated harmonizes the entire system.  This frequency naturally emanates from the person when they are at peace. 
  1.  Resonate Higher Vibrations – Not focusing on the issue at all.  Simply resonating love, light, joy, gratitude, appreciation or pure spirit. This also includes the concept that dis-ease is held together by a certain structure of a variety of sounds that create an atmosphere within which the disharmony exists. When you breakup this sound structure by introducing a more harmonious sound structure, the dis-ease no longer can exist.
  1. Balancing all Frequencies – Based on Alfred Tomatis’ research, Sharry Edwards, and Kae Thompson-Liu (VoiceBio) all frequencies are nutrients and we need the full range. When you are missing certain frequencies it can cause a wide range of problems.  Therefore, providing someone a full range of frequencies for their system to fill in the gaps, or providing the specific frequencies the system is missing can create healing.
  1. Homeopathy concept – Resonate what is right with the “elementals.”