These techniques are not about healing Parkinson’s (although we keep our sights on that goal). This is about symptom alleviation – lessening of tremors, more freedom of movement, sleep enhancement, and general enhancement of quality of life. But even more importantly it is about transforming your perception of Parkinson’s so it becomes an ally that is helping you to see how you will live and work the rest of your life – with enthusiasm, vigor and enveloped in spirit.

Our techniques range from VibroAcoustic therapy on our rotataing sound chair with sound and music, counseling, and energy healing with a trained healer who is capable of seeing into the disease.

The results so far have been so amazing that we are humbled, and thankful. The results include cessation of trembling, ability to sleep soundly, and an increased awareness of your direct connection to Spirit and Source (see testimonials and videos here).

We have had a few clients who have attained results that are way beyond what we imagined.  Besides a reduction of symptoms (lasting normally 2-3 days), they have a newfound ability to sleep through the night and have developed a new perspective on living with the disease.

The Research Center is an aspect of Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute where we have been studying the effects of sound and light on people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for over 30 years.  The Institute currently offers an Associates Degree in Sound Healing and Therapy and has an active Sound Therapy treatment center.

At the Institute, we have also been creating Sound and Music Treatments for our Sound Tables for over 10 years.  The Sound Table is a massage table with Subwoofers mounted on the bottom, which sends low frequency healing vibrations through every muscle and cell. Sound Tables have been extensively researched by the National Institute of Health and have been shown to be particularly effective for those with Fibromyalgia.

Just recently, we have begun conducting treatments for those with Parkinson’s and amazing things have happened.  The first client, Lee, is 85 years old who was partially frozen and had trouble walking with a cane.  After 20 minutes on the table, Lee hopped up and went running to the bathroom without his cane.  Lee is now sleeping better and with weekly treatments has more mobility. Another woman also experienced a reduction in symptoms, but more importantly also experienced herself as pure Spirit while listening to specific healing music on the Sound Chair.  Working with our post- treatment support staff, she released emotional blockages and past trauma.

These cases have inspired us to reach out to the community to offer our services and to invite those with Parkinson’s to participate in a small research project.  Although we foresee our treatments helping most people, if even 50% of the people who come in receive the relief that our current clients have gotten, we see this as a major success.  After we have conducted this research project the next step is to get a grant to do a larger research project to study what exactly is producing these outcomes so we can pinpoint exactly what is causing the positive effects, so we can continue to refine the treatment, create new technology and offer it to larger numbers of people.

There are three main components to the treatment: 1) The vibrations coming through the Sound Chair and Table, 2) The rotation of the Sound Chair activating the Vestibular system, 3) The activating potential of the music itself – designed to take the listener into a state of Bliss, Divine Love, and Spirit.  We will be looking at all three aspects during our research study using state of the art feedback equipment.

In addition, we also have a trained practitioner who is providing both Compassionate Support and Transformation Counseling, as well as Energy Healing.

You can also contact us for a personal tour at your convenience or to schedule a private treatment. CLICK HERE for more information the research project.

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