Experience by one of our clients:
The experience with the Lounge was much different then I had expected. The experience was not just relaxing, it was so much more. The vibrations and the music took me to that space where the physical body feels like it doesn’t exist. There was a wonderful sense of oneness with Spirit, where healing can take place. I felt held and whole, remembering that we are all one. Tears of joy came silently as I remembered that I am so much more than my physical body.

The vibrations that I felt while in the lounge went through my body as I listened to the music lying in the lounge chair. The vibrations went from intensity in sync with the music sometimes. The vibrations were only around my neck or shoulders sometimes and other times the vibrations went down the whole chair , vibrating my body. It was a very pleasant sensation, especially because most of my days I feel so out of touch with how my body is feeling. I think this is due to the dyskenesias that I experience after taking my medications. The vibrations seemed to integrate all of me, made me aware of all of my body, not in a heavy, painful way, but in a way that my body felt like it used to…aware, awake and not on alert, not ready to run and fight.

Getting off the lounge chair and standing was a different experience too. It felt like there was a strong connection with the ground rather than the tentativeness of Earth’s contact as the PD symptoms spasm and cause me to shake.
The evening of the first session, I woke with the vibrations in my body. Very pleasant experience. I felt that my body remembered the sensations and was humming the tune it had heard and felt. It was an awesome feeling.
The music itself is magical, words cannot describe it adequately. The music surrounds and encompasses your body, soothing and comforting.

Lee’s Experience
In February of 2009, we produced music for Sound Chairs created by TLC in Chicago. Ed is the owner of TLC. Ed’s father Lee is 85 years old and has Parkinson’s to the extent that he is partially frozen and has trouble walking with a cane. They brought Lee in and put him on the Sound Chair with the song “Water of Life.” After 20 minutes on the vibrating and rotating Chair, Lee had to go the bathroom (the vibrations in the Chair often do that to you). Lee hopped up and went running to the bathroom – without his cane. He then came back and said, “Give me some more of that.” They put Lee on the Chair again and played the song, “Awakening.” When the song was over Lee was gone! He was in a state of pure bliss and could hardly speak. Lee said he had never felt such bliss and peace in his life.

That night Lee was able to sleep for the first time in years. He says it lasts about 48 hours. He is now coming in for regular treatments on the sound table and is much more mobile.

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