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This paper explores the transformational power of chanting on the heart and mind.
Our mind is a creature of habit and the thought cycles can be hard to adjust after they have been there for so long. However, the upside to this is that once we do change the “program” to be a healthy one, than it is more likely to stay in place as well. Chanting and using mantras to focus one’s attention can help quiet the mind.
The sacred world among us – There is a sacred world around us. First I thought that the name for this written work should be the secret world around us, but actually is not secret.
It has always been there, in front of us all the time, interacting with us, making our lives possible, balancing the energies of nature, life and dead.
It’s all about to open our eyes, the eyes of the heart and this world will become accessible to us. The vibrations of life, the energy and spirit within everything and all.
This world is called by many the “world of the elementals” or “The faery world”  “The world of the Gods” there are many names for these worlds among us.