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Archetypal Frequencies

Many of the low frequencies you won’t be able to hear on computer speakers.
You will need earbuds, headphones or good speakers with bass.







(Most people over 40 can’t hear this high anymore)


7th Chakra (Crown): 5000 – 20,000 Hertz


Treble control on a stereo: 5000 – 8000 Hertz; 7th Chakra (Crown): 5000 – 20,000 Hertz


6th Chakra (Third Eye): 800 – 5000 Hertz


Test Tone radio and tv put out when they go off the air, 6th Chakra (Third Eye): 800 – 5000 Hertz


Solfeggio Frequency LA – Returning to Spiritual Order


Solfeggio Frequency SOL – Awakening Intuition


Solfeggio Frequency FA – Connecting/Relationships


Solfeggio Frequency MI – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair) and Frequency of the Heart (Leonard Horowitz)


Creates a beautiful cymatic pattern; What they tuned to in Ancient Egypt; Average frequency of baby cry just out of the womb; Relates to the radius of the Sun; Many other auspicious relations to sacred sites.


Solfeggio Frequency RE – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change


5th Chakra (Throat): 400 – 800 Hertz


Solfeggio Frequency UT – Liberating Guilt and Fear


4th Chakra (Heart): 250 – 400 Hertz


Average Voice (Common to everyone across all cultures); Main resonant frequency of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid


3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): 150 – 250 Hertz


Based on the Earth day — Spin of the Earth


The “OM” Frequency – Based on a mathematical calculation of the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. Many tuning forks and gongs are tuned to this “earth” frequency.


Good frequency for Cell rejuvenation (Bob Beck); Many other auspicious relations to sacred sites.


2nd Chakra: 60 – 150 Hertz


Main Harmonic of kitty cat purr. Hummingbird average wing flap speed.


Resonant frequency of bones (Proven to regenerate bones)


Gamma; Root Chakra: 20 – 60 Hertz


Cat Purr, Lowest frequency that most people can hear; Stimulates mitochondria growth


(14 Hertz example) Beta Brainwaves: 12 – 20 Hertz


(10 Hertz example) Alpha Brainwaves (Relaxed Attention): 8 – 12 Herts


Average Schumann Resonance of the earth’s atmosphere between the earth and ionosphere (electromagnetic, not sound)


(6 Hertz example with 48 hertz carrier frequency) Theta Brainwaves (Dream State, Creative Downloads, Subconscious Mind, Portal to Oneness): 4 – 8 Hertz (If you can’t hear it, listen to the one below)


Delta Brainwaves (Deep Sleep): .5 – 4 Hertz


Ultra Healing Frequency emitted by many sacred sites


Brainwaves when in Heart Coherence (Heartmath research)
White Noise


Similar to a small stream or small waterfall

Pink Noise


More bass and treble — Similar to large river or waterfall


51 Hours

Sound Healing and Therapy Overview


Sound Healing and Therapy Overview 
14 Classes

The beginning of each class – Making Sound
Each class begins with each student making sound. The point of this exercise to begin to see everything as vibration including the sound or music you having going on inside you at every moment of the day. When you see everything as vibration you can then use vibration to change the music you have going on inside you. The exercise varies from week to week:
1. Make the sound of who you are – Each student makes the sound of who they think they are.
2. Make the sound of your day – Each student makes the sound of, or sings the ups and downs of their day.
3. Make the sound of a perfect day – Each student makes the sound of what a perfect day would be like.

Laws of Resonance 
This class is about the core concept of Resonance that is the basis of all Sound Healing. We discuss the different types of resonances based on the laws of physics: Acoustic Resonance in spaces (Rooms, temples, the mouth and throat, chest cavity, head, organs, and instruments), Mechanical Resonance in materials (Wood, metal, bones, muscles, tendons, skin, blood, crystal bowls), and Etheric Resonance (Chakras, Auras and Etheric Bodies, Root/Soul Frequencies, Love, Appreciation, Joy, Divine Love, and Spirit). We explain and practice a technique for finding any resonant frequency.
Once you learn the basic law of resonance you can use this information to become a Resonant transmitter where you are not at the mercy of resonances around you.

Harmonic Structure of Sound 
Most people don’t realize that just about every sound has multiple frequencies that are also present. Even though we might hear an “A” there might be as many as 30 other pitches also present in the one note. And these other pitches carry detailed information about your being (which can be accessed through voice analysis).
We go through all the aspects of harmonics that determine why one sound sounds different from another sound. We discuss the difference between activating Odd harmonics and calming Even harmonics, and what instrument sounds and vowels are more odd or even. We look and listen to Pure sounds (like the tuning fork) versus Rich sounds (Violin, Piano), and which are better for what situations. We also discuss how the volume and phase of harmonics affect a sound.
We then look at how the mathematical structure of harmonics correlate to the mathematical structure of the Universe: The distance between the planets in our Solar System, the weight of each vertebrae in our Spine, the distance of electron shells around the atom, the frequencies of our auras or etheric bodies, and the levels of energy/matter at the Quantum level. With this information we discuss how the harmonic spectrum in your voice resonates throughout the universe and other people and the responsibility that brings.

Concert Pitch and Tuning Systems
Many people in the field of sound healing are adamant about using sounds and music that are based on ancient tuning systems because these are based on nature and resonate through the whole universe, including our spines. A tuning system is about which frequency each of the notes within a 12-note octave tuned to. Before the 1700’s most cultures created tuning systems based on the harmonic structure of sound. Then in the 1700’s Bach introduced the Equal Tempered tuning system, which is not based on nature at all – and we’ve been screwed up every since. We discuss how to create a tuning system and look the ancient Just Intonation and Pythagorean Tuning systems.

We discuss and listen to the full range of frequencies (20 – 20,000 hertz), in order to learn the frequencies by name. We all know color by name, but not frequencies. We focus on specific archetypal frequencies for healing as reference points to get to know the whole range. We also find the particular frequency that your speech is centered.

Hierarchy of Vibration
Vibrations manifest as Pure Frequencies, Harmonics (combinations of Pure Frequencies), Music Intervals (combinations of Pure Frequencies and/or Harmonics), Music (including Rhythm and Flow), and Energy (Intention and Consciousness).

Sound Physiology 
The goal of this class is to become aware of all the parts of the body (from cells to organs to morphogenetic fields) and how sound affects each part – including the resonant frequency of each part. Using a medically perfect 3D visual program, we explore each of the systems, including the organs, skeletal system, nervous system, digestive system, etc. We cover all of the lists and charts of the frequencies used for specific cells, organs, and parts of the body and do meditations on them. We also explore how to find these frequencies intuitively. We then explore the frequencies of the Endocrine system and the relationship of each endocrine gland to the chakras. Finally, we look at some of the new frequency technologies such as the QXCI, Nutri-Energetics, Zyto, and Asyra, which do frequency scans of the body giving you a medical readout. You will then get a frequency assessment with the Nutri-Energetics System.

Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment 
A binaural Beat is the third frequency that occurs when you have two frequencies that are detuned just a little bit from each other. If this third frequency (which is below the normal range of hearing) falls within the range of any of the brainwave states it will automatically entrain your brain into that brainwave state (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta). The science behind this is now quite well researched. If you also wear headphones the binaural beat will synchronize your left and right brain. Binaural beats can be used to entrain your brain into a specific EEG brain map – such as a high state of meditation. And, they can be used to take you out of your body, so specific care must always be taken.
We discuss how different rhythms also entrain the brain, and how the Schumann resonance (7.83 hertz), which is always present in our atmosphere also entrains every brain on the planet. We then create a sound project based on a student’s root/soul frequency where the binaural beats are tuned to the particular person’s metabolism. We discuss how binaural beats tuned to a person can be especially effective for sleep, ADD/ADHD, and brain injuries.

We also show how to create binaural beats that are in tune with the key of a song, as well as having the tempo of the song match the key of the song! We then create a holographic sound project where a person’s root frequency determines every component of the song: The key, the tempo, the breath in the music, and the binaural beats.

The Sound of Chakras 
We discuss the all the different systems in various cultures that have assigned specific notes to each chakra. The rest of class is about finding the frequency and pitch of each chakra for yourself. First, we watch an amazing video on chakras, “The Illuminated Chakras.” to get in touch with the meaning of each chakra. We will then hook each student up to a tone generator and have you find the exact frequency of your own chakras (including your root frequency). Then, we have you do a second exercise to tune into the pitch of each chakra for yourself. Finally, we do a very powerful Chakra Meditation where we have you tune into all 7 chakras at the same time. The point of this class is to not only have you start tuning into chakras as frequency, but also to give you another reference point in your body for learning the full range of frequencies (20 – 20,000 hertz).

Voice Healing
We explore the full range of sounds that the voice can make and the effects they have on a person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will then learn a detailed procedure for using your voice to perform a healing session on another. You will learn how to prepare and center yourself for the session. You will also learn how to use the sound of your voice to do an assessment on the person, then connect to Spirit or Source and let the sounds come through you that the person needs. You will also learn and practice how to be aware of boundaries around the body so as not to take on the person’s energy and so not to invade their personal space internally.

Releasing Stuck Emotions
The goal of the class (in alignment with all the classes) is to see all of our emotions as frequency (sound or music). When we see our emotions as frequency, it allows us to see and feel them as they are, and then gives us a simple sound method for releasing or shifting the emotion. First, we explore the “sound” of the so-called negative emotions vs. the sound of positive emotions (which have a more consistent tone). The most difficult emotion of all is that of resistance to feeling emotions. However, on the other end of the evolutionary scale we ultimately want to get off the roller coaster of emotions. Not that we don’t still feel them, but “we are not them.” One technique is to make our primary focus be that of our own root frequency instead of the emotion – bringing us back to our own center.

We explain and practice multiple techniques for releasing the stuck emotion:
1. Making the sound of the emotion to release it.
2. Making the sound that our body wants to make.
3. Making a sound that transforms the emotion into a positive emotion.
4. Making a sound of a higher emotion to shift our energy.
Ultimately, the goal is to use our mind to stop the emotions from getting stuck in the first place. We will discuss these techniques. We end this part of the class with a meditation on the sound of Joy!

Finding Your Home Note
In this class we find each person’s Root/Soul frequency in multiple ways. We go into the Sound Therapy room and we have each person lay on the Sound Table while we play each of the 12 notes in the octave through the sound table. First, we do muscle testing on the person to see which frequency is strengthening them the most. Then we have them close their eyes and tune in to what note is the most grounding. And finally, we have the entire class tune in and focus on the person’s energy and breathing while they are listening to each of the 12 notes to see which note seems to be the most relaxing and grounding for them. Generally, the class normally comes to a clear consensus. This note shows how we all have a central signature frequency that resonates through our whole being, but it teaches you how to find it in yourself and in others.

We then will have a student look at an image of one of their organs in 3D and we do the same muscle testing while playing each of the 12 notes. This technique has been proven to help find the note that strengthens that particular organ.

Holding Frequency – Sounds for Challenges and Conflicts
This is one of the most profound and useful classes of the entire semester. We do exercises on how to use resonance to hold a state of peace and calm even you’re your world is shaking. We will use toning, the sound of gratitude, compassion and the sound of Universal Love to meet challenges and conflicts with health, wealth, relationships, world changes or simply noise around you (particularly hypersensitivity to noise and loud sounds). We will demonstrate and practice multiple techniques for holding frequency no matter what.

Sound of Nature
We take a look at the healing power of nature sounds. Sounds in the city tend to close our ears down. Nature sounds open us up (ears and heart). We listen to full range of nature sounds (including crickets, thunder and birds) slowed down to hear the hidden detail of what the sound is really doing to us. A whole other world unfolds when we slow some nature sounds down. We use the program “Raven” from Cornell University to slow down the sounds and to see a beautiful visual of the harmonic structure of the nature sound. We talk about the way dolphins and whales communicate. We end with a meditation on the healing power of nature sounds.

Voice Analysis
The basic concept of voice analysis is that every single thing going on in your system affects your muscles (basic kinesiology), and since your vocal chords are controlled by muscles, everything going on your system is projected through your voice. In fact, your entire template of perfection that you were born with, and all the distortions you have created in your life – are also transmitted through your voice whenever you open your mouth.
This class explores all of the different methods of using Voice Analysis to assess the state of a person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We take a look at Sharry Edwards’ system, the Biosonics system from Spain, Don Estes’ Harmonic Resolution Therapy, Sound Energy, Biowaves, Zyto, and the VoiceBio. We then use the VoiceBio system to do an assessment for each student.
The creator of the VoiceBio system did years of research in hospitals doing VoiceBios on patients with a wide range of diseases and issues. She also ties weaknesses of frequencies to weaknesses in specific organs.
We also play with different essences while using the VoiceBio system to see what essences are boosting what frequencies in your system. The system can ultimately be used to see how the frequencies of colors, foods and other stimulus in your environment are affecting your own frequency spectrum.

Final Paper Presentations
Each student turns in and presents their final paper on a vibrational topic of their choice – anything remotely related to sound and vibrational healing. This is your opportunity to research something that we have not covered in class. The whole class gets to learn about other modalities that I may not have thought about or even know about. The paper is to be at least two pages long, and the live presentation could even include experiences or meditations.

Review for Final
We review all of the test questions (which are already in the Reader handed out on the first day of class), and we get feedback on how to make the classes better.  You must also create a sound practice for yourself. 

Final Exam / Class Critiques
We take the final exam and do a closing ceremony honoring each other with gratitude and appreciation.

Instructors: David Gibson, Steven Halpern

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The Sound of Love
2 classes

A truly transformative workshop designed to open your heart. You will learn sound techniques for connecting with people from a heart center, creating more intimacy in relationships, and connecting to spiritual love.

In this unique 2 day workshop you will use sound to open up and access deeper levels of connecting through love. This workshop will open your heart to others and spirit (love from above or within). When you reside in your heart with one another a resonant field is setup that not only transforms your every communication, but also adds to a planetary resonant field that affects the entire planet.

Instructors: David Gibson


Sound Healing Marketing
1 class

The course helps students to learn all the necessary skills to successfully run a Sound Healing practice.  It covers over 100 detailed techniques on how to get your business up and running with very little money, how to attract clients and how to retain them.  We also explain how to add Sound Healing to expand an existing practice.

Instructor: Terry Silberstein

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30 Hours

Inner Awareness and Transformation through Sound


Voice Healing and Boundaries
5 classes

This class explains a detailed process for using the voice for healing on another person.  First, you learn how to assess the body with your voice to find any issues.  You then use your voice to breakup or harmonize any issues.

The class also covers a detailed way of understanding energetic boundaries between you and the person you are working on.  This understanding and awareness makes it so you don’t invade the client’s space and so you are protected from taking on their energy or problems.

Instructors: David Gibson, Lisa Rafel


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Voice and Body Awareness
3 classes

The use of sound as a personal tool for your own creative development. An exploration of your sound landscape and consciousness. Techniques to access a deeper awareness of your own inner sound world. Students express themselves sonically by exploring the relationship of sound to thought forms, feelings, and emotions. How to use your voice to heal and raise consciousness – your own and others.

Instructor: Vickie Dodd


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Inner Awareness
1 class online; 5 classes at the Institute

The use of sound as a personal tool for your own creative development. An exploration of your sound landscape and consciousness. Techniques to access a deeper awareness of your own inner sound world. Students express themselves sonically by exploring the relationship of sound to thought forms, feelings, and emotions. How to use your voice to heal and raise consciousness – your own and others.

A powerful experiential workshop that will bring you into the heart of sound.

– walk our journey releasing emotions
– activate the natural healing abilities of our bodies
– connect to our inner truth
– transmute at the cellular level and create a shift
– nurture our hearts and expand our consciousness
– clear buried feelings
Connect your divinity with the spirit in the body
Experience freedom of expression through dance, creative visualization and
sound healing for our mental, emotional and physical health.
Besides singing Silvina uses Crystal bowls, chanting, mantras, music and light
Some of the topics that will be addressed are: chakra system, deep energy work, glands and emotional work.

Instructor: Silvina Vergara


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30 Hours

Instruments, Treatments and Music


Inner Music Theory
5 Classes

This class covers the fundamentals of music theory with an emphasis on how each aspect affects human beings on all levels. The course uses creative techniques to help students acquire a deeper understanding of the nuances of intervals and musical composition. The course uses the harmonic structure as the basis for the exploration of the underlying meaning of musical intervals. 

A musical interval is the relationship of any two things in the Universe — whether two plants, two planets, two crystals or two Souls, for example.  Understanding of musical intervals is helpful for putting together a set of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls or tuning forks.  It is also helpful to for when playing any simple melodic instrument.

With a basic grounding in the terminology and mechanics of music we will explore how to apply emerging knowledge and ideas in Psychoacoustics to actual pieces of music and live healing sessions.

  • Harmonic Series and Intervals
  • Rhythm and Groove
  • Tuning Systems
  • Toning, Seed Syllables, Mantra
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Live flow of a healing session
  • Resonance of relationship

This course will provide some fundamentals of concepts in music, the association of these concepts to developing healing music and a safe place to explore the various modalities of psychoacoustics through active listening and creative projects.

Additionally, this course will emphasize the development of the student’s abilities of discernment around the inner experience of sound. This ability is key to understanding the nature of the effects of different modalities of healing and styles of music. It also provides the foundation for a truly meaningful exchange between the healer and the client- the very basis for that conversation is an ability to understand how these tools affect us- how sound and music affect our consciousness and our bodies.

Instructor: Gerald Savage


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Instruments and Treatments
5 Classes

Tuning Forks with Randy Masters
Tuning forks variations (weighted and unweighted, and different frequency systems) and a detailed process for using forks on and around the body.

Sound Healing Instruments and Designing Sound Healing Treatments and Sound Baths
We cover how to play and use the main sound healing instruments for healing and raising consciousness including tuning forks, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, drums, koshi chimes, and melodic instruments like the Freenote xylophone, the Sansula kalimba, and the Crystal Harp.  

We cover how to choose instruments and design a Sound Healing treatment for a wide range of physical, mental and emotional issues. 

Using information gathered from all of your classes, you learn how to design treatments.  You learn about different “dynamic flows” for different issues in a sound healing session. We then go through the protocol for doing an intake with a client with a wide range of questions. This assignment helps you learn how to design a wide range of sound treatments for someone, and ultimately gives you an idea of what it would be like run a Healing Center, and do intake for clients.
We also discuss how to do such treatments over the phone, or through distance healing (simply transmitting energy to someone over long distances).  David shares a map of what he commonly does in his sessions.

Students also learn how to design a Sound Bath Concert for a group.  This includes “dynamic flows,” using intention and energy, using silence in a session.   We show a map common sessions and talk about a wide range of possibilities including call and response, breathwork and working with multiple people in a session.     

Sound Treatments for Specific Issues
We cover detailed treatment plans with sound for anxiety, depression, anger, grief, PTSD, addiction, pain, autism, schizophrenia, dementia and cancer — and how to approach each with sound, music and vibration.

Group Healing on One (Institute only)
We all perform a sound healing treatment on one person using all the instruments from the Sound Healing store. The person states what they would like to focus on. Everybody gets a turn. This is a good way to see all the different things that you can do in a sound healing session, and you get to experience some powerful healing sounds for yourself.

Sound Healing Treatments
At the Institute, each student pairs up with another student performs a treatment on the other student.  Online, students must perform a treatment on friends or family (or other students) and write a paragraph about the treatment and results.

Sound Healing Treatments with Intake
After doing intake, and designing the sound treatment, each student performs a treatment on someone.

Sound Bath Concert Presentations (Institute only)
Each student performs a short concert for everyone in class.

Healing Modes (Online only)
David covers all of the possible ways to find a frequency or timbre in the body.  Then, all the possible ways to work with a frequency or timbre.  One approach is to focus on what is wrong and break it up or transform it.  The other approach is to focus on what is right and resonate it into its natural harmonic state of health.  Students practice the different techniques in a healing session on David during class.

Laws of Vibration with Don Estes (Online only)
Don gives an unusually wide perspective on how sound, music and vibration work on the body for healing, higher consciousness, and manifestation.  

Instructors: David Gibson Randy Masters, Don Estes


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45 Hours

Voice, Toning, Chant and Mantra


6 classes
This course introduces and reinforces the foundational techniques of singing, tone production, musicianship, and interpretation. This class is designed to explore and develop the singing voice through a study of human physiology, the physics of sound, and basics of acoustics and resonance as applied to the student’s own body and voice.  The course will cover basic elements of vocal technique, including analysis of individual problems and corrective solutions.

Learn about basic, healthy vocal production including an introduction to human physiology, posture, breathing, resonance, articulation, and vowel production. The student will work on specific skills using an array of exercises and then apply these skills to one piece of repertoire that will be practiced each week. The skills covered in this class can be applied to all styles of singing and support vocal longevity, flexibility, and health.

Instructor: Sonja Drakulich


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Toning, Chant and Mantra
4 classes

When used with intention, our own voice can be a miraculous healing tool. It is a primordial pathway into our body and soul. In this workshop we will explore how sound vibrates our inner body. With toning techniques, we will experience where sound resonates and how to use that vibration to massage from the inside out, clearing the chakras, relaxing the body and releasing old outdated imprinting. We will learn chants from several ethnic traditions and feel the commonality and differences of rhythm and pulse. Through Vocal Meditation we will discover how to create our own sacred chant.

Instructor: Suzanne Sterling


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Toning, Chant and Mantra
3 classes

When used with intention, our own voice can be a miraculous healing tool. It is a primordial pathway into our body and soul. In this workshop we will explore how sound vibrates our inner body. With toning techniques, we will experience where sound resonates and how to use that vibration to massage from the inside out, clearing the chakras, relaxing the body and releasing old outdated imprinting. We will learn chants from several ethnic traditions and feel the commonality and differences of rhythm and pulse. Through Vocal Meditation we will discover how to create our own sacred chant.

Instructor: Lakshmi DelSesto


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Sound, Movement and Voice
2 classes online; 3 classes at the Institute

This class helps to cleanse the physical and energetic bodies using healing tones & movement vibration in order to bring increased light into the physical and energetic bodies, thereby causing healing and transformation. KiVo offers the sound healer a new palette by adding the dancing body and opens the way for spirit healing in the Shamanic tradition.

Specific learning goals:

In-depth study of the Chakras, Vocal Chakra Healing Tones (VoCHeTTM) and their associative Choreography

Introduction of select Body Chants (BoCha!TM) and associative Choreography

Extended vocal production techniques to increase resonance

Exploration of rhythmic patterns to create a trance state
Integration of earth & celestial energies/body & voice

Instructor: Lis Addison


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30 Hours

Sound and Consciousness


Resonant Connections: Sound, Light, Color, Geometry, Chemistry, Physics, and Consciousness
5 Classes

An exploration of the connections between sound and healing from an esoteric perspective with an eye toward the current scientific research being conducted in this field. The understanding of the interconnectedness of the multidimensional levels of sound, vibration, music and consciousness.
I. Harmonics of Sound
II. Harmonies of Color and Light
III. Harmonics of Form

– Cymatics: Forms and Shapes create by sound. Geometry of Music – Music of Geometry
– How does music convey emotions? Music of the Golden Mean – Music of the Phi Ratio Universe.
– Relationships of Sound and Color. Sounds of our solar system.
Survey of Ancient Musical Scales. Understanding acoustical foundations of harmony.

– Chakra systems and applied tuning forks.
– Chakra systems and applied tuning forks continued.
– World music rhythms and archetypes.
– The relationship of sacred geometry to musical intervals.
– Living in Unity Field Consciousness

Specific Lecture topics will be taken from the following list:
1) Music and Sound (for Music and healing Purposes)
– The naming of frequencies and notes
– The solfeggio system of sound syllables
– The East Indian Vocal Syllable System (Sargam)
– Just Tuned Musical Intervals
– Famous whole numbers tuning systems
– The math of Equal-tempered Tuning
– The advantages and disadvantaged of Equal-tempered 12 Tone Tuning and Cents Tuning
– The Harmonics of Special Prime Numbers
– The Prime Limit Just Toning System
– The Pure Pythagorean Tuning System
– The modal music system (Ancient and Modern)
– The world’s most common pentatonic scales.
– Modal Harmony for Sound Healing
– Musical examples of whole number tuning
– Music of the Fibonacci Series (also for sacred geometry)
– The basic rhythmic archetypes of world music
– Musical chakra systems
– The music of the weather spherics
– The sounds and frequencies of the Planets and moons (The work of Hans Cousto, Swiss Scientist, Kepler and others)
– The Angelic system of intervals and numerology for music healing analysis (Joel Andrews system from Harp Full of Star book)
– Music of the Hydrogen Element
– The Larmor Sound Frequencies of the periodic Table of Elements (universal sounds)
– Special frequencies found in Nature.
– Sacred numbers from ancient manuscripts and their musical valves.
– The musical Tree of Life Harmonics
– Key Sounds of Sacred Sites, (Stonehenge, The Great Pyramid site, Chartres Cathedral)
– The uses of Tuning Forks in sound therapy theory and Practice
– The use of Sacred Language vowels and phonetics for sound healing
– Selected books and articles, periodicals for further research.
– Select sound DVD’s, videos, CDs, recordings, structure, Texture, Color, Timbre, Rhythm,
– The Musical Spine
– The oriental 5-elements and sound
– The original Bible code solfeggio Healing codes

2) Harmonics of Color and Light
– Basic color Therapy-Light and pigment
– The wavelengths of the colors Nanometers and Angstroms
– Converting color and light to sound and vise versa.
– The Dinsha Ghadiali famous Light Therapy System, Spectro Chrome Therapy
– The Dinsha color system connected to sound
– The actual colors of the Rainbow Spectrum
– What various colors are used for in Healing/Therapy
– The colors of special essential oils
– The frequencies of famous Artist Colors
– Survey of color/chakras correlations
– The 7 color Ray Life system c/o Ginny Katz, book: Beyond the Light. (Beck)
– The Sacred Text numbers of the Rainbow (famous Gematria numbers and color associations)
– The colors associated with the Fire Platonic solids (see Geometry Pact III)
– Color/Sound Correlations of available L.E.D. Lights
– The Hydrogen Spectral Lines (colors of the prime element)
– The Esoteric Meanings of Colors
– The visible color spectrum
– The qualities of Violet Light
– The Hydrogen Molecule Red-Light-Green-Violet shift
– The Rainbow Angles (42%) primary rainbow
– Key colors of the Periodic Table of Elements
– Peter Mandel’s German Color Puncture
– The marriage of Sound and Light

3) Form and Sacred Geometry
– The “Roots” of Sacred Geometry
– What is sacred about Geometry
– Geometry and the Codes of Creation
– The Foundation math of Sacred Geometry, sq. roots of 2,3,5, pi, phi.
– Different values of pi (Historic)
– The Golden Mean and the Phi Ratio
– The Fibonacci Series in Nature and Art
– The Geometry of the Human Anatomy
– Sacred Geometry in Nature
– Other phi ratio whole-number series
– Geometry of Famous sacred sites (Parthenon and temples, Pyramids, Chartres Cathedral.
– Sacred Geometry of Washington D.C. and Reunes-Le Chateau, France
– Pythagorean Right Triangles in whole numbers. (Musical Correlations)
– A Musical micro-tonal scale based on sacred Geometry
– The Five Platonic Solids-the Geometry and Hidden meanings
– Whole-number square root ratios used in the ancient world
– Pi and spherical geometry (2-D, 3-D)
– Sacred Geometry and the Greek gods key sacred numbers of Greek Temples based on sacred geometry
– The Merkabah-Geometric Light Spirit Vehicles
– Using Geometric forms in Healing Arts.
– Cymatics-forms created with sound, the work of Hans Jenny and others
– Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land, Sacred Geometry in Disney World
– Intro to Vedic Geometry
– A beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe- Book by Michael Schneider
– Sacred Geometry in Crop Circles
– The Power of Limits (book by Gyorgy Doczi-) proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art and Architecture.
– ”Phiometry”- Phi ratio geometry
– The Sri Yantra- The Form of OM, the Sound of OM- Geometric Power, Diagrams=Yantras
– The Lost science of Measuring the Earth- book by Robin Heath and John Michell
– Robert Lawlor’s book “Sacred Geometry”
– Matrix of Creation book by Richard Heats (Sacred Geometry in the Realm of the Planets).
– Book of Coincidence-by John Martineau (Solar system geometry)

Instructor: Randy Masters


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Sacred Geometry – Harmonics of Space
5 Classes

1 — Introduction & Overview Mystery School approach to Sacred Geometry – Pythagoras & Plato
• What “Sacred” Geometry is and what it does to create our material universe
• Nature’s “language of relationship”
• Recognize Patterns within forms – developing astute observation skills
• Connections between geometry in spatial and sonic relationships

2 — Symbolic Language
• Re-discover geometry as a “Symbolic Language”
• Interpreting Symbolism of Geometrical Shapes & Symmetry Patterns
• Discovering Universal Patterns within the “Flower of Creation” cosmological mandala
• Geometry as Story Teller
• Symbolic Meaning of architectural proportions (e.g., Chartres Cathedral)

3 – Musical Harmonics
• What is the nature and physics of resonance
• Understanding musical harmonics by seeing geometrical ratios
• Subdivision of spaces by whole numbers or “musical harmonics”

4 — Laws of Harmony
• Root Harmonies – the building blocks of the material world & classical art
• Pythagorean Theorem – visual non-mathematical approach – the way Pythagoras taught it
• Constructing & Understanding the relationships in the Root Rectangles
• Recognize Root Rectangles in your surroundings
• Harmonious subdivisions of root rectangles – how the parent divides itself into recognizable offspring – creating a tuned symphony of sub-spaces

5 — Golden Ratio in Nature, Golden Rule & Self-referential Consciousness
• Golden Ratio in growth of plants, animals and humans
• Essence of the “Golden Ratio” as philosophical symbol and geometrical ratio – relationship to human skeleton, DNA, and the “Golden Rule”
• Visual, less-mathematical way to understand the golden ratio
• Natural beauty, love and reciprocity – experiments with perception of beauty
• Harmonious subdivision or replication of golden ratio – the golden spiral

Instructor: Richard Feather Anderson


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