Sound Healing Program at the Institute Graduate Comments

Sound Healing Program at the Institute
Graduate Comments

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I am a 60 year old “Seeker.” Mind you, I have decades of classes, workshops, retreats, etc…under my belt. I say this “humbly” and truthfully…throughout my “learning experience”… learning and experiential time, at Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute has been for me, by far, the richest and most valuable!! Globe’s curriculum and teaching staff are state of the arts/impeccable. Each Instructor is exceptionally well versed in their “given” subject matter. At Globe, a magical alchemical marriage is achieved, whereby students are provided with both “structure” as well as ample room and encouragement to experience the wealth of knowledge. My dollars were well spent here! It has been the best course in a lifetime.
– Gloria

Thanks for making the best school ever!
The Globe Institute has been a culmination of not only this life’s journey, but has awakened my soul to the sum destiny of my every lifetime. Every interaction, lesson, student and teacher at the school was multi-layered with a harmonic amalgamation that has resonated my inner-being to action! I have never felt so good about bringing a skill into the world. As I open clients up to the world of sound, I simultaneously continue my own healing journey. We all reflect each other. The Mayans say: In Lak’ech, or “I am another yourself”. The Globe is the only accredited institution I know that will wholeheartedly pass on this ancient and intuitive knowledge.
– Jenny

Completing the certificate program at Globe Institute has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life! Entering the program from a place of deep depression and feeling lost and insecure about my path — I finished the program feeling reborn into a new being; hopeful, grounded, uplifted, and utterly transformed. These past 3 and a half months have taken me through experiences of true inner knowing as well as supported me to strengthen my field and come to understand true self love and acceptance. I have received healing tools that have opened my heart and mind to understand that we are all made of vibration and so innately affected by sound. The information presented at the institute was so vast and really showed me so many new possibilities on how to approach health and well being. The teachers were all so unique and inspiring, keeping me excited and engaged in the variety of modalities introduced. The schools inclusion of consciousness studies enhanced the journey through the study of sound healing ten fold, really connecting sound to a much larger and expansive awareness of reality. I feel confident and joyful to step into the world and share the gifts that I was given at globe with a larger community and help to shift the consciousness of the planet! Infinite gratitude for this unforgettable experience — highly recommended to anyone who wants to change the world!
– Rachael

On the surface, I could say that I have learned all sorts of fancy new words, the significance of frequencies, good stories to wrap around some of the stuff I have already been doing. And although all of these things are interesting and appeal to my fact-happy semantic processing system, the most exciting things have been going on underneath the covers.

The most significant learning has had more do to do with unlearning. Willing to open myself up to the void reaching out through my unconscious. It looks more like trust. Being willing to listen to and work with the crazy things I see pulled out of the depths of my subconscious, the crazy dreams, random words that pop up for no reason and to work with them.

Some of the practices, like physically drawing the little circles, chanting various sounds, and just listening the resonances coming into the room from the people and energies around me have opened up gateways that I cannot explain. I have started dreaming and channeling a lot more since I started this class.

I have noticed subtle differences in my energy, people have commented on how my voice sounds different, or I feel younger. Nothing specifically that they are point at but they are there.

There has also been a greater awareness of energy. Like the boundary exercise, where I am starting to make myself aware of my energy field, and the energies around me.

I have also been appreciating a richer experience of the sounds around me. I hear someone talking the other day, and I noticed the tone had a Dorian kind of scale. It was fascinating to me that I have been swimming in soup of sounds that I had never fully appreciated as much.

I have also been noticing the difference in my viewpoint around experiencing things. The distinction between my traditional way of describing something internally or verbally as something that I am looking at, or have chosen to be a part of.

I have also learned that somehow the things in my life have managed to hold together, when I wonder if they are falling apart. Riding these extreme short windows of time to make money and handle all of these little things, and how I can let of a lot without having any major accidents or starving to death, and in fact cultivating a richer experience of what is going on around me.
– George

It was a great opportunity to study at Globe Institute. To be immersed in the study and experience of sound and it’s healing properties was the ultimate learning experience for me.  I appreciated the practical hands on facts and applicable information, but even more enjoyed the amazing heart opening transformation that took place within the students and teachers.  As my understanding on sound and healing became clearer I could feel parts of my consciousness actually waking up.  Universal truths have a way of doing that! It was certainly a rights of passage.  I soon recognized I was attending a mystery school.  To study with the instructors who were all steeped in a level of mastery and deeply informed in their subject, truly inspired me.  The gems of wisdom they offered contributed to my understanding but also to my evolution, and for that I am truly grateful.
– Joan

It is our right as humans to know, understand, and feel these healing vibrations, that can be traced back to the very beginning of time. This course exceeded my expectations, raising my consciousness to the 5th Dimension (literally). I feel as if this information is particularly relevant as we go through this 26,000 year age shift. May you be blessed and awaken to your life’s true purpose. I am so grateful…
– Ajeet

The Globe Institute certificate program provided the most transformative experience of my life. Each instructor added a different persepective on sound, healing, and consciousness, and the dynamic nature of the classes leaves students with a well-rounded knowledge of the field. I healed myself while in the program, so I can now heal others! I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with you and all the healing instructors. I’ve learned so much about myself and others confirming my belief in sacred vibration and its potential to save the world. You are spreading something amazing.
– Hayley


The Sound Healing Certificate Program at Globe is the perfect introduction to the field of sound healing. Not only do you become knowledgeable about what the field looks like, who the key players are, and what the main views the practitioners are prescribing to; but you are given tools to start your own practice. Four months of night classes is perfect for people that are genuinely interested in sound healing and want more than just a weekend course. That being said, its amazing how thorough your understanding becomes over those few months. The teachers at the sound healing center are devoted to furthering the interest in the powerful practice of sound healing.

My time at The Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute offered a transformative experience. The course helped me develop my intuition and reminded me that we are all perfect beings capable of healing others as well as ourselves. I now have the confidence to start my own sound healing practice.  I would recommend these courses to anyone that wants to learn about the magic and healing of sound and music.
– Gina

You are at the center of a portal and as a gatekeeper you allowed yourself to receive all forms of expression from travellers of sound who find themselves gathered here. You must then be brave, strong, resilient, humourous, purposeful, above all connected to the love – wisdom of the Universe. You are all of these and more. Thank you for holding this space and traveling with us. You are love and you are loved.
– Molly

I’m deeply grateful for the space that you hold as a healer and teacher. As I work to activate space for myself and people around me to be healed. I feel that I will come back to my experience here at the school to find the home note. All is full of love.
– Yosef

Thank you for creating this awesome program. My life has changed and I am full of love, gratitude, and joy.
– Susan


Summer Intensive Program

For me, the summer intensive program at the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute was incredibly informational, transformational and a co-creative experiential journey. From myth to science, a creation story unfolded with sound and consciousness. Teachers were wonderful — each sharing their healing practice with students, helping to make sense, heal and unveil abilities. Each day was a new adventure: clearing, releasing, remembering, creating and being. Elated…I am
– Karina

The intensive Sound Healing study at the San Francisco Sound Healing Institute was a wonderful and one of a kind study. There were many different teachers, many of whom were the best in the field. Therefore, we learned many aspects about sound healing from many points of view, and we could eventually develop our own technique from this kind of learning experience. Thank you David for setting this study up and making it available to anyone interested in learning more about the field.
– Barbie

I crashed for a couple of days and am coming back to my life from a new perspective. While the “intensive” combined with the Conference was beyond intense, I feel there was a great value to being totally immersed with time for nothing else that could distract me from this program.

I experienced my mind getting so discombobulated that I just didn’t want to think anymore, I didn’t want to (and couldn’t) speak much.  From within this space, I recognized that old patterns that were not serving my highest good were getting vibrated loose and released, leaving me empty, cleansed and open to receive the higher frequencies of sound and light, Divine Love.

In preparation for Channeling Healing, I say “Lord Make Me An Instrument of Your Love”.  I now get that from a much more expanded place. I also feel that by stating this, it brought me to the Globe Institute.

I registered for the Sound Healing Certificate Program with a blind trust as I knew my higher guidance led me to this step in my ongoing expansion in Spirit. I read all the class descriptions and they just “sounded” great. I enrolled with the intent that I would free my voice to be an instrument and that I would expand my knowledge and experience of Sound as a Healing Modality for myself and to share with others.

What I experienced and received was far beyond my expectations and ability to even form and expectation.

David, you are a great and loving teacher and you have attracted to you a wonderful compliment of great and loving teachers to move your students to higher and higher octaves of love and light to bring out into the world.

Thank-you for creating this awesome opportunity.
– Marrisha

David Gibson, the founder and director of the Globe Institute  is a dedicated and heart-centered educator. I recently completed The  Sound Healing and Therapy Summer Intensive Certification Program at Globe Institute  where the quality of the teaching staff  and the well thought out curriculum challenged my musical thinking and awakened a new awareness of the interconnectedness of spirit, science and sound. Thank you David for raising my consciousness and my frequency.
– Elle

Online Sound Healing Certificate Program

Taking the online certificate course has been the best gift I have ever given myself. It was so much more than I could of ever imagined and then some. It was like opening a special present 3 times a week wondering what beautiful experience (educationally and personally) I was going to have next! All of the instructors are the best in the field and truly care about “YOU” as a student. This program is truly phenomenal. I highly, highly recommend it for anyone that wants to immerse themselves in the field of sound and healing. I am forever changed and am truly blessed to have the knowledge and the experience to move forward in this amazing field.
– Holly

The Sound and Consciousness Institute Online Sound Healing Certification exceeded all my expectations and was an experience that opened my awareness into the world of sound and all of it’s potential. I was very impressed with the knowledge and content of each instructor. All the classes were very well structured and allowed for a fair amount of interaction with each instructor and other students. We learned many sound healing modalities and practiced each of them with each other until we became confident enough in each style. Having cultivated all the experiences from the course, I feel very well prepared and excited to offer this healing modality to others, while maintaining a professionalism that will be reflected in my confidence that was gained from this course.
– Michael

Consistently, with each class, we engaged in conversations of depth, and always, were introduced to new technologies and insights that invited us to go even deeper. I took the Sound Healing Certification Program, not having had previous formal music training, but with a strong desire and clear intention of experiencing the creative aspects of sound. What I found was that the courses are strategically structured to take you from wherever you are, as far as you want to go. The knowledge base of the owner and instructors is vast and industry tested. What moved me most though was the balanced brilliance – the perfect blend of head, heart, and hands.

To say I’m grateful is an understatement, for the fullness of the experience and the sense of connection I share with each of you. As awesome, as it’s been, this is only where we begin!

Gratitude from the depth of me.
Love and Light Always.
– Genie J.

I want to thank David Gibson and the Sound & Consciousness Institute for their excellent sound healing and therapy certificate program. David utilized the latest in Web communications software to make possible live course interaction with both the instructors and students from across the globe, and all from the comfort of my own home. The course selections provided a balanced overview of sound healing modalities as well as the state of the art. David was very generous with his time, knowledge, and experience, eager to answer questions and provide assistance, while making available his extensive database of course videos and documents. I highly recommend this program for those interested in a solid grounding in sound healing and therapy within a quality online instructional format.
-Scott J. Simon, Ph.D.

My name is Zita and I joined the online class from Budapest, Hungary. Being a sound massage practitioner for 2 years and working with Tibetan singing bowls I found it fascinating to get an overview about the field of sound healing, to find out how many different modalities are being practiced successfully around the world. The speakers were great, classes were very interactive so I was motivated to wake up at 2.50 AM, log on at 3 AM for 4 months in a row and actively participate during the classes. Thanks David for bringing sound healing to my living room!
– Zita

Online Sound Healing Certificate Program by Video

The Globe Institute offered me a learning experience that truly changed my life. As a working professional with a busy schedule, it was convenient to download the previously recorded online classes and study at my own pace. David Gibson was always available for questions and discussions, and I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the material with him in scheduled phone chats. As I look back on the vast array of classes that were offered to me at Globe, I see an abundance of inspiring information taught by passionate and professional instructors. The hearty curriculum is expertly designed; each topic building upon the previous one with fluidity and momentum. My study at the Globe Institute has expanded my horizons to open up new levels of consciousness, perception and intention. My daily practice of sound healing techniques is enabling me to live a life free from anxiety and addiction. The Globe Institute gifted me with the forward energy, the practical tools, and the dedicated support to enter the New Healing Paradigm. Enrolling at the Globe Institute was one of the best decisions I have ever made!
– Elizabeth

When I first began my exploration into sound healing it was very daunting because there are so many ways in which to approach training through various modalities, I had trouble knowing where to begin. The Globe Institute proved to be the perfect starting place for me because it allowed me to “dip my toes” so to speak into multiple of pools of knowledge. I know of no other place where you can learn from such a wonderful variety of teachers and get such a broad perspective of what Sound has to offer, (from the nuts and bolts to the highly esoteric) while still getting very detailed and specific information that I no doubt will use and be able to expand upon in my own practice.
David Gibson has done a wonderful service to the sound community and all who wish to learn the healing aspects of sound and vibration with his school and the educational program that he offers. I highly recommend it! Many Thanks.
– Candice Cheadle

Sound Healing Audio Recording Program

As well as the sound healing certificate, I also enrolled in the audio production certificate. This course was a lot different than other audio programs I have heard about. Not only did the course allow me to develop the technical skills to become a well-rounded audio engineer for live performances and studio recording sessions, but I also learned how sounds effect me physically and emotionally. This influenced me our to make outstanding recordings that the listener can really feel.  I would recommend these courses to anyone that wants to learn about the magic and healing of sound and music.
– Gina


Instructor Feedback

David Gibson – Sound Healing Overview

– Most concise and ordered.

– Hands-on learning component really works for me so that I can embody the information.

– David gathers everything together, and how to apply it for real. Love the way he speaks on a conscious level.

– Love the way he explains things and the sound sweep for finding a resonant frequency.

– Great learning experience of developing self and being present more.

– Very quickly made me feel comfortable.

– David was always very organized and covered a lot of material throughout the course. I appreciated the knowledge and experience he brought to the students. Great teacher!

– I love his passion to spread love and light and sound healing worldwide. I can tell that David has a sincere desire to do good in the world and provide a educational resource for students who want to learn how to be Sound Healers.

– Allowed students to freely & openly discuss topics and patient with re-explaining subjects. I could be at my level and be myself. The course material was appropriate and important for the field.

– He was knowledgeable and had an excellent way of getting us involved.

– He has very thorough knowledge of the subject. He is a very engaging teacher and enthusiastic about his school and his classes.

– I loved the family feeling and the different meditations he led. The subject matter was interesting. He was a lot of fun as a teacher. The voice bio was interesting as well as other gadgets. Assignments were helpful. It was never boring.

– David had a sense of humor, was flexible and could go with the flow and change things if necessary. He also made the subject very interesting with certain creative methods.

– Very informative. Loved toning to start off. Very organized.

– Enjoyed classes. Consistent. Nice to have him throughout the whole. Love the animal noises.

– David is genius. Can talk, cry and open.

– Very good at keeping focus. Presents in a way that makes it easy and accessible.

– Super high when I got home. Thinking all of these ideas of what I could do. Activated, activated, activated.

– Very organized. Good descriptions of the language you needed to know. Weaving really interesting things that would otherwise be boring. The classes were really fun.

– The nucleus. The essence of David is in every instructor. Opened up to us and was so vulnerable. Loved sound of love. This is your heart space, inner sanctum. The healing and sacred space is amazing. Authenticity, presence and open heart.

Silvina Vergara – Inner Sound and Transformation

– It was one of the most expansive classes I’ve ever taken. She is a very present, and open person to communicate with. i enjoyed this class.

– The sound healing journeys Silvina took us on were very powerful. I also really liked the last class when we had the heart sharing morning. Very deep and powerful!

– Ahhh…. Silvina is the most enlightened being I have come across. She has the essence of spirituality. She is authentic, humility….everything a spiritual person is about. She walks her talk. You can sense in her voice that this is the way she lives. The way she forgets herself. I don’t see how you anybody could be with her and not be healed. She brings cultures and angels together… she really comes from a Soul perspective.

– I was able to see energy inside my bones and spinal fluid. I also saw inside of my heart. I went very very deep, while being very high. Silvina can go into that state.

– She is really committed and has done the practice and has direct contact, and has complete respect for everyone in the class as a pure perfect spirit!!!

– She is true to her spirit. She was very clear that the time of the class was for the students.

– Her energy is of a Sound Healer. Gives 100%, Passionate.

– Loved the use of the bowls, voice & channeling that allowed us all to experience our own journey! – The class was very transformational and inspiring.

– Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Really caring. Worked with dark and light really well.

– Her class was so good. Loved the safe space that she created.

– Personally clarified and shifted things around in an amazing well. Totally transformative. One hour moved me years ahead of where I was.

– Energetically powerful. Very personable. Loved the Egyptian alchemy with the endocrine system.


Randy Masters – Resonant Connections

– His field radiates out a frequency that is healing and shifts consciousness. He is full of so much info and is so joyous and generous in his sharing of it.

– Blows my mind. Lots of resources.

– As a teacher, can take a subject that is very dry and difficult and make it really interesting. Puts it together and makes sense and applies it to what you are studying. He triggers my intellect. He makes interested in things that I could never imagine. It was very important. He’s fun and very creative in his field.

– He brings practical application of light and sound into this reality in very precise ways. He brings you into really fine detail that you need to really make sound work effective overall.

– I loved learning about the different protection methods, and so many things that pop up in my day I realize I have learned from Randy. I feel like he was not only teaching us on a 3 dimensional level but also through a quantum level through transmission! – amazing insights!

– He is a total genius. He loves the material and conveys his excitement to the students.

– I finally met someone who is a reputable teacher who is creating a better way of living in harmony with nature and tuned into the fact that we are here for a purpose, and may be from other planets—neat-o.

– Cool to watch his brain do what he does. Being in his field was incredible.

– True master. His class was awesome – meditations, platonic solids, stones, color. Amazing energy to be around by osmosis.

– Love how you turn a color spectrum into a frequency. He is so giving of his knowledge and wisdom.

– League of his own. Just goes into the vortex. Bounty of information, tuning forks, hathors. Personal wisdom, warmth and heart was incredible. Treasure trove.

Steven Halpern

– Really liked the class. He came from a different perspective and attitude. Gave us the logistical business attitude of what we need to be aware of. Created shortcuts to difficulties that could we could come across.

– He blew open my head as far as electronic vs. organic – Got me on the track of intention. Nice that he gave us CD’s.


Ryan Moore – Inner Music,  Sound and Rhythm

– Very hands-on. Easy to learn and made it comfortable to move. Very knowledgeable.

– His demeanor was very calm. Loved how he explained how to create a container. Got me into the zone.

– Simple but very deep. Really good facilitator. He worked with our level of energy. Very peaceful, calm and patient energy.

– Liked that he got the rhythms into our body. Loved how he crossed the left and right brain and used sacred geometry patterns. Helped me to understand rhythm.

– Outstanding. The practices stimulate and expand me in a way that I don’t get from any other class. He taught us how to get out of the way to create a field. Wonderful introduction to group work.   Like the way he connected rhythm to scared geometry.


Lis Addison – Sound and Movement

– Love her love of dance and movement, and toning of the chakras.

– Bright and energetic and fun and very powerful.

– Makes learning easy. Brings more modern modalities to shamanic power.

– Really like her framework… she comes from the wisdom tradition. Within that framework she plays, plays, plays. It’s like a Spring of awakening and the joy.

– Living example of expanded consciousness. She was interested in the well being of her students. Helpful and informative.

– Someone who has her own CD out as a composer. Excellent choice for an instructor with combo of movement and sound. Very important to note that movement is a necessary part of music and sound.

– Enjoyed her shamanic work. She held space really well and she is extremely luminous.


Richard Feather Anderson – Sacred Geometry

– He holds much integrity in what he knows and how he shares it.

– Loved his enthusiasm, Like drawing. Most organized.

– Loved seeing the quality of the relationships, a way of seeing things. Nice correlation of cosmic plane and our reality plane. It was very clear for me. It gave me the experience of the spatial brain.

– Thought it was a wonderful class. Explained many things in a great way. He really knows his material. Had the verbal level and higher understanding.

– Class was totally awesome. Liked that it opened some doors to other realms.

– Tons of information that was not dry. Lot’s of hands-on work. Lots of history of architechture of buildings. He also talked about geomancy, ley lines, and mystery school. Very personable.


Suzanne Sterling – Voice, Toning, Chant and Mantra

– We all bonded in her class. It was really good to get to know your body and learn it at the beginning.

– She is very spiritual. Appreciated all the elements of writing, and find your voice. Like the work on personal therapy.

– Created real safe space for us to be creative.

– Super Powerful. Really real and super applicable and practical!!! Vortex master. Gave really good practical singing practices. She is so to the point and precise with her instruction.

– She created an amazing container.  She held space so we could go beyond our comfort zone. She created a really safe space to be creative. Took us to the full extent to using your voice. Beautiful balance of information and experiential.   Such a powerful strong and sensitive energy.

– My favorite. She is a powerhouse. She taught it what it means to be a wounded healer, and to be of service where we don’t get burnt out.  She talked about her social activism and social justice work and how to integrate into our practice.

Really good message about manifestation… don’t wait… do it now.   Got you think about practical applications about what you could do after you leave here — and how to keep evolving as your knowledge grows.

Janis Arch – Voice, Toning, Chant and Mantra

– Love her own personal chanting practice and her humbleness. And she clearly is committed to the practice.

– Confident, consistent, open, allowing students to share and ask questions

– Really loved it. Loved her innocence. I though it was the best class.

– I loved her class. I do her class with my friends now. Great exposure to everything. Gave us a chance to practice it. The class brought us closer. Very organized.

– Liked her subtlety. She is so peaceful.

Susanne Runion – Sound Healing Marketing

– Really practical information. Excellent info. I now see how I could make a sound healing business work.

– I had some resistance coming into the class, but then got completely involved in the class. There was so much real information on how to survive while helping others.

– I really like that she came at marketing from a really “clean” perspective. Not trying to convince others of something they don’t want, but more of the perspective of sharing our gifts.


Vickie Dodd – Voice

– She is so wise — a conduit for everything. She has this amazing ability to cut through to the core of it.

– Very clearly expresses things.

Anne Hege – Voice

– Really enjoyed her class. Very personable. Had out of body experiences.

– Her precision in the way she teaches made me feel very comfortable.  It has transformed my fear of singing dramatically. 

Lisa Rafel – Voice Healing

– Love her intuitive clarity and integrity in the work.

– Very clear statement of protocols and ethics in sound healings. Emphasis on practical applications of techniques.

– Her groundedness and direct way of communication. She has a the keen ability to see through peoples veils and auric fields to get to the heart of the matter.

– Legit, great, very intuitive. Really liked that she was direct and in integrity. Wise owl and grounding. Her lessons on boundaries were incredible.

– Really learned what sound healing was about.

– Amazing, mentor like, honest. Healthy respect for each other. The class that transformed me the most.

– Very powerful and direct and timeless. Comes from a really deep place of wisdom. Projects on all planes – emotionally and mentally.

– As a Sound Practitioner, Lisa Rafel has the power to read energy and then allow spirit to powerfully and precisely direct sound into the body and psyche with amazing results. As an instructor, Lisa is able to organize and present complex esoteric information that is easily understandable, engaging and filled with heart. With her ability to read energy she makes everyone in the class feel as though they are in a one on one session with her.