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This paper will describe my approach for supporting children’s level of frequency by using sound and voice as instruments, that will naturally help raise the vibration of humanity and of our Universe.
Of course, there is not only one factor but also a combination of factors effecting children’s frequency. The relationship with parents is the most important one affecting children’s frequency. Other important factors are their relationship to teachers, to other children, to the physical environment and the culture in which they grow up.
Krishnamurti who was a speaker and writer on philosophical and spiritual subjects said:
“If we are constantly judging the child according to our personal likes and dislikes, we are bound to create barriers and hindrances in our relationship with him and in his relationships with the world. Unfortunately, most of us desire to shape the child in a way that is gratifying to our own vanities and idiosyncrasies; we find varying degrees of comfort and satisfaction in exclusive ownership and domination. ”