Sound Chambers

Divine Math Sacred Geometry Sound Chambers with Inspiration from Above

These chambers are based on:

1. Downloads while in Egypt and Mt. Shasta – David Gibson

2. Over 40 years of study in Sacred Geometry structures… including the Great Pyramid in Egypt – Randy Masters

3.  Many years of Professional Architectural experience coupled with knowledge of Sacred Geometry Structures – John Gil

4.  A deep understanding of the Physics of Sound in chambers – Randy and David

5.  Extensive experience working with energy systems on the planet – Everyone involved in the project

These chambers are based on ancient principles of energy flow.  There are many key design considerations:

•  Every part of the structure is in perfect harmony with every other part of the structure both mathematically and harmonically.
The relationship of each part to the other part would create a beautiful harmonic musical interval…
and the whole structure creates a hologram that is in perfect harmony within all of its parts.

•  Every part is in alignment with the land, nature and the Universe.  The design must synchronize with the land.
It must also be correct alignment with the magnetic field of the earth…
therefore the orientation of the building in relation to the four directions is critical.
Even the alignment to the solar system is taken into account.

• All of the materials are designed to be electromagnetically harmonious in order
to create a smooth flow of energy through the structure.

• The Intention and Energy involved in the design and construction is for the highest good of all individuals who will enter.
It is also in alignment with the highest good of everyone on the planet…
as well as, for the planet and Universe itself.

These sound chambers are designed to take people into a state of higher consciousness beyond what most of us have known. 

There are 3 levels of Chambers offered:

1.  Large outside structures that will hold as many as 25 people.

2. Small outside structures that will hold 1 to 5 people.

3. Indoor structures for 1 to 5 people.

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