The Healing Power of the Didgeridoo

I was once told by the eldest of the Native American Chumash tribe named Samu Huate a story about why the Hump Back whales sing into the earth. When I here the whales sing, it reminds me of the sound of the didgeridoo.

When I use the didgeridoo for healing I am reminded of that story and imagine that the person I am doing the healing session with is the earth and I am the whale helping the person to be more in balance. Before I start a sound healing session I close my eyes take three deep breaths and send my roots into the earth. I call my energy in. I call in my guides that have ancient wisdom of all the elders that have used the didgeridoo for love and healing. I ask to be a vessel of love and light to carry this in this session. I then start to play when I can feel I’m most present. As I start to play I first start by playing on there feet and send there roots into the earth and ground their energy. I then close my eyes or my mind and look through my closed eyes and see the different levels of light on the persons body and when the light is dim or if the sound from the didg loses energy, I will focus love and light in that area of the body until I see a more bright light or here the didg light up. Sometimes I will also feel out of breath. This is a sign for me that there is a block or stagnant energy in myself or the person I am working on. At that point I will find a rhythm or story that lifts the energy up. I will even scream into the didg to clear and open the energy to flow.

Sometimes I see subtle images like a dream of that person’s story or pattern. I can then change the story that does not serve that person and create an energy that is of peace and harmony. I have even been thinking about something mundane and am still allowing the didg to do its work. When I experience this I have realized that the goal for me with the didgeridoo is to allow and let it flow from a place where I’m creating and letting go at the same time. Where my mind can be somewhere else and the didge is still expressing in a powerful way. I have seen this happen many times with myself and am still amazed by how the didg is still doing amazing work. By seeing this time and time again I realized that I’m not playing the didg the didg is playing me. I am just the vessel and the more I let go and allow the greater the experience of flow happens.

Samuel David
Didgeridoo Maker

Samuel David has been making and playinging didgeridoos for over 17 years. Originally from California, He has spent the last 12 years traveling back and forth from Hawaii to California where he has been focusing on his artwork, crafting didgeridoos and recording sound healing music with the whales. Sam is a versatile maker who produces both natural finish Agave didgeridoos, or high quality durable UV protected epoxy coated agave didgeridoos with a variety of decorated styles, including paintings, Inlay work with precious stones, and hand shaped copper and brass fitted artwork.

Sam takes pride in his hardwood mouthpieces with exotic hawaiian hardwoods and puts a good amount of time into the design on the inside for excellent sound quality and the shape of the mouthpiece for easy playing. He is one of those talented and unique didgeridoo craftsmen who are able to express their artwork on a didgeridoo while at the same time still producing a quality instrument. All his instruments have a combination of amazing sound, easy to play, and are a work of art and quality like no other.

You can here his music with the whales at You can email him at

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