Sound Rooms

Tools and technologies for creating your own Sound and Light room in a Spa or Therapy Room.

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    Sound Lounge


    Sound Lounge – Combination Sound Chair, Sound Table and Mat.

    The Sound Lounge is profoundly effective for a wide range of issues (besides just relaxation).
    It is being used by some of our customers with Veterans from the VA and has changed their lives completely.  It has been extremely effective for muscular pain, fibromyalgia, neurological issues, and Parkinson’s.   It has also been really helpful for anxiety.   If you have anything going on emotionally it will be gone within 10 minutes.  And with David’s music it just feels incredible.

    Made with a top of layer of memory foam – The cushiest sound mat ever (seriously). The memory foam creates a full body print for optimum comfort and wraps around your body so you get maximum contact and transmission of the vibrations into the body.  When you simply just lay down, even before it is turned on, people just sigh… it is so comfy.  And with the memory foam it wraps around your body so better so you get maximum contact with the vibrations.

    All speakers mounted based on Golden Mean ratios. Your body instantly recognizes these Sacred Geometry patterns found in nature and throughout your own body.

    Comes with:
    • Lounge Mat (with Transducers mounted inside).  You can actually lay the mat on the floor or a massage table or even your bed.
    • Cot – You can have it lay down flat so you could even lay on your stomach.  Or, you can tilt up one side so it becomes a lounge.
    • Amp – Plenty of power to rock your boat.
    • 4 CDs – CDs by David Gibson that are unbelievably effective, beautiful and heart opening.

    Sound Lounge – Pro Version with Medical Grade Neoprene for effortless cleaning


    Pro Sound Lounge with Medical Grade Neoprene. Combination Sound Chair, Sound Table and Mat.
    With all CD’s and Headphones

    Same as above but comes with:
    •  Medical Grade Neoprene
     that can be easily wiped down after a session.
      WAV Player pre-loaded with:
    – 12 Music CD’s
    specifiically designed for the Lounge with maximum bass. CLICK HERE to see the full list.
    – 12 Cymatic Frequency CDs
    – For issues ranging from Muscles to Endocrine Glands. CLICK HERE to see the full list.
    •  Professional Headphones (see below for description).  Ideal headphones for David’s music and the lounge combination.

    Miracle IQube


    The Miracle IQube has two sets of Tesla like coils wrapped around 9 inert noble gases, which creates a powerful scalar wave field in the room.  It is modulated by a wide range of higher frequencies.  However, you can also use the Voice Analysis software to create frequency remedies based on your own assessment.   These frequencies are then transmitted into the room via the scalar waves.

    The Miracle IQube is about the gradual upliftment, heart opening and awakening of humanity by conscious entrainment with coherent instruments.  The Miracle IQube will dissolve the yo-yo effect of the highs and lows of the endless seeking for transformation, enlightenment, even passion to a consistent and stable experience of love and joy.

    Comes with a nice case, Voice Analysis software, and online training.

    The Light Labyrinth


    The Light Labyrinth™ incorporates complex computer generated programs of stunning light and color effects, which are projected into the fractal planes and fissures of medium to large quartz crystals.