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How sound affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. Top selling book in the field.

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The Art of Mixing” – #1 selling book in the field of Audio Recording. Also, the top selling “The Art of Producing.

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Beautiful nature videos with time lapse and slow motion video and inspiring heart opening music.

This is the first book in the field of Sound Healing to give such a wide perspective on everything in the field. It covers the full range of how sound affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. The field has become so expansive that it is impossible to cover every aspect and detail in one book. Many books go into much more detail in some areas, and many do it quite well. This book gives you a good overview of the entire field with many important details not covered in other books.

The book covers the full range from the known science to the esoteric wisdom. It explains how sound works based on specific laws of physics. This is important because Sound Healing will not gain the widespread acceptance needed to get it into the mainstream (hospitals and homes) until we have a clear and concise understanding of how it really works. There are many ancient techniques that are incredibly powerful and we don’t yet understand the mechanism of how they work (Spirit has not given us the full manual yet). Yet, Sound Healing miracles are quite common. Therefore, we include many of these techniques that come from ancient wisdom.

The book gives specific techniques on how each of the vibrational tools work on the human system. These include voice, crystal and Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, tingshas, didgeridoos, gongs, chimes, shakers, rattles, drums, tone generators, nature sounds, light, color and sacred geometry. We provide detailed step-by-step procedures for performing a sound healing session with the voice and the full range of sound healing instruments.

The book also covers how to use sound for physical issues, including pain, illnesses and disease. It explains specific sound techniques for releasing stuck emotions and negative beliefs. It also discusses how to entrain the brain into the different brainwave states of Delta (for sleep), Theta (for creativity and as a portal to Oneness), Alpha (for presence and mental clarity), Beta (for ADD/ADHD), and Gamma (for higher states of consciousness).

But most importantly is the section on Spiritual enhancement to access expanded states of awareness. David shares techniques for using sound to obtain perfect presence and stillness. He covers the full range of techniques on how to use sound to resonate more gratitude, compassion, love and joy in your life. The book also provides a full range of ways to use sound to open the heart. David also explores the frequencies and sounds of the chakras and auras and explains some powerful techniques for resonating more harmony.

Because everything is vibration, the Soul must be a frequency. We show you how to find this frequency and resonate a direct connection. Ultimately, we explain how to use sound to access the ultimate state – a connection to Source where you are one with everything in the Universe. In such expanded states often physical, mental and emotional healing happen on their own.

This book is not just a guide to Sound Healing, it is a guide on how to raise your vibration and hold it there more consistently so that you can be less affected by any negative vibrations in or around you. And, most importantly, so you can transmit more positive vibrations into the world — Ultimately, creating such a strong resonant field on the planet that the rest of the planet is entrained into these same higher vibrations.

“Although sound healing is a rapidly growing genre of music and complementary healthcare practice, there have been few books that provide an overview for interested individuals and practitioners. David Gibson’s book is a significant contribution to the field, and covers the many subgenres included under the sound healing umbrella. You’ll find a great deal of information from both a scientific and esoteric perspective. In short, the reader will find many creative and useful ideas that can be immediately incorporated into their life and practice.”
– Steven Halpern –
Grammy award nominated composer,
recording artist, researcher, author & sound healer.

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    Art of Mixing Book – 3rd Edition


    THE ART OF MIXING — A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering and Production, by David Gibson uses visuals of mixes to explain and SHOW how to create every style of mix that is typically done for each style of music and song. Gibson has mapped out everything that can be done to create various effects in a mix. It’s an in-depth exploration into the aesthetics of what makes a great mix in a simple, visual manner. The book shows everything from Bluegrass to Big Band, New Age to Heavy Metal, Classical to Hip Hop, Jazz to Rap, and Alternative Rock to Techno.

    Art of Mixing DVD


    The videos use the 3D visual framework to explain and show how to create every style of mix in the world for any style of music.

    Art of Producing Book – 2nd Edition


    This book provides an all-inclusive perspective on everything that goes into producing a project, and how to do it. Most producers are simply flying by the seat of their pants. Once you have finished this book, you will have a better perspective on how to produce a project than most producers. With experience you can become a major producer.

    Complete Guide to Sound Healing – E-Book


    PDF (not Kindle ready yet)

    Complete Guide to Sound Healing – Interactive E-Book


    Includes the following features:

    • Listen to Sound Examples
    Dozens of sound clips illustrating the concepts in the book

    • Listen to Song Examples
    Over a dozen Sound Healing songs

    • Listen to Guided Meditations
    Many guided meditations to get you into the zone

    • Listen to examples of Chants to practice with

    • Lists of 100's of Frequencies for specific organs and issues

    • Free Updates when we add new examples
    – New sounds, music and chants
    – Updated Lists of new Technologies

    The Complete Guide to Sound Healing (don’t use)



    (Scroll down to see “Chapter Descriptions”)

    INTRODUCTION – Peace on the Inside, Flowing on the Outside

    SECTION I – Healing and Transformation Frameworks and Paradigms

    Introduction – Allopathic vs. Health Models

    Chapter 1 – Four Levels of How Sound Affects Us Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually
    Another way of looking at it – Physical Body, Chakras, Auras

    Chapter 2 – One Resonant Frequency vs. A Full Range of Frequencies

    Chapter 3 – Our Need to Come Home to the Home Note

    Chapter 4 – Consistency as Higher Consciousness

    Chapter 5 – Our Need for Harmony

    SECTION II – Everything is Vibration – The Hierarchy of Sound, Music and Energy

    Introduction – Five levels of vibration

    Chapter 6 – Pure Frequencies
    – Pure Tones
    – Concert Pitch
    – Tuning Systems

    Chapter 7 – Timbres (Tones or Harmonic Structures)

    Chapter 8 – The Beauty and Power of Noise

    Chapter 9 – Musical Intervals and Chords

    Chapter 10 – Music
    – Rhythm
    – The Quality of “Flow” in the Music

    Chapter 11 – Energy
    – Intention
    – Consciousness of the Composer and Musicians

    Chapter 12 – The Hierarchy of Sound, Music and Energy in Living Systems

    Chapter 13 – Volume or Amplitude

    SECTION III – Frequencies In and Around Us

    Chapter 14 – Music Perception versus Direct Physical Effects

    Chapter 15 – So Called Positive and Negative Sounds

    Chapter 16 – Frequencies Around Us – Your Sound Environment

    Chapter 17 – Frequencies Inside Us – The “Gene OM” of the Human System

    Chapter 18 – The Hierarchy of Frequencies in the Human System

    SECTION IV – How it All Works

    Chapter 19 – The Laws of Resonance and Entrainment – The Keys to Creating Change

    Chapter 20 – Using the Laws of Resonance to Deal with “Good” and “Bad” Frequencies (So to Speak)

    SECTION V – Your Sound Healing Toolbox
    Some common sound healing tools and how to use them

    Chapter 21 – The Voice
    – Toning
    – Chant and Mantra

    Chapter 22 – Other Sounds and Instruments

    SECTION VI – Doing Sound Healing Sessions

    Chapter 23 – Safety and Ethics

    Chapter 24 – Performing a Sound Healing Session

    SECTION VII – Physical Healing with Sound

    Introduction – Physical Vibrations changing Physical Matter

    Chapter 25 – Buzz in the Body Syndrome (BIBS)

    Chapter 26 – Stress Relief, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fibromyalgia, and other Stress Related Issues.

    Chapter 27 – Healing Organs, Body Parts and Body Systems

    Chapter 28 – Sound on Disease

    Chapter 29 – Releasing and Overcoming Pain

    Chapter 30 – Using Sound to Create Nutrients

    SECTION VIII – Emotional Healing and Expansion with Sound

    Introduction – Eradicating 50% of the Cause of All Diseases

    Chapter 31 – The Sound of Emotions

    Chapter 32 – Eight Techniques for Releasing Stuck Emotions and Deep Emotional Issues

    Chapter 33 – Transforming Negative Beliefs

    SECTION IX – Mental Expansion with Sound

    Introduction – Brainwaves and Brainwave Entrainment

    Chapter 34 – Delta State – Sleep Enhancement and Direct Connection to Source

    Chapter 35 – Theta State – Enhanced Creativity and a Portal to Oneness in the Universe

    Chapter 36 – Alpha State – Help with ADD, ADHD, Mental Clarity and Memory

    Chapter 37 – Other Higher and Lower States — Gamma and Deep Delta

    Chapter 38 – Using Brainwave Entrainment to Access Higher States of Consciousness

    Chapter 39 – The Schumann Resonance and Nature’s Entrainers

    Chapter 40 – Sound Therapy for Learning Disabilities

    SECTION X – Spiritual Enhancement with Sound
    Using sound to open your heart and raise your vibration and consciousness

    Introduction – Clearing out Negative Vibrations vs. Resonating Positive Vibrations

    Chapter 41 – Using Sound to Get to Presence and Mindfulness

    Chapter 42 – Harmonizing Chakras with Sound

    Chapter 43 – Harmonizing Auras with Sound

    Chapter 44 – Resonating Higher Emotions with Sound (Gratitude, Compassion, Joy, Love, etc.)

    Chapter 45 – The Sound of Love – How to Open Your Heart with Sound
    – Using Sound to Resonate Self Love
    – Using Sound to Resonate More Love in Relationships
    – Using Sound to Resonate and Transmit Universal and Unconditional Love

    Chapter 46 – Connecting to the Soul with Sound

    Chapter 47 – Connecting to Spirit and Source with Sound

    SECTION XI – Synthesis, Holograms and Daily Life

    Chapter 48 – The Ultimate Three-Step Healing Process
    A powerful process for raising a person’s vibration, going deep and releasing

    Chapter 49 – Using Sound to Deal with Challenges and Conflicts
    Ten ways to handle challenges and conflicts in Relationships, Health, Wealth,

    Chapter 50 – Living with Sound – Using Sound in Your Life Daily
    Daily sound practices that can easily be incorporated into your daily life.


    Appendix A – Summary of How to Find Frequencies and Work with Them Once You Have Found Them

    Appendix B – Frequency to Pitch Chart

    Appendix C – The GeneOM Research Project Frequency Charts

    Appendix D – Sound Technologies
    Amazing technologies you might be interested in.

    Appendix E – Tuning Systems

    Appendix F – Frequency Charts

    Appendix G – The Sound of Recorded Love – Music Production and Sound Quality
    What makes powerful recorded sounds and music.

    De-Stress Sound Healing Nature Video


    Imagine a place where you can escape from the day so you can return refreshed with more energy and focus. Energize. Refocus. Unwind. Reconnect with what matters. Then find that peace that we all long for at the end of the day. We invite you to turn any space into a meditative space. Your office. Your car. Bedroom or boardroom. Simply press play and allow the clear sounds and majestic footage of nature to stimulate your whole system – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
    De-Stress in a Stressed out World will help you:
    • Realign your body’s energy with healing, therapeutic music
    • Rediscover the beauty that surrounds you with captivating images from nature
    • Regain your center with sound proven to stimulate the brain
    • Refocus on your day with a more aware sense of self
    • Realize how to relax in a stressful world.