The Light Labyrinth


The Light Labyrinth™ incorporates complex computer generated programs of stunning light and color effects, which are projected into the fractal planes and fissures of medium to large quartz crystals.


With The Light Labyrinth™ you can access:
Effortless meditation
Profound peace
Inner guidance
Creative inspiration
Mystical experiences
Enhanced group synergy
Exquisite resonant beauty
The Light Labyrinth™ incorporates complex computer generated programs of stunning light and color effects, which are projected into the fractal planes and fissures of medium to large quartz crystals. The carefully selected alpha and theta light form programs, which are operated by a remote control, are designed to help the meditating viewer reach gentle hypnogogic trance states.

In these trance states the viewer can access profound shifts in consciousness and alternate states of awareness. This is done by activating an effect we call Visual Resonance Imaging (VRI). Many people have had deep visions, intuitions, and messages from the unseen while meditating with The Light Labyrinth and ancient crystals. About Quartz Crystals

The latest new program for the Light Labyrinth is The Music Visualizer which creates an experience of synethesia, allowing viewers to see what they are hearing and sense patterns in music and sound they would not normally perceive. This creates a multisensory experience of sound and music and helps viewers observe the deeper, often hidden, patterns of music.

The seven brilliant LED colors of the Light Labyrinth are each assigned a range of sound frequencies. The colors blend and dance to the ranges of sound frequency when played with any form of music for spectacular results. The color and light sensitivity to the sound frequency can be adjusted. The music program also includes the ability to adjust the Sampling Rate, which is how often the sound is rendered into colored light. This enables the Light Labyrinth viewer to fine-tune The Music Visualizer™ to his or her specific musical sensitivity.

Among those working with The Light Labyrinth are spiritual practitioners and teachers, musicians, chiropractors, therapists, scientists, artists, and shamanic teachers and healers.
One Reiki healer recently said, “ While I worked with the Light Labyrinth and a crystal sphere I did different eye movements and gazes trying to access all the brain areas. As I worked it felt like the synapses and neurotransmitters were waking up… when I relaxed the eyes and allowed them to follow the light and color tracers through the crystal, there were actually times when I know I was in an open eye REM like state. The next night my vision was much clearer, I felt more optimistic. My body movements improved and freed up dramatically.”

Applications for the Light Labyrinth

Augment group interaction and consciousness: Group leaders are having profound results including this experience in group work, discussions and meditations. The beauty of the light programs help participants feel naturally secure and open.

Access deep states of meditation and inner guidance: The Light Labyrinth can help you enhance your spiritual practice and access the power of your crystals.

Enhance your space: The stunning light and color programs combined with natural crystals can bring harmony and vitality to any environment. Add elegance, peace and beauty to your life.

Reduce stress and enter into effortless meditation: Spend time revitalizing yourself with a Light, Color and Crystal meditation. Let the gentle light and color cycle calm your entire system: body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Inspire creativity: use the Light Labyrinth while you are designing, creating and planning to help access the creative centers of your mind and expand your imagination.

Go within for problem solving: A still mind is a true mind. Let the Light Labyrinth help you come back to your center and allow what is most real and true for you in the moment. Reclaim your mental clarity.

Enhance communication with loved ones and co-workers: The Light Labyrinth can assist in dissolving barriers and opening the heart.

“When we feel safe in the beauty of light, color and sacred form, we can begin to surrender many layers of physical and emotional holding until we reach a deep place of peaceful communion with the Self.”
Randall Fontes

“One of my friends who is a psychotherapist actually cried the first time she worked with the Light Labyrinth. She said she felt like she was sitting inside the heart of God. It was a very profound and spiritual experience for her.”
Joy Delucia

“With the Oaysis Holotope there is a heightened sensitivity to light and sound vibrations, and our field of perception and ability to perceive internal and external energies is greatly expanded in both the physical and spiritual dimensions.”
Francisco, Wise Awakenings

One of the purposes with regard to the function of the Light Labyrinth and Oasys Evolution Project is to expand and develop consciousness through reactivating the “Unfamiliar Senses” These are the perceptual senses of movement/stillness/balance, warmth/coolness, light or life force, substance or “Soul”, sound or voice. These sense perceptions are important in the developing parallel awareness of internal and external physical worlds. This is also the path of beauty. Using selected quartz crystals, which combine with the light effects, an extremely beautiful affect is achieved. In beauty is healing, recognizing the expanded possibilities of our existence, the feeling we have a place in the larger order of existence. This is what we are after in combining the consciousness of modulated light, natural ancient crystals, and engaging human consciousness.

The Light Labyrinth™ PRO
Over 25 Specialized Light Form Programs:
8 stunning Dream light meditation programs (non-strobing) Serenity, Timeless, Twilight,
Breath, Fantasy, Fireworks, Colorwave & Masterwave
9 dazzling frequency strobing meditation programs: Initiation, Transcend, Nova,
Luminous, Radiance, Polyrythm, Lightning, Spirals & Helix
6 Chakra Meditation programs
Plus! Preprogrammed Meditation Journeys with CD’s (available soon)
Crystal Journey
Renew with Color
Expand Your Imagination
And more!
The Music Visualizer experience! *
Plus your choice of strobe frequency settings: Alpha, Theta, Delta, Beta & Variable
Super Bright LED lights in 7 brilliant colors
Remote control creates an interactive experience
Large stand with motorized turntable for medium to extra large crystals
Single color mode for work with one color at a time and two color blending
Special additional features: Depth of strobe shifting, Duty cycle shifting, All Colors On, Color speed control
Includes the Music Visualizer
Plus MIDI control features for voice, computer and instruments!


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