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    Rodin Coil


    The Rodin Coil initially discovered its principles by Marko Rodin is been developed after by Randy Powell, Russ Gries and more recently by Daniel and Erica Nuñez from, although the project comprehend a lot more people helping the project to grow. The Rodin Coil defines the conservation of momentum and energy.

    The coil somehow stimulates the bodily area exposed to its field and induces an increased healing effect. Its field seems to stimulate the body’s natural inherent healthy state of being.

    The physical body is but an extension of the etheric body. The etheric body is the energy body, also called the subtle body. This etheric body can be seen as a template containing all the information for not only the development of a growing body, but also its perfect healthy state in all aspects, for cells, circulatory systems, organs etc. This information is always there, present in the etheric body. The physical components, like the atoms and molecules we absorb by food, drink and breathing, use this information to go to the right places to form and maintain the physical body. Disease and ailments happen many ways. Physical toxins can enter our body, or emotional traumas cause constrictions in the energy flow of the etheric body resulting in corresponding physical ailments, because the physical body always follows the etheric body. That is why true, lasting healing always must happen on the energy level first.

    What the Rodin coil seems to do is that it works on the etheric body, strongly stimulating the original healthy pattern that is always present but often obscured by traumas, negative energetic influences, or physical obstructions like toxins. When the healthy pattern in the etheric energy body is strongly stimulated, it will have a strong effect on the physical components of the body, nudging them into the same healthy pattern.

    The Heart and Soul Companion Pendant

    Consciously wearing this Companion is strong support for us in these intense times of change. You may find the desire to switch which side is towards your body more often for enhanced connection to Mother Earth or more active creative and mental acuity.

    Each Heart & Soul Companion contains 2 sides. By choosing which side you wear towards your body, you will feel more energy from the celestial and mental realms with the Star Face or have a more grounded experience with the Earth Face. Play with what feels best to you as you are wearing the Companion each day.

    The gems added to the Heart & Soul Companion act to move energy from the higher dimensional frequencies into the physical world. This increases the energy flow into your body with the chakras being the receivers of these energies.

    The I.Connect Pocket Pendant


    The I.Connect is a connection device using advanced technology that expands your energy and activates your purpose. This amazing tool offers you a portal to the positive life field of love, wholeness and connection, to self and others.

    1111 Hertz – Sonic Sage (Unweighted)


    Great for clearing a room
    or your Auric Field

    When you see 11:11 on your clock you are in the zone and in alignment


    Sansula Renaissance


    Durable Plastic Top.

    Do you want the biggest, deepest kalimba affect in the world, with an instrument that almost plays itself? The Sansula may be your instrument.

    This is a truly delicate sounding instrument. Imagine going into a secret room that nobody but you knows about, a place where your soul can be renewed as you surround your mind and heart with mystical beauty. That’s what playing this instrument feels like!

    The coolest thing about the Sansula is the way it vibrates on the body.  The sound chamber may be placed anywhere on the body.  It also produces the “wah wah” sound.

    You get the wah-wah effect by lifting it up and putting it back down on a table, or a board or book on your lap.

    The Sansula’s standard tuning is an A minor chord, with a few other notes thrown in. Everything you play will have a unique mystical and haunting beauty, whether you know anything about music or not.

    Schumann Resonance Pair (Weighted)


    Schumann Frequency – 7.83 hz

    58.725 and 66.555
    Average is 62.64 (3 octaves above 7.83) Difference is 7.83

    The Schumann Frequency occurs naturally in the atmosphere triggered by lightning.  It is a frequency that entrains the brain into the threshold of Theta and Alpha. It is the main frequency that connects us to the nature.

    NASA has discovered that we can get sick if we don’t get the frequency. It is wiped out by cell phone towers and electromagnetism in the city.

    When you have two frequencies that are close to each other, our brain makes up the average.  This is called the carrier frequency.  We also hear the difference frequency as a rhythm.  It is important the the carrier frequency and difference frequency are in tune.

    111 and 112.45 Pair (Weighted)


    111 Hertz has been used since the beginning of time. The two frequencies create a binaural beat difference frequency of 1.45 hertz, called the Ultra Healing Frequency It is found in over 70 sacred sites.

    1.45 hertz is the Trithalmic that has been shown to activate the Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Pineal glands. This combination has been especially effective for headaches.


    432 Hertz Harmony Octave Set (Weighted)


    Four Tuning Forks – 432, 216, 108, 54 Hz

    432 Hertz is the Frequency of cells, Ancient Egyptian Tunings, Radius of the Sun, Average Frequency of Baby Cry, Heart Meridian, and creates a beautiful Cymatic Pattern.

    216 Hertz is the frequency of the Honey Bee which has been shown to levitate.

    108 Hertz is a majorly auspicious number in India. The Sun is 108 times the distance to the moon.

    54 Hertz is 3 octaves below 432 and resonates a powerful bass frequency.

    Any combination of these forks creates a beautiful harmonious octave energy.


    Archangel Michael and the Musical Fifth Pair (Weighted)


    This set is tuned to Archangel Michael based on numerology of his name.  The musical fifth is the ideal harmony to Michael.  

    Archangel Michael is the firstborn of all creation and  He is the first angel created by God. He is one of God’s four Archangels who has been by God’s side during subsequent creations of the universe.

    Archangel Michael’s energy is a very powerful energy which can purify, neutralize and eliminate negative energies.  His Energy is perceived as golden, violet and blue colours.

    The name and the energy of Archangel Michael is the pure love of God.

    7 Piece Chakra Set


    Solar System Set (Weighted)


    These forks are based on mathematical formulae of their rotation and spin. The earth frequency is based on the rotation of the earth around the sun. The moon is based on the rotation of the moon around the earth. The sun freqeuncy is based on the spin rate of the sun.

    In 1978 Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist discovered the natural law of the “Cosmic Octave” as the link between different kinds of perodically occurring natural phenomena, such as the orbit of the planets, the weather, colors, rhythms and tones. The frequencies are based on his original calculations.

    Frequencies in Hertz
    – Synodic Moon – 105.209
    – Sun – 126.22
    – Earth – 136.102

    12 Piece Chakra Set


    Elk Hand Drum


    Water Absorption – 22, 44 and 66 Hertz (Weighted)


    A key factor for effective revitalization of water is the basic procedure of restoring the correct fundamental frequency and overtones for water to pass through the cell membrane. In order to pass through the cell membrane and be conducted into the cell, as research by Nobel prize winner Peter Agre shows, water must have a very specific structure, namely crystalline. In addition, the water needs to have the correct frequency so as to be able to pass through the aquaporins (ionic channels in the cell membrane) in sufficient amounts. Research carried out by bioresonance expert Paul Schmidt has revealed that the frequency of the cell membrane is approx. 22.5 Hz, corresponding to the body’s own metabolic frequency.

    Investigations into frequency carried out by the Swiss institution, Planet Diagnostic, have shown that good quality spring water always has a fundamental frequency of 22 Hz and its overtones of 44 and 66 Hz. These frequencies also overcome the negative frequencies of Ultra Violet disinfection and other chaotic electromagnetic frequencies. As well as deleting the frequencies of harmful substances, it gives our drinking water a highly structured, stable, liquid-crystalline state – so it is 100% available for metabolism.

    Frosted Crystal Bowls 7″


    Ascension Chakra Alchemy Bowl Set


    8 Bowls Tuned Perfectly to each other

    Bags are strongly recommended to protect the bowls during shipping and while at home. You can add bags for $150 each (3 bags required for the whole set)

    9″ Low C-15 Black Tourmaline, Platinum, White Light Angel Gold (inside) Bowl| $2222
    8″ D-40 Monroe-Utah Hot Springs, Platinum, Ocean Indium (inside) Bowl | $2022
    8″ E-15 Frankinsense, Platinum Bowl | $1644
    7″ F-30 Violet Flame Aura Gold Bowl | $1585
    7″ G-30 Turquoise, Ocean Indium Bowl | $1644
    6″ A-40 Dead Sea Salt, Violet Aura Gold Bowl Bowl | $2088
    6″ B-20 Great Salt Lake Salt, Platinum Bowl | $1288
    5″ High C-40 Apophyllite, Smokey Qaurtz Bowl | $1588

    View and listen to each bowl individually on their product pages.