Anti-Depressant – Tuned to 432 Hz – Immediate Download


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Based on research in the field of Sound Therapy there are several key components of sound that may help with Depression:
1. High frequencies activate our entire system.
2. Constantly changing sounds activate the brain.
3. A full range of frequencies and frequency sweeps help bring someone out of a particular stuck frequency or mood.
4. Binaural beat frequencies in Alpha activate the brain.

All of these components are incorporated into this song along with a powerful intention for the relief of Depression. This intention was held consistently during the recording and mixing of the song. The song also has a very “still” and heart warming cello track in order to bring a sense of peace and stillness within the storm of life that we often encounter.

This CD works well as background music, but requires full attention to be completely effective as an anti-depressant.

The song is now tuned to 432 Hz which has many auspicious things about it.  432 Hz has been shown to create a beautiful mandala pattern in each water droplet in your body.  It is also the frequency of the heart meridian and is what they tuned to in ancient Egypt.

Musicans: David Gibson – Keys; Kris Yenney – Cello



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