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The Bass on these CD’s are maximized for Sound Tables and Chairs.

(NO Extra Bass for Sound Tables and Sound Chairs)

When listening to the demos use speakers or headphones… The bass is an important part of the songs.
(computer speakers don’t reproduce the bass)

The sounds and music that are played during a vibroacoustic treatment are the most important aspects of the sound healing therapy. We are the #1 seller of this type of music because of the experience and techniques developed by David Gibson, the founder and director of Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco. David’s CDs are produced according to ancient and modern science from the field of Sound Healing and Therapy, and years of experience and research on the physics of sound. His music is being used in hospitals around the country (including Massachusetts General in Boston and U.C. Medical Center in San Francisco) for its beneficial effects on the body, mind and Spirit of patients.

David is uniquely qualified to create transformative Sound Healing music because of his extensive background in both Audio Recording and Sound Healing. As a physics major at U.C. Berkeley he developed a holistic understanding of the underlying structure of sound. After 40 years of recording and producing music for major artists, he wrote the #1 selling books in both the fields of Audio and Sound Healing — “The Art of Producing,” and “The Art of Mixing”; and, “The Complete Guide to Sound Healing.”

David has tested over 400 different bass sounds while on the Sound Lounge and Table to find the very best ones for the Lounge and Table. He has also been extremely detailed in setting the “envelope” of the bass sounds so each note comes on and fades out in the most soothing and effective way possible. Having gotten these just right, allows you to turn the bass up on the sound table and feel the maximum effect. Of course, you can still set the volume in your headphones (or speakers in the room) at any volume you like.

David has created music tuned to specific archetypal frequencies that are more readily accepted by the body and known to have specific effects physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Based on this science his techniques include 100% focus of intention (which is embedded in the music), ancient tuning systems and modes, and music tuned to the tempo of specific breath and heart rates. All of his music includes binaural beats specifically calibrated to entrain the brain into a variety of brainwave states.

David also uses aspects of the Mozart Effect research to create focus – techniques that use high frequency content and constant change in various musical parameters. On other projects, he uses repetition to put the analytical left brain to sleep so the creative right brain can take over. Information from the research of Alfred Tomatis on the ear are also infused in the music. David has spent many years refining the precise type of bass sounds used to vibrate the body (including exact sound envelopes that feel the best). This allows the bass to be maximized on the body in a way that feels soothing and natural. He is fanatical about creating a consistent musical and energetic flow of energy that taps into the deeper rhythms of the human biosystem and is in alignment with the mathematical patterns found in natural flowing systems in nature and Spirit. But most importantly, David brings in the subtle frequencies and energies of love and incorporates them throughout the productions.

The CD’s also include the following Sound Healing music production techniques:

Use of Intention
It has now been proven scientifically that Intention is effective. It has also been shown that Intention gets embedded in the music and is then transmitted through to the listener during playback. The Intention of each song was held consistently through entire recording process — during composition, performance, recording and mixing.

Full Frequency Range of Sounds

As shown by the research of Alfred Tomatis, every frequency is a nutrient. Therefore, we use the full frequency range of sounds – including very large amount of bass for grounding, and often an abundant amount of high frequencies for connecting to spirit.

Sounds with Healing Harmonic Structures
Detailed choice of sounds to support the intention of each song. Based on years of experience and research on the physics of sound, we have chosen sounds (natural to electronic) that are known to have specific affects on a person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Tempos Set to the Breath
Most songs have a basic tempo that is set to a really slow breath. Since the chords often follow the in and out breath they entrain your breath into a deeper state of relaxation. You can also consciously breathe along with most of the songs.

Binaural Beats
Most of the music below can be purchased with Binaural Beats to entrain the brain into a variety of brainwave states. Two frequencies are embedded in the music and the difference between the two notes creates a 3rd frequency which is below our normal hearing level. This 3rd frequency entrains your brain into delta (deep sleep or meditation), theta (creative day dreaming), or alpha (relaxed awareness). When you listen on headphones you get the extra added benefit of left and right brain synchronization through the Corpus Callosum, which connects the left and right brain. Through a special process the binaural beats are created so they are perfectly in tune with the key of the song.
MORE INFO on Binaural Beats

Peaceful Endings
One of the most important aspects of Sound Healing is when the sound or music ends — leaving you in a place of perfect peace. Many techniques and extreme care have been taken to create endings that leave you in this precious state of peace.

Other Sound Healing Music Production Techniques
Other techniques based on Frequency, Timbre, Musical Intervals, Modes, Repetition vs. Change, and Energy Flow have also been incorporated into each song. Many techniques from David’s Audio Production books have also been incorporated into the music.

Sound Holograms
Many of the songs are Sound Holograms where every component within the music and recording are speaking to each other by being mathematically related. For example, the tempo mathematically fits the key of the song. The binaural beats are also a multiple or perfect fraction (1/2, 1/2, 1/2…) of the pitch and tempo. The tempo of the breath incorporated into the chord changes is also a perfection subdivision of the tempo, pitch and binaural beats. All of this helps to synchronize the breath, heart and brain.

Note – Because we have so many versions of each CD they are often
individual copies made from the Studio Master.
Therefore, they may not come in a sealed package.

Important – If purchasing more than one song at a time for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD,
please purchase them one at a time. Or, you can order all at once and we will send you the links
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