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    Extra Sound Healing CDs


    Highest Quality WAV Player (CD quality instead of MP3) pre-loaded with:
    – 12 Music CD’s
    specifiically designed for the Lounge with maximum bass. CLICK HERE to see the full list.
    – 12 Cymatic Frequency CDs
    – For issues ranging from Muscles to Endocrine Glands. CLICK HERE to see the full list.

    You get 4 CDs with any purchase already

    Pachelbel Canon – 60 Minute version – Immediate Downloads


    Same description as above.

    Multi-Changer 5 CD Player


    Audio Technica Professional Headphones


    Ideal match for the Sound Table, Sound Lounge, Bass Pod, Pillow or Dolphin.

    Schumann Resonance Frequencies


    The Schumann Resonance is a frequency in our atmosphere that is triggered by lightning. The frequency averages 7.83 cycles per second, and it entrains our brain into a brainwave state right between Theta and Alpha. Since it has been humming in our atmosphere for millions of years it is a frequency that we actually need. Astronauts actually received this frequency electromagnetically whenever in outer space. The problem is that this frequency is obscured by the electromagnetism in a city.

    This CD contains the Schumann Frequency as binaural beat frequencies for maximum effect. There is no music on this CD! The frequencies are played on a carrier frequency of 62.64 hertz — the same note as the Schumann frequency at a higher octave. We also include binaural beats in Delta and Deep Delta (Epsilon) also tuned to the Schumann frequency to bring you into a deep state of meditation.

    Short Demo (The frequencies are too low to be heard on small laptop speakers) –

    Schumann Resonance Frequencies – Immediate Download


    See description above.

    Short Demo (The frequencies are too low to be heard on small laptop speakers)

    Stereo for the Room


    Surround System for the Room


    Chakra Balancing


    The CD takes you through each chakra providing balancing energy for each.  Upon completion of listening all chakras are in balance with each other.

    It is nice for background music, but is most effective with full attention.

    √ Centering   √ Relaxation  √ Connection To Spirit

    Demo compilation of whole CD:



    The Bass Pod – Handheld Sound Applicator


    The applicator is held in the hands so you can apply healing sounds and music to specific organs and parts of the body. You can also strap the applicator to any specific part of the body so you don’t have to hold it. It is ideal for applying the frequencies in the Cymatics CD’s. It has a huge amount of bass for a small speaker.

    It comes with an amplifier and 4 Cymatic Frequency CDs.

    Chakra Balancing – Immediate Download


    See description above.

    Short Demo –



    This CD is designed to take you through deep transformation with whatever issue you are dealing with — then bring you back to your center where you are grounded, centered and perfectly present.   This CD is also good for recovering lost sleep, or to aid with sleep. It is intense as background music. With full attention it can take you into very deep states of transformation.

    We have 12 versions of this CD – one for every Root Frequency.  Email us if you would like it in a certain key.

    √ Centering   √ Relaxation   √ Meditation   √ Sleep


    Options include:
    20 Minute Version – $15
    20 Minutes with Binaural Beats in Delta – $25
    60 Minute Version (Good for Massage) – $20
    60 Minutes with Binaural Beats that take you from Theta to Delta – $30

    Transformation – Immediate Download


    See description above.


    Transformation with Binaural Beats – Immediate Download


    See description above.


    Body Tune 3 Pod Sound Belt


    This is one of the most effective devices for pain management.   However it is also effective for muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, arthritis, bones, circulatory system, respiratory system, asthma, and depression.

    3 full range Subwoofers encased in a durable/comfortable wearable belt. The Speakers are adjustable in order to focus the sound on specific organs, vertebrae, chakras, or acupuncture points. The belt may be worn so the speakers are on the front or back of the body or wrapped around any other part of the body. It is also incredibly effective on the bottom of the feet (the bottom of the feet have been shown to be one of the best places to get sound into the whole body).


    -3 Speakers (Subwoofers) mounted on a belt.

    -4 Cymatic Frequency CD’s calibrated for the belt.

    -Comes in 3 Different Amp Options

    Monks Sound Healing Meditation


    Produced by Scott Tuttle (Sound Healing Institute graduate)
    This is an extremely relaxing meditation with waves of male voices mixed with Tingshas and other ancient instruments.
    This CD works really well as background music. You could leave it on all day (even when you aren’t home to cleanse your place). With full attention it puts you in the zone.
    √ Centering   √ Relaxation   √ Meditation  √ Connection to Spirit