Other Vibrational Tools

Sound Lounges and Tables

Powerful proven tools for Relaxation, Sleep, Pain Relief, Emotional Issues, Parkinson’s and PTSD.

Sound Pillows and Dolphins

Powerful vibrating tools that you can hug. Especially effective when you are sandwiched between the Sound Lounge and a Pillow or Dolphin.

Bass Pods

Like a Sound Table in the hand for specific localized vibrations on the body. Works best with the Cyma CDs. Nothing better for pain, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments and bones.

Other Vibrational Tools

Sound Vests for specific chakras or acupuncture points. Sound Masks for brainwave entrainment and sound EFT treatments. Sound Sandals for vibrating through the feet into the whole body.

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    The Sound Vest

    $988.00 $888.00

    4 Speakers encased in a durable/comfortable wearable suit. The suit may be worn so the speakers are on the front or back (spine) of the body. Speakers are adjustable in order to focus the sound on specific organs, vertebrae, chakras, or acupuncture points.

    Besides just vibrating the spine, stomach or abdomen for specific issues or pains, the suit has been designed for 3 applications:

    1. The speakers on the back can run energy up and down the spine.

    2. The speakers can be placed on the back or front in order to do a chakra treatment.  Comes with a complete chakra treatment CD.

    3. May be used with the Sound Mask for a Sound Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) treatment. EFT (and particularly Sound EFT) is unbelievably effective for releasing stuck emotions and deep emotional issues. Speakers are movable to be able to get them right on a particular acupuncture point. Check out a YouTube video on EFT by CLICKING HERE.

    – 4 movable Speakers.
    – Portable Amp to power the speakers.
    – 4 CD’s calibrated for the suit
    Actual units may look slightly different than those shown here.

    The Sound Mask


    The Sound Mask has speakers that vibrate points on the head and face.

    Sound Vest / Mask EFT / Chakra Combination


    EFT is unbelievably effective for releasing stuck emotions and deep emotional issues. Using sound to perform EFT is even more powerful.

    Audio Technica Professional Headphones


    Ideal match for the Sound Table, Sound Lounge, Bass Pod, Pillow or Dolphin.